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Keratin Treatment for Hair: Benefits, Side Effects & More

Looking for a way to smooth, straighten, and strengthen your hair? Try a keratin treatment for hair! Learn more about the benefits of keratin here!

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Keratin Treatment for Hair: Benefits, Side Effects & More

Are you worried about your hair health? Keratin treatment for hair helps in reducing the breakage of hair.

Keratin treatment for hair is the modern strategy to deal with frizzy and tangled hair. It helps to smoothen and straighten them. There are many reasons for frizzy hair, such as a dusty environment, improper hair hygiene, etc.

What is Keratin Treatment for Hair?

Keratin treatment for thin hair is a process that helps improve strength and acts upon frizzy hair to smoothen them. It also helps in straightening messy hair. Keratin is a natural protein that the body secretes naturally and improves the structure and strength of the hair.

The process of Keratin treatment for hair involves the application of a Keratin-based hair product on the hair. After that, a flat iron is used to pack it properly. It allows you to eliminate frizz and helps reduce hair fall and split ends.

Is Keratin Treatment Good for Hair?

Yes, Keratin is good for hair health. Keratin treatment is a chemical process that helps achieve smooth and shiny hair. Keratin is a natural protein produced by the body, and it acts upon frizzy hair to improve hair health. Keratin treatment benefits those who regularly use hair styling products like hair gels.

Can a Keratin Treatment Help With Hair Growth?

There is no scientific conclusion that would suggest faster hair growth due to Keratin hair treatment. However, this treatment reduces the hair breakage rate, which may give an illusion of more hair growth.

As your hair won’t be splitting anymore, you will retain more hair, and thus, the bonded hair strands will look and feel longer and stronger. Ultimately, the hair grows at the same rate without any loss due to breakage.

Types of Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment comes with its own set of advantages for hair health. It is also possible to carry out Keratin treatment at home.

Some of the Keratin treatment types are:

1. Brazilian Keratin

This is recommended for people with curly hair that is sensitive to humidity. The treatment takes nearly an hour to complete, while its benefits last about 3 to 6 months. It smoothes the hair and gets rid of frizz.

2. Soft Keratin

The soft Keratin treatment for hair lasts about two months and keeps curls intact. It helps with fine to medium hair textures. The treatment eliminates frizz in a gentle manner.

3. Japzilian Keratin

This treatment involves a combination of the Brazilian Keratin treatment with the Japanese style. It suits all hair types and lasts for as long as five months. The treatment takes nearly 4 hours to complete.

4. Keratin Express

Usually employed for short-term purposes, the express Keratin treatment is useful for those with straight hair that gets frizzy in a humid environment. After the treatment, using a Keratin-based shampoo can help prolong the benefits of the keratin express treatment for up to about six weeks.

Keratin Treatment for Hair Benefits

There are many advantages of Keratin treatment for hair. It helps get rid of frizz and prevents the breakage of hair. Some of the primary benefits are listed below.

1. Gives Shinier and Silkier Hair

Hair health improves significantly through Keratin treatment as it helps achieve more luster in the hair. As per a study, Keratin treatment can give shinier and smoother hair. Hair health deteriorates due to long-term sun exposure, humidity, chemicals, and dye usage. These factors take away the natural hair keratin from your hair, causing hair fall.

2. Gives Straighter Hair

If you are someone with a wavy or curly hair type, the use of Keratin hair treatment will allow you to get straighter hair.

3. Improves Hair Strength

Natural Keratin in your body can be lost for many reasons, such as improper hair hygiene, extended sun exposure, etc. However, by opting for the Keratin treatment, you can make up for this, ensuring improved hair strength. Since the Keratin will be replenished by Keratin treatment, there will be reduced split-ends of hair and hair fall. The eventual result would be thicker hair, comparatively.

4. Makes Hair More Manageable

For people who have messy hair or straight hair that gets damaged in a humid environment, Keratin treatment is the way to go. The treatment eliminates the frizz and makes hair smoother.

