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Ayurveda for UTI: Benefits & Treatment

Is UTI making your life difficult? Read on to know how ayurvedic medicine for urine infection can make your life more comfortable without any side effects.

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Ayurveda for UTI: Benefits & Treatment


As per Ayurveda, all urinary tract infections are clubbed under a broad term called Mutrakricchra, which includes kidney disorders and urinary tract infections. Even though antibiotics can be used to treat UTIs, they can also be swiftly and effortlessly cured with ayurvedic medicine for UTI, with little to no side effects. There are several herbs for UTI treatment that Ayurveda recommends.

This ailment is more common in females, as the urethra is smaller and closer to the anus, which can cause infection. Ayurvedic medicine for urine infection is a natural way to cure the same.

What is UTI?

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a common condition when bacterias cause an infection in the urinary tract. The infection usually originates in the urethra and then moves up to the bladder and other urinary tract parts. When urinating, there is a burning sensation and an increased frequency of urination.

UTI is among the most severe health issues afflicting millions of people each year. Women are usually more susceptible to UTIs because they have a shorter urethra than men. Bacteria don't have to travel very far to reach and infect a woman's bladder. Plus, the opening to the urethra is closer to the rectum, where the bacteria that can cause these infections to live.

What causes UTI?

The chief causing agent in most cases of infections is the bacteria Escherichia coli, present in the bowel and around the anus. However, urine infection treatment in Ayurveda is a guaranteed way to get relief.

UTI Signs and Symptoms

Based on the organ affected (kidneys/ureters/bladder, etc.), the symptoms may differ. Some common symptoms are -

  • The incessant need to urinate
  • Passing fewer amounts of urine
  • Burning feeling while urinating
  • Cloudy and foul-smelling urine
  • Presence of blood in the urine
  • Pain in the pelvic area, abdomen, etc.

Diagnosis of UTI

UTIs are diagnosed from the symptoms' indications and a basic urine test that seeks pus cells and microbes.

In some cases, an imaging test called Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG) may be conducted, or Urine Analysis is done to determine the type of bacterial growth afflicting the patient.

Such infections need prompt medical attention; if they are not treated on time, they can have a long-lasting effect on the kidneys. Although there are antibiotic medicines available, ayurvedic medicine for urinary tract infection provides a holistic and natural cure for the ailment and addresses its root cause for a permanent solution.

Treatment of UTI- Indian Home Remedies for Urinary Incontinence

The following principles are recommended for ayurvedic remedies for urine infection in females, or mutravaha strotodushti. Ayurvedic diet for urinary tract infection is the best way to treat UTI.

Diet Guidelines for UTI

  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Refrain from cold drinks.
  • Drink cranberry juice.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  • Embrace herbs such as coriander, cinnamon, turmeric in your food.
  • Avoid meat (especially seafood), excess salt, and astringent materials.

Lifestyle Changes for UTI

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes, especially underwear.
  • Urinate before and after sexual activity and properly maintain hygiene in your genital area.
  • Do not hold your pee.
  • Practice yoga and meditation.
  • Restrict exposure to extreme heat and sun.
  • Use kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles.
  • Apply heat in the pelvic area to reduce pain.

Some Herbal Remedies For UTI

  • Shilajit (Mineral Pitch, Asphaltum) as a herbal remedy for UTI
  • Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris) as a herbal remedy for UTI
  • Punarnava (Boerrhavia Diffusa) as a herbal remedy for UTI
  • Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia) as a herbal remedy for UTI
  • Chandan (Santalum Album) as a herbal remedy for UTI
  • Varuna (Crataeva Nurvula) as a herbal remedy for UTI

Kidney-care ayurvedic medicine for urinary problems includes Boerhaavia diffusa, Eupatorium purpureum, Agropyron repens and Berberis vulgaris.

Panchakarma ayurvedic treatment for urinary tract infection is recommended in very deep-rooted conditions.

Steps For Urine Infection Treatment In Ayurveda

These are beneficial in chronic UTI.

  • Oral administration of medicated oils and ghee as a treatment for UTI in Ayurveda
  • Steaming and other heating procedures as a treatment for UTI in Ayurveda
  • Vamana or therapeutic vomiting as a treatment for UTI in Ayurveda
  • Virechana or induced purgation as a treatment for UTI in Ayurveda
  • Vasthi or Medicated enema as a treatment for UTI in Ayurveda

Benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda provides natural and simple ways to restore the body's bacterial balance; it suggests promoting healthy bacteria and fighting the harmful ones. Ayurvedic medicines for urinary tract infection are determined to know several types of phytoextracts that show promising results in the treatment of urinary disorders and could be an alternative to pathogen resistance to antibiotic medicines during a UTI.


Ayurvedic medicine for urine infection makes urinary tract treatment a natural and effective one and functions to maintain normal PH level and diminish harmful bacteria without any side effects. Stay in touch with us to get more information about health issues that bother your happy and peaceful life. It's time to get healthy, the natural way!


Which yoga poses can help treat UTI?

Several yoga poses can help alleviate symptoms of UTI. These include - Bhujangasana, Surya namaskar, Dhanurasana, etc.

What aggravates UTI?

Some culpable factors include-

  • Too much spicy or salty food aggravates UTI
  • Consuming alcohol aggravates UTI
  • Subduing the natural urge for urination aggravates UTI
  • Prolonged exposure to fire, chemicals, and toxic fumes aggravate UTI
  • Drinking less water aggravates UTI

What, according to Ayurveda, causes UTI?

Ayurveda believes in three energies in the human body- Vata, pitta, and Kapha. UTIs result from imbalance and disorder of the pitta dosha, which causes inflammation and infection of the urethra, kidney, and bladder.  Ayurvedic remedy for UTI infection comprises restoring the balance between them for relief.


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