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How To Use Cinnamon for Periods? Menstruation Remedies 101

Cinnamon is known to be a highly effective cure for several period-related complications. Want to know the best ways to include this on your bleeding days? Read More now.

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How To Use Cinnamon for Periods? Menstruation Remedies 101

The menstrual cycle can cause significant disruption in a woman’s life. With the continuous pressure of the hectic routine of life, the menstruation days can prove to be the worst in a woman’s life. The inconvenience of cramps, heavy blood flow, fatigue, and most importantly, mood swings are added to the strain. Most women tend to be absent from college or work, or need to visit a physician to address issues arising from their period.

Cinnamon is known to be a highly effective cure for several period-related complications such as heavy clots during periods, etc. While the use of cinnamon has been consistent for ages across cultures, its use in menstrual relief is less known. This medicinal tree, known as Cinnamon in English, Kaneel in most European languages, and Dalchini in India, is highly potent.

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Cinnamon’s chemical constituents

Cinnamon for period must be your go-to since it is loaded with nutrients such as cinnamate, cinnamic acid, and cinnamaldehyde have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-microbial properties. More importantly, cinnamon, in powder and oil form, can be used to address several issues related to menstrual complications. We help you understand the role of cinnamon for period pain relief, and share with you how you can use it effectively.

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Cinnamon for Periods

Cinnamon can help in numerous ways during menstruation. Symptoms that can be addressed include:

Cinnamon for Nausea during period

It is common to experience nausea during your period. This occurs due to hormonal changes and sometimes, due to conditions like dysmenorrhea, PMS, or pelvic inflammatory disease. Cinnamon is highly recommended as a natural remedy since the Eugenol in it suppresses the hormones triggering nausea.

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Cinnamon for period pain and cramps

Women often experience cramps and pain in the abdomen area. Period pain is known as Dysmenorrhea, and it can occur before or during the menstrual cycle. The leading cause of Dysmenorrhea is the release of a hormone-like lipid called Prostaglandins. Prostaglandins cause contractions in the uterus to help the uterus lining shed and thus, may manifest acute pain. Cinnamon oil helps to reduce inflammation and provides relief from period pain.

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Cinnamon for period & heavy bleeding

Many women have heavy period flows. This is not only extremely uncomfortable but can cause problems like weakness, cramping, giddiness, and fainting. Cinnamon aids in reducing the flow by helping divert blood flow away from the uterus. During and before your period, using cinnamon can help reduce your menstrual flow naturally.

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Cinnamon for Mood swings & PMS

The unique fragrance of cinnamon for period has an uplifting effect on mood swings. Using Cinnamon oil, either in massaging your belly and back, or just adding a few drops to your diffuser, can calm you wonderfully. Needless to say, adding cinnamon to your diet will make you feel happier and more composed.

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Cinnamon for Irregular Periods

Especially for women with PCOS, missed period cycles or irregular periods are a nightmare. While there is no direct evidence pointing towards cinnamon and missed periods, cinnamon acts as a vasodilator. This means that cinnamon expands blood vessels and improves blood flow. Cinnamon cannot help you get your periods overnight, but there is no harm in trying out cinnamon tea over a course of time to regulate PMS and a missed cycle. Shatavari is also one of the beneficial ayurvedic herb that help treat irregular periods.

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How Cinnamon Affects the Menstrual Cycle?

Cinnamon is a highly effective treatment for period-related issues, such as thick clots. Cinnamon can lower prostaglandin levels, raise endorphin levels, and improve blood circulation. This is why it works to relieve PMT symptoms, particularly menstrual cramps.

It also aids in reducing menstrual flow in heavy-period women and preventing contractions during pregnancy. In people with dysmenorrhea, drinking the correct amount of cinnamon tea (as prescribed by a herbalist or naturopath) has a soothing effect and reduces uterine contractions.

1. Cinnamon for Periods

Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for period discomfort before or throughout the menstrual cycle. Cinnamon oil relieves period discomfort and helps minimise irritation as cinnamon contains ingredients like cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic acid, and cinnamate, which are all anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.

2. Cinnamon for Irregular Periods

Cinnamon contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that improve the quality and quantity of your blood, aiding you in dealing with various health issues. In addition, cinnamon is a vasodilator that widens blood vessels and promotes blood flow to regularise erratic menstrual cycles.

How to Take Cinnamon for Periods

Cinnamon is great for periods because it is packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin B,Vitamin K, Thiamin, and Riboflavin. It is also significantly high in ascorbic acid and iron. Adding cinnamon can improve your lifestyle by boosting immunity and vitality. The constituents of Cinnamon increases the quality and amount of blood, helping you tackle a lot of other physical problems.

