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Is Sex a Sin: Is Sex before Marriage a Sin & More FAQs

First things first- to answer this question plainly- ‘NO’, sex is absolutely not a sin. However, different sections of society have different views on the topic.

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Is Sex a Sin: Is Sex before Marriage a Sin & More FAQs

First things first- to answer this question plainly- ‘NO’, sex is absolutely not a sin. However, different sections of society have different views on the topic.

Firstly, Christianity suggests that sex in the proper setting is not a sin. The very fact that God created both males and females is testimony that we are sexual beings in nature. The Holy Bible makes no mention of the word sex but it is evident that it was never intended to be a dirty word. The Christian faith maintains that sex between a husband and wife can never be considered sin. It is instead, an intimate act of love and attachment, strengthening the bond between two individuals. However, Christianity considers sex outside of marriage a sin.

Secondly, Indian culture has been interspersed with rich sexual culture- whether it is the sculptures at the Khajuraho Temple or The Kama Sutra. However, over time, sex increasingly became a private affair and a mechanism to exercise control over women. The concept of virginity came up around the same time.

Thirdly, what is virginity? It is the state of an individual who has never indulged in sexual intercourse before. In Indian culture, a virgin woman is considered ideal for marriage. Concepts of  virginity are imposed more harshly on women than men which leads women to associate sex with guilt, according to research. This guilt causes immense stress because the actions of women are scrutinised severely by society when it comes to sex.

Is Sex Before Marriage A Sin?

Is premarital sex a sin? Is sex before marriage a sin? ‘NO,’ sex before marriage is not a sin. It is important to note that varying religious, cultural and societal views will always exist. However, one can indulge in sex that is fulfilling, and in sex that is harmful and toxic. The most interesting part? Marriage has nothing to do with it. Women can have wholesome sex without being married, the same way that they can have horrible sex with their husbands. It all depends on individual circumstances, levels of safety and comfort.

Moreover, there are various types of sex. Masturbation or self-sex is an excellent way to explore your body and gain control over it.

Is Oral Sex a Sin?

Oral sex includes your partner stimulating your erogenous and sensitive zones with their mouth and tongue. So is oral sex a sin? ‘NO.’

Is It A Sin To Think About Sex?

It is perfectly normal to think about sex once in a while, especially while women hit puberty. Why is this? Hormones begin to affect the female body and emotions in varied ways during the puberty phase. You may even begin to find other people attractive and harbour sexual feelings towards them. Thinking about sex also involves deciding when you are ready to have sex. This decision is an extremely personal one, so make it wisely and without the burden of external factors.

What To Keep In Mind During Sex?

Before you indulge in the act of sexual intercourse, both you and your partner should be willing to do so. Consent is the first and foremost rule of sex. Only with the permission of both parties involved should you go forward with the act of sex. Nothing  about a sexual act should feel forced or coerced.


If you are of legal age and decide that you want to have sex, please make sure to use a condom. Condoms protect you from unwanted pregnancies, STDs, STIs and harmful gential complications.


Women need to tell their partner what they like and dislike in between the sheets. Any time you feel uncomfortable, tell your partner to stop what they are doing immediately. If you enjoy something your partner is doing, communicate with them to continue.

Lastly, sex is an enjoyable act between two individuals filled with pleasure and intimicay. It is an intimate choice and only you can decide whether you wish to choose this path or not. Do not let anybody influence your decisions surrounding sex.


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