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Green Tea Benefits

Green tea can be used for acne, cold sores and haemorrhoids. It is a powerful antioxidant that can delay signs of aging.

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Green Tea Benefits

Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that are great for your body and mind, green tea is considered as one of the healthiest / anti-aging beverages which goes without saying. The reason that the benefits of green tea have been more than black tea is due to processing.

So, is green tea good? Green tea was used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine to control bleeding and heal wounds, aid. digestion, improve heart and mental health, regulate body temperature.

So what are the uses of green tea?

Green tea benefits us by giving relief from headaches, eyestrains and reducing puffiness under eyes. Also it helps in preventing skin cancer from sun exposure, not only this but it also reduces the gum bleeding after tooth extraction. Some people also use them for acne, cold sores, haemorrhoids, etc. and it is also a component in face masks. So these are some of the green tea uses that work well.

Some of the best advantages of green tea having in your meal are:

·  Since green tea has polyphenols like flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant, it can reduce the formation of free radicals giving it an anti-aging effect on the body.

·  Benefits of drinking Green tea is one of the best fat fighters by decreasing your appetite as it gives the feeling of fullness and inhibits the main enzymes involved in fat storage especially melting the fat in the abdominal area. functioning and boosting memory too.

· Consumption of green tea advantages your brain to function properly on a regular basis.  In fact, green tea drinkers also have a 31% lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

· Also it’s been a beneficial beverage for diabetes. So these were some of the health benefits of green tea that happen to be proven beneficial by including it in your meal.

· Green Tea is a progesterone rich food required to improve bladder function.

Is green tea good for health?

Yes, absolutely, when it comes to its goodness and effects of green tea , they are good for your health since they are high in antioxidant polyphenols, they boost your brain function etc. Some of the health benefits are based on eastern traditions, where green tea usage is being carried out to treat symptoms of disease for years.

So in general, what does green tea do?

Well, drinking  green tea ,gives  a nutritional punch that plays a role of being part of weight loss (especially fat loss journey) , not only this , it reduces rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, they help in repairing the damaged skin and protect against skin cancer , it helps in lowering blood sugar level in people with type 2 diabetes. Alertness and brain health might improve by drinking green tea, it helps to protect against certain types of cancer, it has a protective effect on the heart. Last but not the least, they help in reducing anxiety, though more research is needed on it. So in this way drinking green tea benefits your body in multiple ways.

Although there is caffeine in the green tea, compared to black tea, it contains less caffeine.

Benefits of organic green tea

Firstly, as organic tea contains some vitamins, they help build your immune system. Another element that is present in organic tea is theanine that helps to reduce stress and soothes the body. Apart from this, organic tea maintains your blood sugar level, they boost up your antioxidant. Not only this they keep your digestive system healthy.

Now let us put some quick highlights on catechins benefits:

Majorly, Catechins in green tea helps in stopping the cell damage as they are high in antioxidants.

What Are the Benefits of lipton green tea?

Since it is one of the world’s leading tea brands, they not only are the supplier of green tea but they do it’s farming too. It's farming is done under natural sunshine, rain, wind making it pure organic tea to consume.

Green tea side effects

While drinking green tea is considered mostly safe for adults, there are a few side effects to keep in mind. Most of the green tea side effects can be avoided by consuming only in moderate amounts. Many of these side effects only occur when consumed in massive amounts—something most tea drinkers don't do. For most people, it would be a challenge to consume the amount of green tea required to trigger these side effects.

Here are some of the side effects that was being noticed after consuming green tea:

  1. It may cause stomach irritation when brewed too strongly or consumed on an empty stomach . It can also cause diarrhea when consumed in large amounts.
  2. It can cause headaches in certain individuals since it contains caffeine .
  3. Green tea contains only small amounts of caffeine, but may still cause problems sleeping for people sensitive to caffeine. This is due to the fact that chemical compounds in green tea prevent the release of hormones such as melatonin, which aid in sleep.
  4. It contains antioxidants that hinder the iron absorption in the human body. A meta-analysis showed that this side effect can be particularly dangerous for people who suffer from anemia or other disease where iron deficiency is present.
  5. Excessive amounts of green tea can lead to nausea and vomiting. That's because green tea contains tannins that have been linked to nausea and constipation because of the way proteins bind in the intestines.
  6. The caffeine in green tea can cause you to feel dizzy or lightheaded when consumed in large amounts. Caffeine decreases blood flow to the brain and central nervous system, resulting in motion sickness. In rare cases, consumption of green tea can lead to convulsions or confusion.
  7. In rare cases, green tea can trigger bleeding disorders. Compounds in green tea decrease levels of fibrinogen, a protein that helps clot blood.
  8. Green tea supplements and high consumption of green tea can lead to liver damage and disease. Experts believe that this is due to a build-up of caffeine that can stress the liver.
  9. Excess consumption of green tea increases could also risk the bone disease such as osteoporosis in sensitive individuals. Compounds in green tea inhibit the absorption of calcium, resulting in a deterioration of bone health.

While there are several side effects to go on but green tea is considered safe by the FDA when used in moderation. Most of these negative side effects are due to the caffeine content and only occur when this beverage is consumed in large amounts.

How to consume green tea

One of the easiest ways to enjoy green tea is to cold-brew it. One can also add fresh mint or other herbs to enhance its flavour. Also you can make a smoothie out of it by adding a spoonful of matcha powder. If you have a sweet tooth , you can also try going ahead making an ice cream out of it.

You can also have it in the form of a flavourful kashmiri kahwa.

Best time to consume green tea and why

Early morning can be a good time to drink green tea because your metabolism is the highest, which can be boosted with a nice hot cup of green tea. It is good to drink green tea in the evening too because that's when your metabolism tends to dip, so this could be your last shot to prolong your dipping metabolism. The best way to eliminate the toxic is by removing the tone







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