Also, your hair styling time will reduce considerably. Further, the post-treatment hair will dry much more quickly. Hence, you do not need to expose your hair to extended heat, thereby preventing damage to hair.

5. Prevents Hair Fall

For those suffering from excessive hair fall, Keratin treatment ensures improved hair strength. The hair strands stay bonded together, preventing hair ends from splitting. As a result, the chances of hair fall reduce drastically.

Keratin Treatment for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair due to natural genetic structure or hair loss, several treatments, including the Keratin treatment (such as the Brazilian treatment), would be of great help. The treatment is suitable for all hair types and has several benefits. Experts recommend it for improving hair health.

Note that if you have thin hair with straight type, Keratin treatment may not be as beneficial as those with thin and curly hair. Several studies have suggested that Keratin treatments are good for hair strand health.

As per a 2018 study, Keratin treatment helped improve hair strength by up to 40 percent more than observed before the treatment. Also, it contributed to a smoother hair texture. The use of Keratin treatment is also suitable for

  • Coloured hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Thick and coarse hair

Another study showed that Keratin treatment helped straighten curly hair and prevented hair-splitting.

How Long Does a Keratin Treatment on Thin Hair Last?

A proper professional Keratin treatment for thin hair can last for as long as 6 months. However, it may be shorter for various treatments and depending on how you take care of your hair. Exposure to sun, chemicals, and dust could also reduce this duration.

Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair

Keratin treatment for curly hair help improve hair strength and straighten them. There are many Keratin treatments available for this purpose. Some of them are

  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Keratin Express
  • Japanese Keratin Treatment

These treatments help improve hair health for anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months, depending on your hair type, sun exposure, chemical and dust exposure, and treatment type.

How to Prepare for a Keratin Treatment?

Before you go for Keratin treatment for hair, it is important to know the prerequisites that you must ensure. Consult a professional on the preparations to be done before a Keratin treatment. Some of the steps include the following:

  • Avoid colouring your hair, as it could cause unwanted altercations.
  • The treatment is not recommended for those who are sensitive to formaldehyde. It causes irritation, a stinging sensation, and nose, throat, and eye irritation.

What to Expect During a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment for hair is quite a simple procedure. It involves the following steps -

  • First of all, the professional will shampoo your hair twice with a clarifying shampoo to ensure the hair is devoid of any dust or foreign residues. It ensures that your hair absorbs all the chemicals.
  • Then, the Keratin will be applied thoroughly to the wet hair and combed well. It will typically take 2 to 4 hours.
  • Finally, the hair will be shaped using heat, i.e., via a blow dryer and then with a flat iron. It gives a humidity-resistant finish and smooth hair strands.

Keratin Treatment at Home

To treat your hair with a Keratin treatment at home, it is important to know about the various steps. For this, you require 3 ingredients that can be easily found in any kitchen. They are

  • 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Here are the steps for Keratin treatment at home:

  • Add the three ingredients in a bowl with quantities based on your hair length and thickness.
  • Make a paste-like consistency.
  • Make sure you shampoo your hair before applying to ensure any residues or colour traces are removed.
  • Apply the paste from your roots toward the hair ends. Divide your hair into two halves to make this easy.
  • Leave the mask for about an hour or a half and wash with normal water. Avoid using any other product on the hair post-treatment.
  • Blow dry and iron your hair for better results.
  • Repeat this for a maximum of twice a month.

Best Shampoo With Keratin

The best shampoo with Keratin is the sulphate-free Keratin shampoo by Be Bodywise, which works best to remove dirt and residue from the hair. It keeps the hair enriched with caffeine and Keratin, ensuring strength retention after Keratin treatment. Also, the shampoo helps remove any sebum build-up and improves hair follicle health.

Keratin Treatment After Care

If you've recently got Keratin treatment for hair, it is necessary to ensure that you do not apply any sulphate-free shampoo or other hair products for at least up to 3 days post-treatment. Also, do not use high heat when ironing or blow-drying hair.

