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Discover a world of dietary possibilities! Explore Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, and more diets in our comprehensive guide. Find the perfect fit for your health and wellness journey

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The word ‘diet’ generally refers to the creation of limitations in how one consumes food. Dietary interventions in different forms and types are created to meet the many needs of people, beginning with achieving and maintaining optimal health disease management or, most commonly, weight management. The concept of a ‘Balanced Diet’ includes all essential elements that the human body needs, be it water, nutrients, minerals, etc.

In general, 3  Basic categories of diet patterns are utilized.

Therapeutic diets- used to treat diseases/disorders.

Maintenance diets are used mainly to maintain health, weight, lifestyle, etc., where most nourishing foods are used.

Experimental diets

The different emerging diet patterns used extensively to experiment with possibilities of what a particular diet would do to the body.

In the recent past, we have seen tremendous advancements and approaches in the way diets are being formulated, and here is a glimpse of what different kinds of diets are which are being mainly practiced these days.

The Paleo diet:

The hunter-gatherer food pattern is adopted, where processed foods, dairy, refined foods, refined grains, and added sugars are eliminated. As very minimal carb intake is seen via whole grains, the body uses stored fat for energy requirements, resulting in weight loss. It is the most natural form of a diet where people consume lean meats, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and oils.

The Mediterranean diet:

This diet is mainly inspired by Italian and Spanish cuisines largely. This kind of diet has proven very helpful in weight loss. It is a diet pattern that suggests the usage of oils(primarily olive oil)as a primary fat source, along with whole grains, fruits, nuts, herbs, eggs, and fish. Processed meats and refined foods are avoided.

The Vegan Diet:

A purely vegetarian diet that eliminates animal products like meats and dairy products, this diet has proven to be one of the finest in disease management and weight management. It has shown an excellent impact on reducing cholesterol levels, reduction in Heart disease vulnerability, Obesity, Cancers, etc.

The Blood type diet:

Undergoing research, scientists are working on diets that match particular blood types. The reason for this advancement is reduced risks of diseases and optimal health for all. This categorization is the best possible alternative shortly in the functional medicine domain.

The raw food diet:

A common concept in the West, this diet includes fresh foods grown organically and the elimination of processed, preserved, and pasteurized foods to avoid additives, chemicals, etc. Also, the concept of uncooked meal patterns has seen a reduction in inflammation, cancers of most types, etc. A very adaptive pattern for weight loss, it has seen a lot of advances in the present.


With many options available, it is best always to remember that you know your body best. You would always know what foods impact your body, so it becomes necessary to work accordingly before going on a diet.


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