As women, we were sick of the fad trends and marketing, anecdotal evidence and old wives tales. With a hundred different opinions, sometimes even the simplest choices to care for ourselves can feel overwhelming. We just wanted to understand our choices and get access to products that worked.
It’s not Sympathy, Its Empathy!
So that's exactly what we did. We went out and partnered with a team of doctors, nutritionists and other experts. We made products that were focused on safe and effective ingredients. Every Bodywise product is carefully curated to work for women like us. We've personally tested 100s of solutions to find the ones that we feel proud to share with you.

Let’s get on a wellness journey together. Seek wisdom about yourself and your body. Be Bodywise.
Core Team
Preeti Vasudevan
Ambassador of Efficacy
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Our Experts
We joined hands with a set of medical experts and doctors who were passionate about reinventing women’s wellness solutions with us! and cared deeply about their craft.
Dr. Sharmatha Kumar
MD, Dermatology
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Quality Turned Into An Obsession
Quality is a goal we chase everyday in all we do. Our products are manufactured under the most stringent certifications
Quality at it’s core
At Bodywise, we're committed to giving you the highest quality in anything you purchase from us. To achieve this, we have dedicated processes in place to ensure the ingredients in your products are of the highest quality, each batch is tested extensively and packed with care and hygiene.
Ingredients of the highest quality
The efficacy of our products is highly dependent on the quality of ingredients. While there are companies that may have the same ingredients, the quality of ingredients can be vastly different. We source our ingredients from the regions where they are known to be highly efficacious, which in turn results in our products giving you better results.
Scrutinized Tests
The team behind Bodywise are consumers of personal care and supplements ourselves, and we are extremely particular about the safety and quality of the products we consume. Therefore, we have put that into practice in our supply chain, ensuring testing happens in multiple places of the supply chain. We do a test on the following:

1) Quality and cleanliness of ingredients before manufacturing

2) Post manufacturing quality of each batch

3) Excessive quality checks on every packaged product before shipping
Cleanliness and Hygiene
We hold our manufacturing units and warehouses to the highest quality of sanitization and hygiene. We ensure the premises are deep cleaned everyday. Our technicians, warehouse employees and pharmacists have latex gloves on at all times when handling any of the products.
Products made with clean, science-backed ingredients
We take utmost care to include what’s best & exclude anything even remotely harmful. Therefore, our products are:
Made with safe & effective ingredients
Paraben Free
Sulphate Free
Mineral Oil Free
Cruelty Free
Ethically sourced
Made in India
Our Customers Are Now Delighted
We take great pride when we delight customers everyday. It’s what keeps us going.
Aashika Mehta, 27 yrs, Mumbai
“I really like the doctor-led approach. I have been using the acne regimen for the last 2 months and my skin couldn’t look better! I took the health assessment as I was confused about the products. The health assessment was quite thorough and detailed. Then I booked an appointment with the doctors to get an expert opinion. I got guidance from Bodywise’s doctors at every stage.”
Live a better life. Try our products now.
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