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Is Rice Good For Weight Loss? Or Is It Fattening You?!

Rice has been a versatile and staple carbohydrate for ages. But, does it result in weight gain or loss? Let's find out!

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Is Rice Good For Weight Loss? Or Is It Fattening You?!

Rice has been a versatile and staple carbohydrate for ages. But, does it result in weight gain or loss? Let's find out.

Is Rice Good For Weight Loss? Facts & Myths

Rice comes in various forms, each having different pros and cons. What we often do is compare it with weight loss. Few questions, like, 'Is puffed rice good for weight loss' always pops into our mind.

Let's know the misconceptions and hidden facts behind them.

  • Rice contains gluten -

Being a carbohydrate, people often think that rice contains high gluten. However, rice is highly recommendable if you are intolerant to gluten and suffer from celiac disease.

  • Regularly eating rice will make you fat -

The question like 'is white rice good for weight loss' excludes it from major fad diets. But, it is a better addition to one's diet because it is easily digestible, cholesterol-free, and low in fat.

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Which Rice Is Good For Weight Loss?

To answer the question 'which rice is good for weight loss, one should focus on the calorific value and portion of rice you intake daily. Generally, hand-pounded, red, brown, and unpolished rice is rich in fibre.

As they are more filling, it is ideal to choose from these four varieties for weight loss. Coloured rice, viz. red and brown rice, are rich in fibre and antioxidants, making it a better option for weight loss.

Brown Rice vs White Rice

White rice is a refined one, with no germ and bran. It is the nutritious part of the rice. Hence, its frequent consumption might lead to obesity and other chronic diseases.

Brown rice, on the other hand, is a whole grain that contains essential nutrients. Hence, it has nutritious germ, fibrous bran, and carb-rich endosperm. Moreover, it has more fibres and antioxidants, making it the healthier option.

Is white rice good for weight loss?

Heavy processing often removes the nutritious layer in white rice. Hence, it lacks essential vitamins and minerals. However, 'is white rice good for weight loss is often a conflicting point for researchers.

Well, white rice is neither favourable nor harmful for weight loss. Consume the correct portion, depending on your work and lifestyle. But is basmati rice good for weight loss? It (especially the Himalayan grown rice) has lower arsenic content than brown rice, eliminating the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Is brown rice good for weight loss?

As mentioned earlier, you eat the entire grain when you consume brown rice. Being least processed, it is more nutritious. Brown rice has low carb content, which most dietitians prefer for people on the weight loss track.

Low-calorie brown rice burns extra fat from one's body. Moreover, it has loads of iron, vitamins, potassium, and other vital nutrients. High fibre ensures easy digestion and smooth bowel movement. The stronger your digestive system is, the better you can maintain your body weight.

Hence, the answer to 'is brown rice good for weight loss' is yes!

Does Rice Make You Fat?

Questions like, 'Is boiled rice good for weight loss' leads one to believe in the popular misconception. As per the common saying, "Excess of anything is highly dangerous;" similarly, if one consumes a heavy amount of rice daily, it may lead to obesity.

Everyone's body has specific nutritional requirements. Rice is an energy-giving food, and if eaten in correct proportions, it helps maintain the body weight, rather than leading to weight gain.

If one does not increase recommended daily caloric intake, it will not harm one's body. People often combine rice with fried foods or fatty curries that improve the overall calorie of the meal.

Hence, rice alone does not lead to weight gain or may aid in weight loss. It is the overall meal or the combination of foods that affects your body.

How To Eat Rice On A Weight Loss Diet?

If you are fetching an answer for, 'Is eating rice good for weight loss,' these tips would aid in weight loss.

  • Practice portion control: Check the overall calorie of the meal. If you need a low-calorie diet, adjust the portion of rice.
  • Eat it with lots of veggies: Rice (being easily digestible) might make you hungry soon. Pair it with some healthy veggies to avoid frequent hunger.
  • Choose low-calorie cooking techniques: Boil it rather than frying it or mixing it with heavy cream.

In a Nutshell: Is Rice Good for Weight Loss?

In all honesty, it is the type of rice and its quantity that matters. For example, brown rice in limited quantities is good for your health, while white rice may not be. Moreover, it is not rice alone but the combination of nutrients in your entire meal that determine your weight. Always remember that an excess of any food group can be disadvantageous for your body mass index.

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Is Puffed Rice Good for Weight Loss?

Yes! Puffed rice can help aid weight loss. How? It is rich in complex carbohydrates and fibre that satiate your hunger and keep you full for a more extended period. It is a low-calorie food that is light, helping you burn off those stubborn calories and ideal for women following a diet.

Is Curd Rice Good for Weight Loss?

Yes! Curd and rice is an excellent meal to indulge in if you are attempting to lose weight. It has minimal calories compared to the same amount of fried rice or pulao. Moreover, it is a well-known remedy for digestive issues all across India, and it also combats bloating, keeping your gut clean and healthy.

Is Basmati Rice Good for Weight Loss?

Yes! Basmati rice is excellent weight-loss food. Its rich fibre content gradually breaks down in your body, keeping you full for longer. Hence, you end up eating just as much food as you need throughout the day and not more.

Is Boiled Rice Good for Weight Loss?

Whether the rice is boiled or not, if it is white rice, it neither benefits nor hinders weight loss if consumed in the proper quantity. It is brown rice that is the healthier counterpart.

Is Flattened Rice Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, flattened rice is a good option for women who wish to lose weight. Locally consumed as Poha, flattened rice is digested easily, and one can also add assorted vegetables to it, making it even healthier. Moreover, it is extremely low in calories, easy to make and accessible in any market.


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