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19 Kamasutra Poses You Absolutely Need to Try

Kamasutra is an ancient Hindu book written in 3rd century & includes lovemaking techniques with different sex positions. Read on.

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19 Kamasutra Poses You Absolutely Need to Try

Kamasutra is an ancient book divided into seven parts, each focusing on different aspects of life.

It is an ancient Hindu book written by Vatsyayana Mallangain in the Sanskrit language. It was written around the third century and includes lovemaking techniques and different sex positions. These positions are widely known as Kamasutra poses.

The book provides ways to have the best intercourse and shows the pathway to lead a good life.

What is Kamasutra Book About?

Many believe that this book is only about the Kamasutra poses or sex positions. However, in reality, it addresses points like the art of living, finding a partner, developing power in a marriage, committing adultery, living as or with a courtesan, and using drugs.

The Kamasutra book is undoubtedly not the first of its genre, nor was it the last. Its goal is to walk the reader through the adventure of learning bodily pleasures and finding love.

It explains the principles of Dharma, Artha, and the Kama. Dharma refers to the duties of a person and how to fulfil them. Artha means the acquisition of wealth. The Kama, here, are the five senses and the ways they help us understand and experience the world.

In addition, it suggests a list of arts and sciences beneficial to females, including intellectual pastimes, exercises, occult practices, and knowledge of aphrodisiacs. It also specifies the responsibilities of a man as the head of the household.

It has 1,250 verses divided into 36 chapters. The overall Kamasutra book is separated into seven different parts, namely:

1. Dattaka (General Principles)

This part includes advice and philosophy on subjects like ways to live an honourable life and methods to acquire knowledge.

2. Suvarnanabha (Amorous Advances and Sexual Union)

This part has details regarding 64 different Kamasutra poses, from soft acts of embracing and kissing to more aggressive ones like grabbing and spanking.

3. Ghotakamukha (Having a Wife)

This part is focused on the life of a bachelor man and tips for approaching a woman for marriage purposes.

4. Gonardiya (Duties and Privileges of the Wife)

In this part, the author has expressed his views on the traditional duties of a wife, such as cooking, cleaning the house, and catering to her husband’s needs. However, this section is now not much compatible with modern relationships and views about gender roles.

5. Gonikaputra (Friends and Family)

This section teaches ways to understand emotions and suggests ideas to deepen bonds between family and friends.

6. Carayana (Courtesans)

This section explores the sexual relations of a man with prostitutes or courtesans.

7. Kuchumara (Occult Practices)

This part ends the book with sexual legends, myths, and practices.

Kamasutra Poses

There are many sex positions in the Kamasutra book. Some of them are given below:

1. Sammukha Pose

The woman leans back against a wall while standing and spreads her legs as wide as possible in this position. The partner can then penetrate from the front. This position puts the woman at a slightly lower level. So if the woman is of somewhat shorter height, she can stand on an object like a footstool or hassock for convenience.

2. Janukurpara Pose

In this position, the partner lifts the woman, locks their elbows under her knees, and grips her butt with their hands. The woman then places her arms around the partner’s neck to hold on. Now the partner can enter her. This pose allows deep penetration and intense lovemaking owing to continuous eye contact.

3. Piditaka Pose

It is a comfortable, laid-back sex position. The partner kneels in front of the woman while she lies on her back and rests her feet on the partner’s chest by pulling up her knees. The partner keeps their knees on either side of the woman’s hips and raises her hips towards their own thighs to enter and penetrate. The penetrating partner can draw the woman's feet up to touch his mouth and forehead to convey tenderness, humility, and devotion.

4. Virsha Pose

It is also popularly known as the Reverse Cowgirl. Women need to sit on top of their partners, facing their feet. Hold on to your partner’s knees or thighs to balance and move up and down.

5. Tripadam Pose

This position allows fast and quick intercourse. For intercourse in this position, both partners stand and face each other. The penetrating partner needs to put their hand under one of the knees of the woman and raise it off the floor. Then they enter her. This position works best if you both are of the same height.

6. Indrani Position

This pose is named after the beautiful wife of Indra, who is the supreme deity in the Hindu faith. It is a man-on-top position, which allows deeper penetration. The woman lies on her back and pulls her knees towards the chest for this position. The partner can straddle her hips with his knees. As there is easy access to many erogenous zones, so the penetrating partner can stimulate the woman’s body. You must communicate openly and honestly, before, during, and after the Indrani, as it may cause some pain.

