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Yoga For Irregular Periods: Poses To Regulate Irregular Periods

Want to know which yoga asanas for periods you should start to help with your monthly menses? Read here for yoga poses to do during periods.

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Yoga For Irregular Periods: Poses To Regulate Irregular Periods

The menstrual cycle, while a natural occurrence for women, can develop many problems. The list is endless, from diseases like polycystic ovarian syndrome to the crippling agony of endometriosis and polyps.

Perhaps the most common issue people face with their reproductive system is an irregular period. Every period for every woman is completely different. You might deviate from your expected date by a couple of days, which is quite natural. However, irregular periods are more of a problem than a missed period.

Irregular periods bring with them a variety of other issues. So how do we combat them?

Many women who suffer from irregular periods say that yoga is a great reliever in these circumstances. Likewise, yoga for periods is a soothing source of help during these stressful times. So let us take a look at some of the best yoga positions for periods to help bring your cycle back to regularity:

How Does Yoga Help In Period?

The  most  common  issue  women  face  while  being  on  their  period  is  period  cramps.  Medically,  dysmenorrhea is  known  as  a  period  cramp.  It  is  due  to  the  contraction  of  the  uterus.  It  occurs  with  the  release  of  prostaglandin  or  a  hormone-like  chemical  and  certain  uterine conditions  like  fibroids  or  endometriosis.

There  are  different  intensities  and  variations  of  cramps,  which  differ  from  person  to  person.  Someone's  cramp  ends  in  1-  day,  while  someone  has  to  deal  with  it  for  5-7  days.

Consequently,  reproductive  age  and  stage  also  play  a  vital  role  in  heightening  and  lowering  cramps.  Uterine  contraction  even  elevates  the  pain  around  the  lower  back,  hips,  thighs,  and  vaginal  areas.  Experts suggest  exercises  for  aches  and  back  pain  related  to  PMS.  Doing  yoga  during  periods  serves  as  a  low-intensity  exercise  that  helps  reduce  cortisol  and  prostaglandin  levels.  If  you  face  period  irregularities,  trying  different  yoga  for  irregular  periods would  surely  help  you  out.

However,  different  yoga  poses  help  alleviate  abdominal,  back,  and  hip  pain.  For  instance,  a  proper  amalgamation  of  yoga  poses  with  the  breath  helps  ensure  better  circulation  of  oxygen  into  the  muscles.  Lack  of  oxygen  shoots  up  the  menstrual  cramp,  and  oxygen  flow  into  the  uterine  muscles  helps  soothe  the  cramping  pain.

  • Balasana  or  Child  pose helps  boost  internal  stability.  It  helps  stretch  the  lower  back  muscles  and  provides  a  bit  of  internal  massage.  It  is  a  comfortable  pose  that  helps  benefit  the  reproductive  organs  as  well.
  • Upavistha  Konasana contains  a  forward  bend  that  helps  stimulate  the  abdominal  organs.  It  further  lessens  the  menstrual  cramp  in  the  short  and  long  term.

Are Yoga Inversions Ok to Do on Your Period?

Yoga  inversion  is  posing  or  shapes  wherein  the  pelvis  part  of  the  body  is  above  the  heart.  Some  yoga  inversions  include  forearm  balance,  headstand,  handstand,  and  shoulder  stand.  However,  the  poses  wherein  the  feet  leave  the  ground  also  falls  in  the  inversion  yoga  for  periods  category.

Generally,  the  first  three  days  of  the  period  come  with  mild  to  heavy  flow.  Ashtanga tradition  also  prevents  women  from  doing  some  specific  'shalas'  during  the  first  three  days  of  the  period.  Although  they  do  this  to  manage  their  energy,  many  believe  that  women  should  avoid  this  as  they  are  unclean  while  menstruating.

However,  modern  teachers and  experts  are  debunking  these  old  beliefs  and  have  introduced  different  yoga  for  periods.  Generally,  in  the  initial  three  days  of  menstruation,  it  is  hard  to  lie  on  the  floor  and  do  yoga  inversions  in  the  first  three  days  of  the  period.  However,  if  the  cramps  are  negligible,  doing  inversion  poses  like  a  handstand  is  alright.  It  is  crucial  to  listen  to  one's  body  instead  of  putting  pressure  on  it.

