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Botox Hair Treatment: Benefits, Side Effects, Price & More

A hair botox is not administered in injection, but its primary purpose is to smoothen frizzy hair. Along with this, a good hair botox ensures a smoother and fuller set of hair with the ultimate deep conditioning treatment it requires.

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Botox Hair Treatment: Benefits, Side Effects, Price & More

Keratin, smoothening, and botox hair treatment are some hair rejuvenating treatments gaining popularity these days. Are you looking for such fizz-free and damage-restoration hair treatments? In this post, learn about hair botox, its benefits, side effects, and many more.

What Is Botox Treatment For Hair?

Be it social influencers, celebrities, or everyday women, botox hair treatment has gained a stronghold in the beauty industry. But what does hair botox mean?

Generally, botox treatment is for the skin, wherein dermatologists inject botulinum toxin into the skin to lower the signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. It helps provide a smooth texture to the skin.

Similarly, hair botox fills up the individual hair fiber to provide fullness and smoothness, reducing frizz. It is a deep-conditioning hair treatment that helps reverse damaged tresses. Dermatologists inject botulinum toxin into the scalp sections to decrease the sweat the scalp releases.

It further helps lower the frequency of washing the hair. The other method involves treating hair strands which helps fill the damaged cuticles, reduce frizz and provide smooth hair.

Is Botox Treatment Good for Hair?

Nowadays, botox hair treatment is a trend, attracting the attention of women dealing with dull, frizzy hair and split ends. However, does hair botox benefit you?

Botox treatment helps enhance the appearance of the hair, providing strength and a fuller look. However, its effects last only for 3-4 months, depending on how well you take care of it.

Hence, it is a short-term solution to improvise your greasy and frizzy hair. But it does not mean one should go for botox hair treatment three to four times a year. Many stylists do not recommend this frequency of treatment as it may lead to hair thinning, breakage, and dullness.

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How Does Hair Botox Work?

When dermatologists inject botox into the scalp, it lowers the functioning of sweat glands or eccrine. Consequently, a person experiences less sweat after the injection. It results in less frizziness as the urge to wash the hair frequently lessens because of low sweat secretion.

However, when using it as a conditioning agent, stylists apply it directly over the hair strands. Further, it is dried, blown, and straightened to provide a smooth texture. It helps infuse intense hydration into the hair cuticles, providing a protective barrier to the hair shaft. It temporarily helps replace lost cuticles, restoring the youthful health of the hair.

Who Can Use Botox for Hair?

People facing the following issues can avail of hair botox benefits:

  • Frizzy hair
  • Damaged hair
  • Split ends
  • Hair lacking volume and luster

Moreover, those who want to straighten their hair can also book an appointment for hair botox.

What Happens During Application?

When you approach a hair salon, the stylist begins the treatment procedure with hair shampooing. It helps open the hair cuticles, preparing the strands for deep conditioning.

Further, they apply hair botox over the strands and massage it from the root to the tips. They do so section-wise so that none of the strands is left without the botox.

They allow the cream to settle for approximately 20-90 minutes, depending on the texture and smoothness of the hair.

Some stylists may rinse it and then blow dry and straighten the hair using a flat iron. However, some go with blow drying and ironing before rinsing. It allows the agent to penetrate deeply into the strands.

The latter method helps treat your hair with rich nutrients like amino acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, collagen complex, glyoxylic acid, BONT-L peptide, etc.

After the final rinsing and blow drying, one can witness the quick result of botox hair treatment. It helps provide a smooth texture to the hair, resulting in a straight and frizz-free look.

Botox Hair Treatment Price

The botox hair treatment price varies from location to location. Moreover, it varies from 150 USD to 300 USD or above. It depends on whether you purchase the products for home use or prefer salon treatment. Furthermore, the price also varies with the geographic location. Hence, one should ask for the price before booking an appointment.

Hair Botox Benefits

Hair botox treatment infuses protein, collagen, vitamins, essential oils, amino acids, and antioxidants. It helps repair and strengthen the hair follicles. Here are some more details of hair botox benefits:

1. Helps Provide Youthful-looking Hair

One of the irritating effects of aging is that the hair loses its fullness and elasticity. With a single session of hair botox, one can acquire youthful-looking hair with less damage. The cost of this treatment may appear quite high, but it is worth it in terms of the results.

2. Ensures Deep Conditioning for Frizzy Hair

Hair botox benefits dry and low porous hair. The treatment involves deep conditioning, locking intense moisture to each hair fiber. High moisture locks the cuticle layer, preventing it from escaping. It helps provide optimum hydration to dry and frizzy hair.

3. Reverses Hair Damage

Botox hair treatment helps infuse health and shine to hair that has undergone environmental damage. Today, exposure to pollution, dust, sun, and humidity often snatches hair vitality. Slowly and gradually, the hair looks dull and gets damaged a lot. Consequently, heavy and frequent styling, surfactants, and using harsh chemicals cause frizz and split ends.

The botox treatment helps deal with such damage while infusing essential nutrients, helping seal the cuticles and reverse the effect of damaged tresses.

4. Ideal for All Types of Hair

It is suitable for all types of hair. For instance, one can witness the results of hair botox benefits in dry, dull, frizz, and damaged hair. Consequently, it helps add volume to the fine hair type. However, if you feel any strange sensation during the treatment, address your concern with the stylist.

5. Helps Provides a Straight and Smooth Look

Like skin treatment, hair botox treatment helps fill up the hair fiber, making it smooth and less frizzy. The deep conditioning process helps add lustre to the tired hair fiber. In the entire treatment procedure, hair texture also gets straightened. This happens when the salon expert wraps and seals the conditioning agent into each hair fiber.

