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How to Make a Man Cry in Bed: 21 Things You Can do

How to make a man cry in bed? Confused with the title? There are so many facets to good and great sex. Sex is what you make it and it can be excellent- whether you are single, in a relationship or married.

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How to Make a Man Cry in Bed: 21 Things You Can do

How to make a man cry in bed? Confused with the title? There are so many facets to good and great sex. Sex is what you make it and it can be excellent- whether you are single, in a relationship or married. Enjoying sex yourself and making sure your partner does too, strengthens your bond and brings intimacy into your relationship. So here’s 21 things you can do to make sure your man keeps coming back for more!

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed?

1) Try A New Sensitive Spot During Sex

Spicing things up during sex to make your man cry in bed goes a long way. There’s not just one way to do it. Ever heard of nipple stimulation? We normally see men pleasuring a woman this way but isn’t it all about breaking gender norms? Most men are ashamed or shy to express that they enjoy this kind of stimulation. However, it is definitely worth a try!

2) Concentrate On His Thighs During Sex

Kissing the thigh is a great way to get your man revved up for sex. A popular misconception is that men do not enjoy foreplay and like to get straight to the deed. This is untrue. Make sure to plant feather-light kisses on the insides of your partner’s thighs and work up from there. This will increase his desire to have sex with you.

3) Play With His Neck During Sex

A man’s neck is extremely prone to touch and sensation. Stimulating this part of his body will make your partner go wild. If you wish to play a little more, gently pull his hair backwards and whisper sweet nothings into his ears. Verbally communicating during sex is hot for both parties involved.

4) Temperature Play During Sex

If you have an iced drink or simply some ice in your refrigerator- that’s all you really need! Eat the ice or press it against your lips, and then kiss your partner’s wrist or the insides of his hands. Why this area? These areas in the male body are where veins are especially close to the surface, making them very susceptible to sensation. If this goes well, your partner will be feeling a host of sensations all at once, elevating his sexual experience.

5) Stomach Fun During Sex

Do you know what the treasure trail is? It’s the region between a man’s navel and his nether area. If he has hair down there, make sure to take some of it between your mouth and tug gently. This will spark a slight electricity in his sensitive region that he will enjoy.

6) Mouth Vibrations During Sex

Why vibration? The idea of this is to mimic the sensation of a sex toy. Don’t worry, you don’t need to place a vibrating gadget in your mouth- a low humming sound from your mouth will do. This is a pleasant surprise moving away from every day sex that your partner will appreciate.

7) Kiss His Bottom Lip During Sex

Blood plays a crucial role in terms of sexual arousal. When a man becomes erect, there is a rush of blood to his penis. The similar biological functioning applies to your vagina. So why not try it on the lips? When you suck the bottom of your partner’s lips, it will bring his blood to the surface, creating a pleasurable sensation. Numerous men are only aware of the standard lip kiss and the french kiss. Biting during the kiss is an unexpected and positive surprise.

8) Don’t Be Afraid To Talk During Sex

Talking during sex does not only mean communication in terms of what you want your partner to do in bed and vice versa. Whispering demands, orders, and phrases is a major turn on for men. Give it a try!

9) Pay Attention To His Ears During Sex

Pay attention to your partner’s ears but don’t overdo it. Make sure your lips are extremely close to his ear and sigh in a low tone. You can also choose to moan or whisper words of validation during sexual intercourse.

10) Teasing During Sex

Teasing is not just a man’s department. Moreover, teasing here is not used in a negative connotation. Just make sure to tease him the right amount. For example, there are numerous nerve endings in man’s earlobe and it is a region that is often ignored. Place his earlobes between your lips and tug on it gently while giggling. Moreover, you can also lean in for a kiss and playfully back away at the last moment in order to build up the sexual tension.

11) Massage Without You Hands During Sex

Massaging your partner during sex is common. But have you ever heard of a hands-free massage? Straddle your man and grind over him in slow, circular motions. You can also massage other parts of his body like his back and torso, but with your tongue. Sounds amazing, right?

12) Sexy Bedroom Ideas During Sex

Sexy bedroom ideas are a great way to amp up the romance quotient between you and your partner. This involves paying attention to the lighting, bed, pillows and bedsheets while you have sex. Of course, sex is important, but aspects surrounding the act are as important.

13) Tell Him You Want To Give Him A Blow Job During Sex

It’s no secret that men love blow jobs. That is the easiest way to make sure he enjoys sexual intercourse. However, there is a difference between him telling you he would like for you to give him a blow job versus you taking that initiative. It makes your partner feel like you are attached to them, and that pleasuring them pleasures you. This factor makes all the difference.

14) Call Out His Name During Sex

Make sure to say his name when he is doing something that you like. Why is this important? This makes your man believe that you only think of him during sex and that his body can give you sexual satisfaction.

15) Tell Him To Keep Going During Sex

Please do not passively partake in sex with your partner. Interaction during sexual intercourse is crucial as it involves two people and not just one. If you like something your man is doing, acknowledge that he took time to pleasure you and tell him to continue.

16) Tell Him It Is The Best Sex You Have Ever Had

Now this part is tricky. Even though he is not the best sex you have ever had, if you do not mind telling a small white lie to make him happy, go for it. If he is the best sex you have ever had, make sure to shout it out to him often so that he gets the appreciation that he deserves.

17) ‘Today Is Yours. Do What You Like With Me’

Don’t be afraid to get a little kinky. If you are comfortable enough with your partner, you can give him free reign every once in a while to do what he likes with you. Needless to say, you can stop him anytime. Speaking this statement grants a safe space to your partner to discuss their fantasies. It is a good time to find out what has been going on in his mind sexually, when it comes to the both of you.

18) Tell Him You Are Coming During Sex

This is definitely a sentence every single man loves hearing in bed. The fact that he is able to see your sexual desire to its culmination is a big deal for him. So make sure to tell him every time before you are about to orgasm.

19) Tell Him What You Like

Sex isn’t just about doing what your partner likes. It is also about discussing your likes, dislikes, tastes and preferences in bed. If you tell him what you like and he makes an effort to do it more often, that solidifies your relationship in and out of bed.

20) Knee Play During Sex

Knees are one of the most underrated and unrecognised erogenous zones of a man. Make sure to run your tongue along the crease of his knees and then gently blow on the area. This will cause a hot-and-cold sensation that is sure to make him very excited.

21) Sensations During Sex

Licking is one of the most common sensations when it comes to sex. However, make sure to broaden your spectrum. Include, grazing, sucking and biting as well. These new sensations can broaden the sexual horizons of you both.

The Bottom Line

It is important to note that not all these points may work out for each and every couple. If you or your partner are uncomfortable at any point, make sure to let the other know. Most importantly, do not indulge in any activity of a sexual nature without consent or the will to do so. Penetration during sex is just the tip of the ice-berg. Explore your body and that of your partner through these tips and let us know if they helped you!


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