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What Is A Penis Massage? How It Works, Benefits And Best Practices

Did you know? A penis massage benefits a man beyond sexual pleasure and arousal. It has various medically approved benefits that are excellent for genital and overall health.

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What Is A Penis Massage? How It Works, Benefits And Best Practices

Penetration during sex is only the tip of the iceberg. Sex can mean so many more things. Oral sex, dry humping, extended foreplay, playing with different positions- this world is truly vast can you can use it to your advantage.

Pleasure during sex includes personal pleasure for sure. However, it is a two-person activity. Pleasuring your partner is just as important. There are several ways to achieve this and one of them is by giving your partner a penis massage. Read on to discover how to get your man aroused just right so both of you can share an intimate moment that strengthens your personal and sexual bond.

Benefits of Penis Massage

Did you know? A penis massage benefits a man beyond sexual pleasure and arousal. It has various medically approved benefits that are excellent for genital and overall health.

Penis massages heal the entire body

According to research, Buddhist principles state that massages help the receiver to rejuvenate and heal their entire body and being. It has a higher purpose of spiritual, sexual and personal alignment. This applies to massages performed on genetalia as well. The same holds for penile massages.

Penis massages increase libido

A penis massagecan enhance the male libido or sex drive. It arouses in a man, the desire for sexual intercourse and satisfaction.

Penis massages improve blood circulation

According to research, the lack of adequate blood circulation to the penis causes impotence in about 70% of men! Not that’s a startling figure. When you massage your partner’s penis, you are also ensuring that their performance gets enhanced. It’s definitely worth a try.

Many times, you may find that the penis skin of your partner is dry. Using an oil or a lubricant safe for sensitive skin is a great way to ensure their penis is not cracked and chafed when you both indulge in sexual intercourse. This takes your sexual experience to the next level.

Penis massage strengthen weak erections

A penis or dick massage successfully helps produce penile vibratory stimulation. What is this? It makes the penis more receptive to sensation. This biological process also manages erectile dysfunction among men, improving their reproductive function.

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How to Massage the Penis With Oil?

The best way to perform a penis massage on your partner is by using an oil. Here are some simple steps to do it right, using penis massage motions to your advantage for better genital health!

Step 1: Wake up the area

Firstly, gently massage the penis oil on the pelvic region. But which oil should you use? Coconut oil and cacao oil are considered excellent massage oils. If your partner has trouble pulling back his foreskin, a penis massage helps with tight foreskin among men. This condition is medically referred to as Phimosis.

Step 2: Work It Up

Secondly, begin working on the penis region gradually. Make sure to wrap both your hands around the penis, use your thumbs and fingers, and gently apply pressure to the area. Then stretch the penis with a gentle pull, but make sure it is not too hard. These movements help to relieve the tension of the area.

Step 3: Scrotum Massage

Thirdly, begin to move downwards towards the scrotum of your partner. Gently stretch it away from the penis. This will provide immense pleasure to your partner.

How to Massage a Penis

These are some recommended top ways to massage penis:

The Snake Charmer

Use the thumb and index finger to form a circle around the testes with one hand and gently tug it in a downward motion. Wrap the other hand around the shaft and lap on the excess oil from the base of the penis to its tip.

Deep Healing

Massage right beneath the testicles, on the perineum. You can make use of your knuckles and your closed fist to create new sensory feelings. closed fist to massage for the sensory feel.

The Acupressure Stretch

Use the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and clasp the centre of the penis. Then make sure to move either hand in opposite directions at varied speeds and pressures.

Penis Massage with Oil Benefits

Penis Massages Solve Erection Issues Increase Penis Strength

A penis massage with oil benefits in managing erection problems. A penis massage with oil increases sex drive and potency among men. Better circulation of blood to your partner’s genitals ensures a stronger erection.

Penis Massages Widen blood vessels

A regular penis massage with the oil helps open the blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the area. An improved movement of blood in your partner’s reproductive area will purify blood vessels as well.

Is Coconut Oil On Penis Good?

Is coconut oil good for the penis? Coconut oil for the penis is considered a therapeutic agent for various skin issues. The skin on the penis is extremely sensitive. It is deemed one of the best oils for a penis massage as it is hydrating, treats dry skin on the penis and enhances blood circulation.

Precautions for penis massage

Do Not Squeeze

It is essential to massage oil on the penis cautiously as it is a sensitive area. Any damage to this area will cause your partner immense pain. Do not squeeze the shaft, testicles or scrotum. Make sure not to rub too hard either. While massaging, rubbing the scrotum and testicles can be done, but do not squeeze the testicles.

Clean Your Hands

Before starting the penis massage, maintain a basic standard of hygiene. Use warm water, soap or any antiseptic to avoid any kinds of infections. Cleaning your hands also means pruning or cutting your nails entirely. Harsh movements may cause a foreskin tear.

Make sure to try this to do something nice for your partner. He will definitely appreciate your gesture, and this will strengthen the bond and attachment between you both.


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