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Best Homeopathic Medicine for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Want to know about the homeopathic remedy for UTI? Dive in to know everything from how homeopathy acts to cure UTI, and when to expect results.

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Best Homeopathic Medicine for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Urinary Tract Infection Explained

Urinary tract infection, commonly abbreviated as UTI, is your urinary tract infection. It happens due to a bacteria called E.coli present in the gastrointestinal tract. Women lie at a higher risk of developing UTI mainly because of:

  • The shorter length of the urethra (the part that carries urine from the bladder to an external opening).
  • Extended urine-holding capacity in women as compared to men.
  • The small distance between the urethra and anus.

These three factors provide microbes with a favourable environment. They reproduce rapidly and cause pains, blood, pus, or smelly urine.

Factors like a new or frequent change of sexual partners, pregnancy, diabetes, over-usage of OCPs, and antibiotics can also contribute to this infection.

So which holistic approach can we apply to counter the same? Let us have a look at the homeopathic remedy for UTI.

Homeopathy For UTI

Homeopathy for reducing the urinary tract infection's recurrence is showing great promise. Consultation from a professional homeopathic doctor is necessary to determine the range of treatment suitable for your infection.

Your doctor will most likely take your history, physical, mental, and emotional states to prescribe the suitable homeopathic medicine for urine problems. The remedies vary from individual to individual.

Common Homeopathic Remedies For UTI

We have listed the five topmost homeopathic medicines for UTI:

Cantharis for UTI

It is one of the most common homeopathic medicines for burning urination. It cures restlessness and also controls sexual desires. Doctors recommend these drops during decreased urinary output (few drops passing at a time), despite a strong urge to urinate.

Nux Vomica for UTI

It is an instant homeopathic treatment for chronic UTI in an irritable urinary bladder. It is characterized by burning sensations, cramps, and extreme itchiness during urination. It commonly causes a person to become irritated and impatient.

Sarsaparilla for UTI

There are instances when your UTI symptoms are unclear and not so common. Sarsaparilla is a lifesaver and the best homeopathic medicine for UTI in such situations. Dribbling urine occurs while the person is sitting and passes rapidly while standing. Your doctor might recommend it if there is a presence of sediments in your urine.

Apis mellifica for UTI

This homeopathic medicine for urinary tract infection reduces burning sensations that aggravate during the nighttime.

Staphysagria for UTI

Staphysagria is the homeopathic medicine for UTI associated with sexual intercourse.

Other homeopathic medicines for urinary infection, like Arsenicum album, Pulsatilla, Equisetum, Sepia, Mercurius, Aconite, and Chimaphila, are known to provide relief UTI too.

Look at various Indian home remedies that you can accompany with your treatment plan. Consult your homeopathic physician to know more about the medications that will suit your type of urinary tract infection.

When To Expect Some Results?

That impatient bladder of yours might influence your overall patience towards medicines too. It is a myth that homeopathy will take ages to work on your system and cure it. The fact is that homeopathic medicines aim at providing relief within minutes to hours. They tend to treat an individual within a week or two, depending upon the UTI's severity.

Homeopathy for urine infection is slightly different from how antibiotics function. This holistic approach towards treating UTI activates your secondary healing response and can work effectively to address the problem's root cause.

Consult your doctor if your prescribed dosages are not providing you with any relief within 1-2 weeks.

Things To Keep In Mind While Taking Homeopathic Treatment For UTI

  • Take medicines on time and only the prescribed amount.
  • Do not overload your dosages and assume it will work faster.
  • Avoid having any meal for 30 minutes before and after taking medicines.
  • Do not brush your teeth or use any mouthwash before or immediately after taking medicines. It will inhibit its functioning.
  • Avoid drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks, especially in cases of UTI.
  • No compensation allowed - If you missed your morning dosage, do NOT take it at any other time, or double the dosage later.

How Can I Find Homeopathic Medicine For UTI Infection In India?

You can find various online portals for homeopathic medicines. Some of the top-notch ones are:

  • Schwabe India
  • Dr. Reckeweg
  • BJAIN homeopathic

There are also a number of doctors and clinics readily available. Choose one according to your convenience.

In A Nutshell!

Urinary Tract Infection is likely to occur more frequently in females due to a favourable microbe's environment. It can easily be prevented and cured by proper treatment with homeopathic medicine for urine infection.

We have discussed the top five UTI infection homeopathic medicine above based on the symptoms experienced during UTI. It is essential to consult a doctor for an individualized treatment plan, as UTI differs from person to person.

Take the required preventive measures while consuming homeopathic doses. It would help if you started experiencing relief soon after your first dose.


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