Avoid wetting your hair, as it could cause damage, such as hair thinning and excessive hair loss. Also, avoid hair products consisting of sodium chloride; they may strip the keratin from the hair.

How to Sleep After Keratin Treatment?

After Keratin treatment for hair, it is important that you sleep in a proper position such that the hair does not get disturbed much. For this, one of the ways is to lie straight and flat back on your back. Ensure that your hair is smooth straight below your head.

If not, smoothen it straight, and lie flat on your back. Avoid sleeping on your side or stomach by placing a pillow to prevent you from turning. Do this for the first 3 days. Any other position will make your hair frizzy.

How to Stop Hair Fall After Keratin Treatment?

Had a Keratin treatment for hair but still facing hair fall? Here are some steps on how to stop hair fall after Keratin treatment:

  • Massage your scalp with essential oils and high-growth oils.
  • Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are good for hair growth and do not have any harmful chemicals.
  • Avoid combing your hair when they are wet.
  • Keep your hair moisturised well, as dry hair usually tends to break easily.
  • Stop tugging your hair and avoid items that may do so.
  • Drink lots of water and eat protein and iron-rich food items.
  • Avoid stressful situations and calm your body.

Keratin Treatment Vs Smoothening

Keratin treatment for hair and hair smoothening are both types of hair treatment. However, hair smoothening is a chemical process involving harsh chemicals. It could cause damage to your hair roots and result in hair loss.

On the other hand, Keratin treatment supplements your hair with necessary proteins. It does not weaken the hair but smoothens it. Both treatments lead to soft, shiny, and mess-free hair. However, the Keratin treatment is widely preferred due to the sustainable benefits it offers.

Keratin Treatment Side Effects

Some of the major side effects of Keratin treatment arise from the formaldehyde in it. It causes some ill effects, including

  • Vomiting
  • Chest pain
  • Coughing
  • Throat pain
  • Wheezing
  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches

Who Should Avoid It?

Due to Keratin treatment side effects, it should be avoided during pregnancy, though there are no conclusive studies or explanations for this. However, experts believe that the formaldehyde used in the treatment could be harmful to health.

Keratin Treatment Price

The Keratin treatment is quite expensive. Keratin treatment prices could range between 3000 and 8000 rupees INR for an average hair length. However, the cost can vary notably depending on the hair length, texture, and thickness of the hair shafts.

Summing Up on Keratin Treatment for Hair

Keratin hair treatment is an effective remedy to improve hair health. It helps get shiny, smooth, and frizz-free hair. The Keratin treatment for hair needs a considerable amount of before and aftercare. If you have curly hair that is often messed up or use styling products frequently, the Keratin treatment at home will help improve the strength of the hair. It is quite a preferred form of hair treatment.


Is Keratin Treatment Good for Hair Loss?

Yes, Keratin treatment is good for hair. It reduces hair loss by acting upon the hair roots and replenishes the Keratin levels. Thus, it helps strengthen hair.

Is Keratin Treatment Safe for Color-treated Hair?

Yes, it is absolutely safe for colored hair. It is important to ensure that the hair is colored before the Keratin treatment and not after.

How Long Does Keratin Treatment Last?

Keratin treatment benefits can last as long as 6 months, based on the type of Keratin treatment chosen. However, there are also some short-term treatments that last for a few weeks.

Does Keratin Treatment Damage Hair?

Keratin treatment often causes damage to hair with long-term usage. As it involves high exposure to heat, it could cause frizzy and weakened hair.

Can I Do Keratin Treatment After Smoothening?

Yes, it is completely alright to do Keratin treatment after hair smoothening. It helps strengthen the hair.

Can I Tie My Hair After Keratin Treatment?

No, you should avoid tying your hair after the Keratin treatment. It could cause damage to the newly straightened hair.

How Long Does a Keratin Treatment Session Take?

The hair type, thickness, and type of formula chosen for the Keratin treatment are factors that contribute to the time taken per session. Typically, one Keratin treatment session takes 2 to 4 hours.


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