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Best Sex Positions to Reduce Risk of UTI & Cystitis

UTI and Cystitis are problems that most women face. In this article, we uncover the sex positions, tips, and precautions that aid in reducing their risk.

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Best Sex Positions to Reduce Risk of UTI & Cystitis

Urinary Tract Infection is an infection that occurs due to vaginal bacteria spreading from the urethra to the bladder. UTI causes excessive irritation and burning in and around the vagina and is usually treated with antibiotics. According to a study, UTI in women is an issue which is common in all age groups.

Cystitis is often caused by bacteria that make the bladder sore and sensitive. If a woman is suffering from Cystitis, the vagina becomes swollen, red, and itchy. Particular medicines and hygiene products can also be the cause. This is a recurrent health issue, and most cases state this as a problem. Every 1 in 5 women suffers from a second time UTI. However there are various home remedies for UTI such as fruits like banana, etc., to deal with it and other effective remedies such as baking soda.

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The Girl on Top

Amongst all the sex positions to reduce the risk of UTI, the girl on top shines on the list, as this does not put much pressure on the urethra. This position lets you rule your world the way you want in bed. Also, it keeps a check on the amount of penetration your vagina can handle during a UTI since a lot of pressure may lead to more irritation and inflammation of the bladder.


For better penetration control and enjoyment, try putting a pillow between your partner's thighs and the edge of your buttocks.


Look for the best condoms for preventing UTI after sexual intercourse so that the bacteria does not attack the urethra with every thrust.

How this helps during UTI

As the girl is on the top, and has comfortable pillow support, chances are there is less pressure on the bladder; thus, letting you experience love-making moments without burning sensation and itching in and around the vagina.  

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The Spooning Position

Amongst the best sex position to avoid Cystitis, the spooning position wins. Most people consider it a sex position for lazy birds, but this is the most satisfying position out of all during a UTI infection. Along with mindful penetration, this position entangles the partners' bodies from head to toe, making more space for romance.

Here, as penetration is from behind, the thrust's magnitude is mild. Due to this, discomfort or pain does not hinder the fun. This position indeed is more than what meets the eye.


Ensure you have cleaned your genitals well, and remember to pee immediately after the sex is over so that the bacteria do not move up the vagina.


Prevention is always better than cure! Remember, a condom acts as a shield between UTI bacteria and your body parts. Therefore, to make your intercourse a success during UTI, wearing a condom is necessary.

How this position helps during UTI

In this position, the amount of thrust naturally is less, even if the heat turns up between the two, thus keeping the irritation of UTI at bay during sex.

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The Shower Sex

Apart from being sexy, shower sex keeps the UTI and Cystitis in check. It gives you a better chance to clean yourself up from head-to-toe immediately after sex. Cleaning up is important because the bacteria can quickly travel from the anus to the vagina, making your urethra and bladder inflamed.  


For some, condoms are always a big no-no. Therefore, cleaning yourself up properly right after the act is essential to avoid UTI. What better than this position that can help you clean up faster!


Ensure the bathroom floor is not slippery. Otherwise, the act of love could become a hurtful incident.

How this position helps during UTI

This position covers the urinary area or genital areas well to prevent the spread of UTI. Due to the water flow at hand, a better clean-up situation is readily available.

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The Difference between UTI and Cystitis

UTI is a broader term used for almost all types of infections in the urinary system, and Cystitis, one of these, means the bladder's inflammation.

UTI and sex are often co-related. However, certain precautions and sex positions can prevent it from spreading. Sex during UTI is a common question women across the globe have. So, let us unfold the solutions that women share behind closed doors. Also it is imperative that you know when to consult a sexologist or gynecologist, if needed, to avoid any complications.

Do not let your pleasure get hindered due to UTI and Cystitis.

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Can I have sex during UTI?

Yes, you can. But it will be quite painful if you do not know what positions you should use for sex. UTI usually causes a burning sensation and swelling of the vagina. Hence, you can have sex, but it is better to be prepared and take the necessary precautions.

Can unprotected sex cause UTI?

This is not completely wrong, as most UTI-causing bacteria take birth from anal sex or are already present around the vagina. Therefore, to avoid these bacteria's movement inside the vagina with every push, wearing a condom is advised.

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