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19 Amazing Standing Sex Position For Oral & Vaginal Sex

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19 Amazing Standing Sex Position For Oral & Vaginal Sex

In all sorts of situations, standing sex positions can be helpful. There is that gotta-have-you-now feeling in the bedroom, but you have no choice but to use a public bathroom, or you just want to get it on while making dinner.

It doesn't matter what motivates your upright adventures; there is plenty of fun and hot positions to try. We have 19 such positions for you to explore the fun of standing sex that you might not want to miss out on! Read on to find out more.

How to Have Standing Sex?

Indulging in sex while standing can sound good on paper, but the idea of actually doing it with your partner might be intimidating. Standing sex positions are one of those things that you enjoy watching or imagining but personally feel are not fun.

However, let us reassure you that standing sex positions are not as effortless as it is made to look in movies. It is normal to have a little difficulty in finding the right rhythm for standing sex, but once you do, it can turn out to be a lot of fun and a great way to squeeze in an adrenaline-filled sex session.

Before you consider having standing sex, assess if your partner can bear your weight in a vertical position while having sex for at least a minute. If you or your partner are not up for fully lifting the other person, try using toys or masturbating while standing or grinding against each other.

Spice up your sex life by using the kitchen table or a desk for a height boost if you and your partner need to make adjustments for a height difference. Wearing some high heels will make you feel sexy and act as a great tool to compensate for a height difference.

Best Standing Sex Position

1) The best standing sex positions involve using props as leverage for height and attaining the right angle of penetration. Using sex pillows is a great way to lift your partner’s front or bottom.

2) Another great standing position sex involves using the wall for support. The receiver can lean against the wall while the penetrating partner gets leverage from the wall.

3) The Occupado involves leaning over a sink and widening your legs so your partner can penetrate you from behind while grabbing your hips.

4) The frisk position is fun and allows some role play. The one frisking you can penetrate you from the behind while using blindfolds to add some spice.

Oral Sex Positions

5) The face-first position is a great standing sex position to receive oral sex. You will need a high surface such as a table to sit on while your partner stands over you and bends for their mouth to reach your vagina. This will allow you to lean back and enjoy your orgasm.

6) The standing oral sex position allows one partner to stand and lean against a wall while the other person kneels to perform oral sex.

7) The standing O sex position allows you to have some kink in your sex life. Invest in over the door restraints, use them to bind your hands over your head while your partner kneels down to pleasure you.

Vaginal Sex Positions

8) The wheelbarrow standing sex position involves the receiving partner lying down in a push-up stance while the penetrative partner picks up your legs from behind and hooks them behind their hips.

9) The stand and deliver position will allow your partner to stand behind you while you bend over and spread your legs for penetration.

10) The door jam position is a fun and hot way to use your door frame to lean against while your partner can pick you up to penetrate you deeply.

11) Balance your ass on the edge of a shelf to try the Yourself on the Shelf position. Instead of thrusting, the penetrative partner can rock you back and forth with your feet in his hands. This focuses the pleasure on the top of your vagina.

12) The stand up guy is a standing sex position that involves you leaning over and bending your knees. You can touch the ground for balance while your partner penetrates your vagina from behind.

Anal Sex

13) The bad dog is a pleasurable anal standing sex position. You will need to bend over a counter or perhaps your bathroom vanity while your partner penetrates you anally.

14) The Jack and Rose position involves the penetrative partner to stand with his legs apart and bent to brace himself. Your partner can lift you while you wrap your legs around their ass. The penetrative partner will wrap their arms around your waist and penetrate you anally.

15) Standing spoon position is best for partners who love full body contact. If you and your partner are nearly the same height then your partner can stand behind you and press their body against you while they guide your bum into the right position for anal penetration.

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How to Try Standing Sex Positions Safely?

If you are wondering whether you can have sex standing up, then yes, you can. However, make sure to practice standing sex positions in a safe manner. Remember that standing sex positions are a great way to switch up your usual sex positions, and you can lie down whenever you want.

Make sure that you balance your body and take support from nearby objects while being comfortable. Change your positions often and as soon as you get tired or start feeling discomfort such as cramps. Communicate with your partner and let them know what you enjoy and don't enjoy.

How to Use Your Surroundings?

Standing sex positions allow you to explore your place for some new and hot areas to have sex. Your dining table, vanity mirror, or office desks are some great props for bending over while you get penetrated.

Using your surroundings for standing sex will give you the necessary support and fulfil some latent wild fantasies. You can try using a handrail or a shower seat while bathing while you enjoy some steamy shower standing sex positions.

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How to Use Toys and Aids for Boosted Pleasure?

Sex toys like a sex swing will lift you without your partner having to bear your weight. A sex sling can go over a door frame and give your partner the freedom to penetrate you without either of you supporting each others weight. You can also use a clip-on panty vibrator to stimulate you and allow you to touch your vagina hands-free.

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Tips for Good Standing Position Sex, No Matter Your Angle

We know standing positions could be challenging! But these tips will help minimize the risks of falls and keep you both engaged

1. Use your surroundings

It is easy to spread out on tables and counters so you can lean back and relax. You can lean on walls during face-to-face or back-to-back sex. Use your surroundings to your advantage.

2. Leverage your body weight

Finding your centre of gravity keeps you upright, but you'll really need to leverage your body weight to keep two — or more — of you standing during sex. Get a leg up or lean your body to shift your weight for better stability.

3. Finish or continue in a different position

You don't need to be on your feet all the time. The focus should be on pleasure, so if you feel more comfortable going on or finishing in another position, go for it.

4. Consider your heights

Depending on how tall you are compared to your partner, certain standing positions are easier than others. Think about how everything lines up when you pick the position.

5. Use Props

Yep, sex props!

With straps and bars, you can hold body parts back, up, or open. One or both of you can be supported by a sex swing mounted on the doorway.

You can also prop up bottoms and fronts with sex pillows and ramps, which help you to make any surface sex-friendly.

Summing Up On Standing Sex Position

Standing can elevate any kind of sex to new heights, metaphorically and literally. We'll be honest with you - some positions do take some practice and some flexibility. You have a good chance of falling over, but who cares? The fun is what counts!


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