Further, they ensure that the product gets absorbed deeply into the hair shaft with the flat iron. With the final drying, the hair looks smooth, straight, and lustrous.

6. Helps Strengthen Follicles and Prevent Damage

Studies show that botox skin helps regain hair growth, making the roots stronger. Hair botox treatment helps revive damaged hair, retain moisture and improve elasticity. Hairfall gets highly reduced when the hair is smooth, deeply conditioned, and hydrated. It does not only help protect the hair shafts but also the roots.

Hair Botox Treatment Disadvantage

Despite it being a popular hair care treatment, one must consider some aspects before booking an appointment. Here are some hair botox treatment disadvantages one should know about:

1. Expensive

The simple rule of better product demands a high price applies to the hair treatment. Botox treatment helps regain the health, shininess, and luster of the hair, highly specific to one's hair type. It gives us back what we lost from our hair. The products used in such treatments contain active ingredients like collagen, Vitamin E, and B5.

Botox hair products contain a complex formula for hair resaturation. Hence, it gets more expensive than other hair masks.

2. Aftercare Gets Costly

One needs to invest in specific shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, and hair masks to retain and extend the effects of the botox hair treatment. Hence, after spending on the treatment, one has to pay for expensive shampoos that are chemical-free and sulfate-free. You would not like to ruin the smooth hair texture after the treatment by investing in commercial shampoos.

3. May Not Fully Straighten The Hair

Botox treatment is not a hair-straightening treatment. It does not straighten hair like a smoothing treatment. It just helps repair various hair types. Luster, shine, and external finish may vary with the hair type. Hence, curly-haired people may experience a change in their hair texture after a few days or a month.

4. Heat Damage

Although botox treatment is a chemical-free hair care treatment, the last step of flat ironing may cause heat damage. One may witness dryness and dullness after the effects of the treatment fade away.

5. Risk of Skin Allergies

People with sensitive or allergy-prone skin may experience skin allergy, irritation, or breakouts due to the products used in botox treatment.

Hair Botox Treatment at Home

It does not mean you can not have a botox treatment if you don't have a high budget to step into a salon. You only need a botox product, a blower, and a flat iron. Here are the steps to get hair botox treatment at home:

  • Wash your hair and scalp with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Apply the treatment product from the roots to the tips. Do it by parting the hair into different sections. Make sure each strand gets coated with the botox cream.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes until it has an elastic effect.
  • Rinse your hair with plain water and blow dry the hair.
  • Use a flat iron to seal the product into the hair cuticles.
  • Wash after 24-36 hours to ensure that the product settles and works well.

How Effective is Hair Botox?

It is a real deal to claim which type of botox treatment is effective. It depends on how well the products work and the quality of the ingredients. However, getting the treatment from a trusted salon helps ensure it lasts for 2-4 months.

Generally, this period varies from person to person. It depends on one's hair type, aftercare series, etc. Salon experts suggest using sulfate-free shampoo to preserve the effects of treatment for a longer period.

Hair Botox Vs Keratin

Hair botox is ideal for those who want to repair their hair and regain the natural texture of the follicles. You get additional shine, luster, frizz-free, and soft hair. However, the treatment would not help straighten the hair as keratin treatment does. Hence, it is ideal for curly and wavy-haired women.

Keratin treatment, on the other hand, provides smooth, shiny, frizz-free, and straight hair. It uses chemical-based keratin cream that adds protein to one's hair. However, there is no such chemical involved in botox treatment.

Hair Botox Vs Cysteine

Cysteine treatment helps soften and smoothen curly hair. It uses cysteine complex or non-essential amino acid that transforms curled hair into straight. Hair botox treatment helps deal with hair thinning and baldness.

Cysteine treatment is a better option to provide a straightened look to curly hair and reduce frizziness. However, one should prefer botox treatment to treat damaged hair. It helps add volume and ensure hair regrowth when injected. Moreover, it is more manageable as compared to the cysteine treatment.

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Summing Up

Hair botox treatment consists of several benefits that help regain the natural looks of the hair. One should consider several parameters and side effects before booking an appointment. Once done with the final treatment, make sure you spare sufficient time, money, and effort on the aftercare of the treatment.


Is Botox Hair Treatment for Curly Hair?

The treatment is suitable for all types of hair, including curly hair. However, you can use it for managing distressed hair with split-ends but not for straightening curls.

Is Botox Hair Treatment Good for Your Hair?

Yes, please take it 2-3 times annually. More than that might cause hair breakage, thinning and dullness.

How Long Does Hair Botox Treatment Last?

A single Botox treatment lasts for 2-4 months.

Does Botox Straighten Hair?

Yes, the treatment straightens your hair to some extent. Yet, women with curly hair might not notice much straightening because it cannot change their hair pattern.

Is Hair Botox Safe for All Hair Types?

Yes, hair botox is safe for all hair types. It is the best treatment for damaged hair that helps restore its shininess. It helps make it less frizzy and reduces split ends. Moreover, many stylists recommend botox treatment as it is a chemical-free treatment. Hence, it hardly causes any skin sensations, making it ideal for all hair types.

How Long Does Hair Botox Last?

Generally, botox treatment is a semi-permanent hair treatment that lasts for 2-4 months. How long it lasts majorly depends on how often you wash the hair or what products you use after the treatment. One should use a hair mask at least once a week to retain the moisture and smoothness of follicles. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to extend the effects of the treatment.


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