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7 Sex Benefits for Skin That Everyone Should Know About!

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7 Sex Benefits for Skin That Everyone Should Know About!

Is Sex Good For Your Skin?

Do you think that your beauty regimen and sex life are disconnected? Or do they go hand-in-hand?

According to NYC-based dermatologist Brendan Camp, MD, sex is a type of exercise that enhances blood flow, improving skin complexion. Increased blood flow induces supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It also helps prevent menstrual acne flare-ups.

Let's take a deeper look at the sex benefits for skin.

Sex Benefits for Skin

Physical activities play a vital role in boosting one's health. Sex is also a form of physical exercise that increases body heat and blood circulation.

Check out the points below to know the various sex benefits for skin:

1. Helps Promote Skin Vitality

Studies show that sexually active women (including those engaging in masturbation) have higher estrogen levels. This is because hormone levels spike during orgasm. Moreover, estrogen level helps in the normal functioning of the oil glands, hair follicles, skin, and melanocytes.

It helps support skin vitality while keeping it hydrated and regulating oil gland production and wound healing.

2. Helps Prevent Acne

It may sound strange to hear sex can help prevent acne. The first question that strikes our mind is, “how's that possible?” Sex plays a vital role in reducing one's stress level. Research shows that healthy sex lowers stress levels.

Generally, the brain releases CRH or corticotropin-releasing hormone. Such hormones increase the growth and production of oil glands and inflammation, leading to acne formation.

Sex reduces the chance of developing stress-related breakouts like acne while lowering the stress level.

3. Helps Support Supple and Youthful Skin

Sex increases estrogen and oxytocin levels in the body. Moreover, maintaining a healthy sex routine throughout adulthood helps promote healthy skin aging. Estrogen level enhances skin thickness, collagen production, and hyaluronic acid production. Such aspects play an optimum role in providing a supple appearance.

Moreover, orgasms induce oxytocin that lowers cortisol (stress hormones) levels. It supports the least breakdown of elastin and collagen, reducing wrinkles. A study also indicates that a person having sex three times a week appears 7-12 years younger than their actual age.

4. Helps Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Menopause leads to a natural reduction of estrogen levels. Orgasms boost estrogen production, helping eliminate menopause symptoms to a significant extent. Estrogen influences the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Hence, menopause leads to a sudden decline in estrogen levels, which leads to skin sagging, wrinkles, pigmentation, and pores.

Studies show that menopause decreases 30% of the collagen in women's skin. It causes skin thinning. Regular sex delays menopause and maintains the estrogen level in the body.

5. Helps Provide Glowing Skin

Sex is a physical exercise that helps burn calories. It boosts the production of nitric acid, enhancing blood flow and oxygen in the body. The increased oxygen and nutrient flow in blood with better circulation leads to an after-sex glow.

Almost every cell produces nitric oxide, which plays a key role in maintaining blood flow. It also enhances the skin’s barrier function. It supports microbial defense, buffers the harmful impact of natural exposure like UV radiation, and promotes wound healing.

6. Provides Dewy Skin

Getting sexually active with your partner leads to an endorphin rush that has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin complexion. Dewy skin keeps it hydrated, helping combat inflammatory issues.

Of course, sex is not all about having penetrative intercourse. It is also about exploring one's body while spending conscious and intimate time with oneself, generally during masturbation. Spending ideal time with oneself helps boost sexual esteem and self-confidence and promotes skin appearance and health.

7. Helps Keep Skin Hydrated

Women often get less sexual as they age or when menopause hits them. Generally, it happens due to decreased hormone production. Once menopause hits a woman, skin quality diminishes, and one may notice dry skin texture.

Engaging in sex regulates the blood and oxygen supply in the skin, keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized.

8. Other Sex Benefits for Skin

One of the vital benefits of having frequent sex is improved sleep. The body releases oxytocin (happy hormone) during sex, which helps provide a relaxed feeling after an orgasm. A relaxed mood means a lower cortisol level, helping improve sleep quality.

Various studies show a correlation between frequent sex and a happy mood. A stress-free body, glowy skin, and a younger look build self-confidence. Moreover, one of the sex benefits for skin is that it does not involve heavy expenses on skin-care products.

Frequent and enjoyable sex is a secret to healthy, glowy, and nourished skin due to better nutrient and oxygen supply. Engage with your partner in a wholesome cuddle session to boost the oxytocin level and remain glowy throughout the day.


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