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Is Green Tea for Periods Helpful?

Can I drink green tea during periods? Is it good or bad? If you also have these questions popping in your head, then you’ve landed on the right article.

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Is Green Tea for Periods Helpful?

Green tea has hit the health charts globally due to its abundance of health benefits. Green tea is packed with tannins and little amount of caffeine. Unlike all the other teas, green tea is made from unoxidized leaves and is one of the least processed teas. Therefore, it is filled with antioxidants that are a blessing to your body. Read this article for in-depth information on green tea for periods.

Can I Drink Green Tea During Period?

Menstrual time isn't all hunky-dory for women. From unbearable menstrual cramps to excessive mood swings, a woman must go through all. Many women ask, "Is green tea good during periods?" Yes, to some extent, green tea is considered quite beneficial for periods.

Our mothers have always recommended hot teas to soothe bad cramps, and surprisingly, it works! Green tea is a go-to home remedy to reduce menstrual cramps.

What are the Hidden Benefits of Green Tea for Periods?

Consuming Green Tea for Periods Calms Muscles-

During periods, muscles get cramps, which causes pain and uneasiness. Drinking hot green tea can relax the muscles and reduce pain.

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Green Tea for Periods Makes Mood Light-

Women aren't in an excellent state of mind during periods. It is due to changes in your hormonal levels. Green tea has theanine that elevates mood and calms your nerves.

Consuming Green Tea for Periods Ensures Healthy Blood Flow-

Consuming green tea regularly in moderation promotes healthy blood flow. Green tea is rich in vitamin K and magnesium, which help in blood coagulation and reduces your menstrual flow.

Green Tea for Periods also Helps Reduce Bloating:

Green tea is a natural diuretic that helps lower water retention, reducing bloating and alleviating period pain.

How to Use Green Tea for Period?

Method 1-

Boil water and grate some ginger. Let that ginger stay in water for 1-2 minutes. Add fresh green tea leaves and cover the vessel. Strain the leaves after a few minutes, and consume the hot tea.

Method 2-

Boil water and grate some ginger in it. Let it boil for some time. Strain the ginger and add the water to the cup. Take a tea sachet and dip it in the cup. You can add lemon and honey for more benefits and taste.

Green Tea for Irregular Periods

Numerous myths have found their way onto the internet about consuming green tea for irregular periods. Green tea can indeed affect the hormonal level, but it cannot induce a period. No doubt, green tea in the period is great for balancing your hormones, but it cannot induce or delay your periods. One should consult a gynecologist in such cases.

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Side Effects of Green Tea on Periods

Is it safe to drink green tea during periods? Green tea is mostly safe if consumed in moderation. However, the excess of this tea can have some side effects on the body.

Tannins present in green tea bind to iron, preventing it from getting absorbed by our bodies. This can interfere with the body's iron levels and your chances of getting anemic increases.

Since there is a lot of blood loss in periods, a woman cannot afford an iron deficiency. So, the next time when the question "is it good to drink green tea during periods?" pops up in your mind. Remember, it is great if consumed in moderation.

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How Much is Ideal?

It is safe for you to consume three cups of green tea a day in periods. But one should consume two on regular days.

Precaution: Do not consume it too hot as it can damage your food pipe. Avoid more than three cups a day.


Can Green Tea Help With Period Cramps?

Herbal teas are a great source of antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Menstrual cramps are caused due to inflammations in our body; therefore, it makes green tea good for menstrual cramps.

Can We Take Green Tea During Periods?

Green tea is great if consumed in moderation.

Does Green Tea Affect Periods?

You are consuming green tea while on period doesn't affect your periods. Your periods cannot come early or late due to green tea consumption. So, next time if someone asks, "Can green tea delay your period?" You know the answer. However, it can help you soothe your cramps and give you energy during periods.


Green tea is a magical drink to relax your mind and body. Everything has its pros and cons, and so does green tea. It is excellent for you during your most uncomfortable days of the month if you are consuming it right. We hope this article could answer all your queries related to green tea during periods.


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