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How to Conceive a Baby Boy? Myths & Facts That NO ONE Tells You

Changing your diet or trying Ayurveda can help you conceive a baby boy? Find out if all these are myths or facts. Read for more information.

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How to Conceive a Baby Boy? Myths & Facts That NO ONE Tells You

The Obsession Behind Conceiving A Baby Boy

Conceiving a boy in India is a pretty big deal from a cultural perspective. India is a country where people worship several forms of female deities. But when it comes to a child, they will mostly prefer a son. Apparent reasons for this preference are-

  • Sons can carry the bloodline ahead (family lineage)
  • Girls are considered to be a financial burden (Dowry during the marriage)
  • Girls are apparently more vulnerable to crime (rape, sexual assault)

Let's find the whole truth about conceiving a baby boy.

What determines the sex of your baby?

How to conceive a baby boy 100 percent? Research suggests that the answer lies in a man's sperm. The chromosomes of the male parent determine the gender of the baby. The female parent has XX chromosomes, and the male parent has XY chromosomes. If the male parent contributes a Y chromosome, then the child is male.

How to conceive a baby boy?

Let's focus on 4 methods and uncover if any of these are effective.

The Billings Method To Conceive A Baby Boy

Method - How can you give birth to a baby boy? This method needs you to track your vaginal mucus consistency, texture, and ovulation cycle. When you reach your peak ovulation period, the mucus is more slippery. Hence this becomes the best period to time sexual activity. After that period, the mucus becomes thicker. Therefore, if you miss out on that date, it reduces your chances to get pregnant.

Effectiveness - Using the Billings Method helps a woman understand her body well. It will help you find the right time to have sex to get pregnant. But it cannot tell you how to get a baby boy.

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Improved Diet To Conceive A Baby Boy

Method - How to get pregnant with a baby boy? The answer might lie in your diet. As per the research, pregnant women should have a higher alkaline or potassium-rich diet to conceive a baby boy.  This can be done by the intake of more fruits like oranges and tomatoes and vegetables like broccoli and spinach.

Effectiveness - There was only an association between consuming potassium-rich food and women conceiving boys. There was no cause-and-effect relationship. A healthy diet will only help you prepare yourself to raise a healthy child. It will not guarantee a boy child.

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The Shettles Method To Conceive A Baby Boy

Method - According to Shettles, timing sex as close to or even after ovulation is the key to conceive a boy. Couples trying for a boy should avoid sex in the time between their menstrual period and days before ovulation. The sperm cells have to be deposited close to the cervix to conceive successfully. Also, an alkaline environment in the vagina has to be maintained.

Effectiveness - The focus is laid on having sex at your peak ovulation period. This method helps you understand your cycle and stay healthy. But it is no proof that you can get a baby boy by trying this method.

Sperm spinning and Pre-Implant Genetic Testing To Conceive A Baby Boy

Method - The sperm spinning and pre-implant genetic testing technique helps determine a defect or congenital disease in the foetus. It can also determine the sex of the child. Through this process, affected embryos will be removed. Unaffected embryos will be used for implantation.

Effectiveness - This method is used to filter out abnormal sperm. It removes affected embryos so that the baby isn't born with any defect or genetic disease. You will be able to understand the sex of the child. But this method cannot guarantee you a baby boy.

How To Conceive a Baby Boy According To Ayurveda

Women often seek ways to conceive a baby boy naturally or to conceive a baby boy  fast. As per a textbook of Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery (BAMS), there are several solutions to answer the question of how to conceive a baby boy 100 per cent.

One method is to grind two north-facing branches of a Banyan tree, that is grown in a stable, two seeds of urad dal, mustard (black lentils) together. Then mix in curd and consume for having a male child.

Another ayurvedic method for how to conceive a baby boy in Indian method  is from Charak Samhita, an ancient Indian Ayurveda text. For this, the woman has to melt a gold, silver or iron mini-idol of a man in a furnace, then pour the melted metal in milk, curd or water for consumption. It has to be done at an auspicious hour.

There are no strong proofs for these ayurvedic methods, hence they can be considered a myth.

Symptoms of A baby boy?

Food cravings

Myth: Women who crave salty foods are more likely to have a baby boy.

Fact: No evidence supports this claim. Hormonal changes can be one cause of such food cravings. Research suggests that other reasons include nutritional deficiencies or cultural factors.

Heart rate of 140 or below

Myth: A heart rate below 140 beats per minute indicates a baby boy.

Fact: Studies have found that there is no major difference between a boy's heart rate and a girl in the first trimester. The normal heart rate is between 120 to 160 beats per minute.

Is Spotting A Sign of A Baby Boy?

1 out of 4 women experience spotting or bleeding due to pregnancy. Some other reasons for spots can be taking birth control pills, STIs, PCOS, etc.  There is no concrete proof that states spotting means that you'll conceive a baby boy.

Which Side Of The Uterus Is The Baby Boy?

Ever wondered which side of the womb does a baby boy lie?  As per Ramzi's theory, it depends on the placenta (organ found in the uterus wall). If the placenta is on the right, then you might have a baby boy. However, this theory is not validated by any credible organization.

The Final Takeaway

It is a task to determine the sex of a baby during pregnancy. While the old wives’ tales are just myths, there has been advancement in the medical departments, which can determine the gender of the unborn baby. Some useful and clinically proven methods are the Shettle Methods, Sperm Spinning and Pre Implant Genetic Testing. The doctors have done intensive research for these processes, and the success rate is high.

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