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What is Be Bodywise?
Be Bodywise is a women's wellness brand dedicated to empowering women to be the best version of themselves through proactivity around health and preventive self-care. Be Bodywise provides effective, accessible and medical-grade products across an array of categories including hair, skin, weight and feminine hygiene. We connect women with a staff of credible doctors to receive necessary prescriptions for preventative care.
Are the products safe?
Safety of our customers is utmost priority. All our products are formulated with experts and safe to use, free from harmful chemicals.
Who can use Be Bodywise products?
Be Bodywise products are catering to women in the age group of 25-40
Do I have to pay for the doctor consultations?
You don't have to pay for our doctor consultation. Our diagnosis is free of cost.
Is my data shared anywhere?
Your privacy is our utmost concern. We do not share your data externally, except with our licensed healthcare providers for purpose of doctor consultation.