Yoga for Periods

1. Baddha Konasana (Cobbler)

Sit straight and draw your feet together so the undersides touch. Hold your feet together with your hands. This will help alleviate cramps.

2. Janu Sirsasana (Head to Knee)

Sit and draw your right leg in a straight line. Your left foot should touch your inner thigh. Hold for a couple of minutes, and alternate.

3. Dhanurasana (Bow)

Lie on your stomach and stretch your legs. Raise your legs and your arms to hold your feet. Keep this position for 20 seconds and repeat them 4 to 5 times.

4. Ustrasana (Camel)

Kneel, align your knees with your shoulders. Extend your body backwards and hold your feet. Thrust your hips forward and hold for 25 seconds.

5. Paschimottanasana (Forward Leaning)

Stretch your legs and lean your body forward slowly. Draw your hands forward and hold your feet. Hold the position for 20 seconds.

Yoga Poses for Irregular Periods

Those who suffer from irregular periods often skip their periods for months. Their periods can be absent for more than a month without being pregnant. Irregular periods also mean that your period can start suddenly after months of no-show. Irregular periods can also start within 21 days of the last cycle. This can cause many uncomfortable situations when you are not at your home, not to mention various health issues. This is why many people resort to yoga for irregular periods.

You should keep in mind that irregular periods can happen for various reasons. For example, stress and illnesses can delay or hasten your period to act irregularly. However, if you face irregularities frequently, you must contact your gynaecologist. This is because it could be symptomatic of something worse.

Therefore, here is some yoga for periods that you can try out:

1.  Matsyasana

The ‘fish’ pose helps alleviate the body’s pressure on the spine and uterus.

2. Dhanurasana

The ‘bow’ pose relieves the lower abdomen of pain and stretches the lower part of your body.

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana

This pose is known as the downward-facing dog. It helps alleviate menstrual pain and massages your pelvic bones.

4. Malasana

The garland pose works your whole body to stretch and release tension. This pressure often causes blockages that can affect your uterus.

Yoga During Periods

If you are wondering what to do during periods or how to reduce cramps, have no worries. Apart from the best medicines, medical fields prescribe exercises like yoga for periods. Yoga is a sure-fire way for most women to bring irregular periods into a disciplined routine.

Some of the many benefits of practising yoga are:

1. Helps Deal With PMS

The endorphins your brain releases help you alleviate the effects of the dreaded premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

2. Keeps Body in Shape

Light exercises help keep your body in shape. A healthy body begins to regulate the menstrual cycle on its own.

3. Regulates Your Menstrual Cycle

Yoga positions help relax your pelvic bones and spine. The removal of the tension in your body helps naturally regularise your cycle.

4. Reduces Cramps During Periods

Irregular periods often bring with them extremely heavy cramping. Yoga is an excellent way to reduce cramps and period brain fog.

Yoga to Get Periods Immediately

Naturally, many people become dissatisfied with the irregularities their menstrual cycle presents. Did you know that certain yoga poses can help prepone your menstrual cycle dates? Yes, your body will start menstruating almost immediately with the right exercises! However, if you tend to have frequent late cycles, you can try some yoga for periods.

Do you want to know what these exercises are? Take a look at the list below:

  • Dhanurasana, also known as the bow pose
  • Ustrasana, called the camel pose
  • Bhujangasana, known as the cobra pose
  • Malasana, or the garland pose
  • Baddha konasana, also called the butterfly pose

Practice these yoga to get periods immediately. You should also ensure you take your doctor’s advice and partake of adequate nutrients.

Period Pain Relief Exercises

You may have come across the term period pain relief exercise. These exercises help reduce period pain. In addition, yoga for periods is a natural cure that helps reduce stress, irregularities, heavy bleeding, and more. Here are some yoga exercises you can work on:

Supta Baddha Konasana, reclined bound angle

Upavistha Konasana, or forward bend on a seated wide-angle position

Bharadvaja, or the reclining twist

Tips  and  Considerations

One  can  do  different  period  pain  relief  exercises  and  yoga  during  periods.  Specific  yoga  poses  help  provide  relief  from  PMS  symptoms.  However,  it  depends  on  how  well  you  do  the  yoga  without  exerting  pressure  on  the  body.  Here  are  the  tips  to  follow:

1.  Avoid  Specific  Poses

If  some  yoga  poses  worry  you,  including  inverted  poses  and  asanas  having  a  connection  with  one's  fertility,  it  is  safe  to  avoid  them  when  you  are  menstruating.  Some  yoga  poses,  like  wheel  pose  and  shoulder  stand,  might  be  discomforting.  Hence,  it  is  better  to  avoid  them  during  the  heavy  flow  days.