People often wonder how to use cinnamon sticks during periods. Only minimal quantities of cinnamon can be added to foods each time since it has an overpowering flavour. This is how you can use cinnamon sticks in other ways:

Cinnamon water for periods:

Drinking cinnamon water for periods is refreshing and helps to reduce stress and strain. You can add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to warm water and drink it. If you can mix larger quantities of water and cinnamon in the same proportion and drink it intermittently throughout the day, it would be ideal. However, do not make this a substitute for regular water. Avoid having over 2 to 3 glasses a day.

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Cinnamon powder during periods:

Finely ground cinnamon powder is most convenient to have handy. By converting cinnamon sticks into powder, you can amplify its use and add it to almost every food. From your breakfast cereal or porridge, dal or curry at lunch-time to your evening tea and your favourite dessert, you can add cinnamon without any hesitation! There are hundreds of ways to find cinnamon uses in cooking, so ensure you leaf through your recipe books carefully!

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Cinnamon and honey for periods:

Both honey and cinnamon are filled with antioxidants, and together they make the deadliest weapon against a multitude of diseases and discomfort. Science has shown how using cinnamon and honey cures all disorders. Health benefits of honey and cinnamon during your period include relaxing cramps and pain and calm mood swings. Mix honey and cinnamon, and drink them with a glass of warm water during your first two days of the period for the best results. You can also use Raisins to enhance that sweet flavor.

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This PCOS Balance Capsules can treat PCOS and irregular periods by balancing your hormones and managing PCOS symptoms.

Cinnamon tea to soothe period pain:

Cinnamon tea benefits menstrual discomfort in numerous ways. It helps to reduce nausea and provides huge comfort with menstrual cramps. You may also notice a reduction of heavy bleeding when you drink cinnamon tea. If you are wondering how to make cinnamon tea, we share the recipe for brewing the perfect pot. Also, you can try Kahwa Tea which is a combination of Kashmiri green tea leaves, whole spices like cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, nuts and saffron and has astounding benefits that are good for skin and health.

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Cinnamon ginger tea for periods:

Ginger tea and ginger water for periods is a popular home remedy and we understand why. Ginger alleviates period pain. During your period, the uterus lining breaks down and releases large amounts of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are a chemical compounds that increase period pain by constricting blood vessels and making the muscles in the uterus contract.

Now that you know why you have so much period pain, use ginger tea to alleviate it. Ginger naturally lowers prostaglandins levels, allowing your blood vessels free space so that they are no longer constricted or causing you immense pain.

Put 2 cups of water in a saucepan, add a stick of cinnamon, a few roundels of ginger, and boil for about ten minutes. Strain the mixture into your teacup, and add a teaspoon of honey. Find a relaxed spot and savour it while it’s still warm.

You are now equipped to fight almost all Evils of the periods. And it doesn’t take a barrage of medicines to make it happen.

All you need is a cinnamon stick to sail through your period pain-free.

How to Take Cinnamon for Irregular Periods?

People frequently inquire about how to utilise cinnamon sticks during their periods. Because cinnamon has such a strong flavour, it should only be used in small amounts each time. Methods to utilise cinnamon sticks are as follows:

Cinnamon tea for period pain and irregular cycles

Cinnamon tea relieves nausea and gives significant relief from period cramps. In addition, when you consume cinnamon tea, you may notice a reduction in excessive and irregular bleeding. Cinnamon contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal qualities that can assist digestion, blood sugar levels, and menstrual pain relief. According to a Complementary Therapies in Medicine study, cinnamon may help decrease irritation and bloating related to menstruation.

Can I Take Cinnamon Tea While Pregnant?

If you're over your due date, any strategy to naturally induce labour contractions may be helpful. Consuming spicy meals, taking walks, and maybe sipping cinnamon tea are all examples.

There is no proof that cinnamon tea can induce labour. However, Cinnamon tea is safe to consume in moderation during pregnancy, so just go ahead and have a cup. But don't get your hopes too high about the tea kicking off labour.

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Cinnamon relieves period symptoms while also providing relief from excessive bleeding. Many women use medications to deal with this issue, but natural therapies can help.


Can I Drink Cinnamon Water During Periods?

To avoid cramps, consume two glasses of cinnamon tea a day or two before your period begins.

Is Cinnamon Good for PCOS?

Yes, Cinnamon is good for PCOS. It has been demonstrated to help with insulin resistance, regarded as one of the leading causes of PCOS.

Can I Take Cinnamon During Ovulation?

Yes, you can take cinnamon during ovulation. Using cinnamon supplements can assist kickstart irregular menstruation cycles, which helps in ovulation.

Can Cinnamon Stop Periods?

Although it is a common idea that drinking cinnamon tea daily helps to control a late period, there seems to be no scientific proof that cinnamon has a real influence on the menstrual cycle.






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