7. The Plough Position

The woman lies on her stomach on the bed with her top half rested on the bed and legs off the bed and straight out behind her partner. The partner can penetrate while standing between her legs. The orgasm is very intense in this pose.

8. The Amazon Kamasutra Position

The partner lies on the back and pulls their knees up to their chest. The woman squats over them, positions the penis inside her, and rocks backwards and forward.

9. The Leapfrog Position

It is a version of doggy-style sex. In this position, the partner gets on his hands and knees. The woman lies on the bed facing downward. Her chest and headrest are on the bed while her hips are raised. The penetrating partner can rest their arms on the bed and start penetrating the woman.

10. The Hero Position

The woman lies on her back in the backward roll position, with the ankles by her ears. The partner kneels and penetrates her in this position. This pose is perfect for G Spot stimulation as the penis rubs directly against the spot.

11. Curled Angel Position

It is also known as spooning or hangover sex. One of the partners faces away while the other partner lies behind, stomach to back. The partner behind enters you in this position. The movement should be slow and gentle.

12. Star Position

To have intercourse in this position, the woman lies on her back, like the missionary position, but one of the legs is bent, and the other leg remains outstretched on the bed. Now, the penetrating partner kneels between your legs and starts penetrating. This position allows deep G Spot penetration.

13. The 69 Position

This position is for oral-sex loving people. The partner lies flat on the bed, and the woman lies above in an inverted position. The intimate areas of both the partners should be close to the mouth. Then, you can start giving oral pleasure to each other.

14. Champagne Room

In this position, your partner sits on the bed or a chair, and you sit on the top, facing away from them. Your partner enters you in this position, and you move up and down.

15. The Om or Lotus Position

It is also known as the oasis pose. Your partner sits cross-legged or in padmasana. You sit in their lap, wrapping your legs around and facing them. You can lower yourself on your partner’s penis and bounce up and down. For more intensity, you both may hug each other or look into each other's eyes. It works best if you grind against your partner for stimulating the clitoris.

16. Missionary Position

This is the simplest Kamasutra position. The penetrating partner is on the top in this position, and the woman lies flat on the bed below them.

17. The Pinball Wizard

This Kamasutra pose is best for deep penetration. The woman lies on the back and raises herself in the bridge pose in this position. Now, the penetrating partner kneels in between her legs, grabs her butt to support her, and enters her.

18. Stand and Deliver

The woman stands straight and bends over at the waist in this position. The partner will stand behind her and penetrate her from behind. The woman may also lean on a table for support.

19. The Good Ex

You lie on the bed for this position, and your partner sits facing you. Now you lift one leg over your partner’s shoulder and lift their other leg over your other shoulder. Your partner then enters you. They can rest their hands backwards on the bed for better support.

Myths About Kamasutra

The following are certain myths about Kamasutra:

Myth: It’s just a sex book that has a list of positions for sexual intercourse.

Fact: Kamasutra has other parts as well that focus on how to live a healthy life.

Myth: The Kamasutra poses can only be performed by strong and very flexible people.

Fact: Not all Kamasutra positions require flexibility. Some are fairly easy and simple such as missionary and reverse cowgirl. Even the less agile people can do them.

How to Try Kamasutra Safely?

Some of the Kamasutra poses are challenging. So before trying any of them:

  • Communicate the dynamics with your partner to gauge if both of you are comfortable with it.
  • Make sure you and your partner are physically able to try the pose.
  • If you or your partner feel any pain or discomfort in a position, discontinue doing that Kamasutra pose and try something else.

How many Positions are there in Kamasutra Book?

The Kamasutra book has 64 main sex positions with 200+ variations.

Summing Up on Kamasutra Poses

The Kamasutra book teaches you to lead an ethical and righteous life by balancing your relations with your family, lover, and friends.  Its preachings help in maintaining good physical as well as mental health. You can try the many Kamasutra poses to improve sexual relations with your partner. However, some of these positions can be tricky. So discuss with each other first, indulge in foreplay and make sex an enjoyable experience for both of you.  



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