2.  Pick  the  Right  Yoga  for  Periods

There  are  several  yoga  forms,  and  switching  the  ones  you  do  regularly  is  not  mandatory.  What  matters  the  most  is  one's  body  and  how  you  feel  doing  a  particular  asana  during  your  periods.  If  you  feel  physically  uncomfortable,  practising  breathing  exercises  would  be  beneficial.  It  helps  calm  the  mind  and  reduce  cortisol  hormones,  helping  you  get  rid  of  stress  and  anxiety.

3.  Change  Your  Clothes  and  Hygiene  Products

One  of  the  worst  parts  of  periods  is  leaks.  Tight  yoga  clothes,  frequent  leaks,  and  bending  exercises  turn  into  a  nightmare.  One  can  switch  to  menstrual  cups  or  tampons.  These  products  are  comfortable  and  allow  for  flawless  yoga  poses,  making  your  yoga  for  periods  a  session  leak-free.

PCOS  often  worsens  period  cramps  which  often  inhibit  one  from  physical  movement.  Hence,  consider  the  underlying  issues  and  speak  to  the  medical  practitioner  about  doing  yoga  during  periods.

Summing Up on Yoga for Periods

Yoga for periods might sound like a drag for people who have extremely heavy cramping. However, not all yoga exercises are painful when you are menstruating. You can perform small and easy movements right from your bed. These movements are enough to get the blood flowing and offer relief.

However, there are certain things you must keep in mind while performing yoga for periods. Firstly, a balanced diet is crucial to your health. Never skip meals and include all nutrients in your diet.

Secondly, never overexert yourself. An irregular period is a trying period for anyone experiencing it. Remember, balance is vital.


Does  Yoga  Help  With  Periods?

Yes,  yoga  helps  with  periods  as  it  improves  one's  hormonal  health  and  alleviates  the  symptoms  of  PMS  fatigue,  nausea,  cramps,  etc.  One  can  try  different  yoga  for  irregular  periods  if  one  frequently  faces  missed  period  iss

What to Do During Periods?

Periods are extremely hard on many women. We completely understand your problem. Period pain is absolutely no joke. We are here for you on these impossible days. Yoga for periods is a good way to reduce your symptoms.

Start out with easy movements. Listen to your body and give it what it wants. Do not strain yourself.

Can We Do Yoga in Periods?

If you suffer from distressing cramps, yoga for periods is a great cure. So yes, you can do some light stretching and yoga when you are menstruating.

While doctors often prescribe yoga for periods, you must remember not to tire yourself out. Some exercises do more harm than good. Speak to your doctor before getting into your gear.

How to Relieve Period Cramps in Bed?

If you are looking for easy yoga to perform when you are on your period, we have your back. Yoga during periods should be simple movements we can perform during this difficult time.

Take a look at these exercises that help your cramps in bed during this time:

  • Child’s pose: Sit on your haunches and kneel forward till you touch the floor with your hands. Keep your head down and hands straight in front.
  • Foetal pose: The foetal pose is a reliable way of reducing cramping and avoiding leakages while sleeping.
  • Resting knees: Keep a rolled pillow under your knees and sleep on your back.

What Are Some Sitting Positions for Period Cramps?

Yoga is your best friend, with various poses suitable for even the heaviest bleeders. These exercises will get the blood in your muscles flowing.

Take a look at the following sitting positions for period cramps:

  • Child’s pose
  • Feet against the wall
  • The bow pose
  • The cat/cow pose
  • Bending the body while sitting with legs splayed widely

Can We Do Surya Namaskar During Periods?

Yoga for periods is an excellent remedy. However, you should avoid straining your body too much. Certain yoga positions like the Surya Namaskar would be a big no-no during this time. Doctors advise against inverting the body for women who undergo heavy flow.

The exercise can disrupt the flow of blood cells and mucus from the uterine lining. If you suffer from heavy bleeding during menstruation, avoid performing the Surya Namaskar. Your period might worsen instead of lightening your burden. You might face light-headedness and even pass out.



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