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Yoga for Weight Loss: Easy & Best Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

Tired of hearing advice on weight loss? Learn and try these simple yet effective yoga postures for an easy weight loss. Read on to know more.

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Yoga for Weight Loss: Easy & Best Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

It is a misconception that you need to work out vigorously to lose weight, but there is a holistic alternative to exercise. Yoga, the oldest known physical discipline in the world, is what you really need if you not only want to lose weight but also soothe your body, mind, and soul. With a history of practice that traces back to centuries ago, Yogasan for weight loss has been opted for by numerous women worldwide. So there must be some truth to it, right? Let’s find the right and proper way to perform yoga exercises for weight loss.

Best Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

With these simple and easy yoga asanas for weight loss, you can expect to shed considerable fat within four to eight weeks.

Phalakasana - Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

Phalakasana is one of the best Yoga asanas that reduce belly fat or Yoga asanas for weight loss. It helps you build core muscle strength by enhancing your metabolism. “Phalaka,” which directly translates to planks, as the pose is also called plank pose, focuses directly on your four stomach muscles.

Hence, Phalakasana helps you tone the abdominal and core muscles and shedding belly fat. If you’re a beginner, start by doing three rounds of 30 - 90 seconds and slowly increase your duration.

It can be your go-to Yoga to reduce belly fat and bloating during periods. Other benefits include a reduction in back pain that is, again, all too common during your menstrual cycle, inducing a good night’s sleep, and the ability to eat better since you worked up an appetite.

Surya Namaskar for Weight Loss - Yoga for Belly Fat

Did you know doing one round of Surya namaskar can burn up to 13.90 calories among women? By doing it regularly for just 30 minutes, you can burn up to 416 calories.

It is the ultimate Yoga to lose belly fat, also known as the ‍Sun salutation. Breath control is the essential element of this posture. Suryanamaskar includes an overall body development starting from weight loss through its 12 breathing poses. This refreshing and calming yoga posture can be one of the best Yoga for weight loss as it mainly targets mid-belly fat.

It is advised to start with five rounds daily and complete all postures to the best of your ability.

Pavanamuktasana - Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

A yoga posture highly beneficial in reducing belly fat is the Pavanamuktasana. It is commonly known as the Wind Relieving pose. Many a time, obese women face problems of indigestion. But practicing Pavanamuktasana eases your abdominal region, balances out intestinal motility, and reduces chances of gas and other stomach issues. Furthermore, it also boosts blood circulation in your pelvic area, ensuring your period is not painful.

As the Pavan Muktasana targets the stomach directly, it also helps you eliminate the excess abdominal and thigh fat.

By just doing five reps three times a day, it can do wonders for your digestion and also tone your stomach.

Ustrasana- Yoga for Weight Loss

A word of caution, if you are a woman with back issues, it is best not to perform this pose. How do you perform it? Kneel on the floor and make sure your back is upright, with thighs straight and perpendicular to the floor. Place your hands on your back, and slowly, try touching your hands to your heels and bending backward with their support. Hold onto this pose for about one minute. Feel free to start with a 30-second hold if you are a beginner.

This yoga asana for weight loss helps considerably with PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that affects every 1 in 3 women around the world. It eases the uterine muscles and the cervical area, allowing for healthy blood circulation to minimize your pain.

Yoga to Reduce Thigh Fat

Tadasana- Yoga to Reduce Thigh Fat

One of the most fundamental Yoga for weight loss is Tadasana or Mountain Pose. This posture puts the weight on the toes and stretches your whole body. It targets the belly fat and strengthens the calf muscles.

You can start by doing one stretch for 30-60 seconds. It’s best to start five rounds a day and gradually surge the span.

Virabhadrasana- Yoga to Shrink Thigh Fat

It is also known as the warrior pose, and rightly so. Practicing this yoga posture can bless you with a warrior-like physique. Along with belly fat, the ‘warrior pose’ also tones up arms, thighs, and shoulders. All these attributes make it one of the best Yoga for weight loss.

Virabhadrasana also helps enhance your concentration, directly linked to your weight loss. Confused? Let me explain. The more you focus on this posture, the better results you will achieve. A mind-muscle connection can get you better results. You can even fasten the process of burning the belly fat if you can contract your stomach muscles while holding the position.

For beginners, it is advisable to start with 30 seconds and continue it for five reps.

Shirshasana - Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Shirshasana or Headstand is perhaps one of the most effective yoga postures for weight loss. But the catch is, it will take some practice to master it. It is considered power yoga for weight loss. The headstand pose improves your digestion and tones your abdominal organs, reducing belly fat. Furthermore, it also strengthens the legs, spine, and arms.

For beginners, it is advisable to use support while trying Shirshasana. It is prudent to begin by holding your position for 30 to 60 seconds. As you master the posture, you can steadily increase the duration. With time, you will also realize it helps calm the brain and is a great stress-buster, especially for women who expertly manage home and work life that is tiresome, to say the least.

How Does Yoga Help in Weight Loss?

Performing Yoga alone is not enough. In fact, it must be supplemented with patience, adequate sleep, and a balanced diet. These asanas for weight loss don’t just help build strength but also have the following additional benefits:

  • Yoga enhances metabolism
  • Boost in cardio health through yoga
  • Improved muscle flexibility with the help of yoga
  • Toning of muscles by practicing yoga
  • Practicing yoga minimizes stress
  • Yoga provides energy and vitality to face your day
  • Yoga reduces fatigue

Yoga helps calm the senses, which further reduces stress. We mostly neglect how stress plays a huge role in obesity. Therefore, you will enhance your physical health and your emotional and mental health with Yoga.


Yoga is one of the oldest forms of therapy. The journey to weight loss is also a transformational one, both physically and mentally and emotionally. Hence, it is better to think about it as a long-term process. Do try the yoga mentioned above asanas for weight loss and feel the difference for yourself.


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