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A Complete Guide To Do Hair Spa At Home

Want a hair spa at home? Read to know about different hair spa procedures that you can try to get salon-like hair at home.

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A Complete Guide To Do Hair Spa At Home

When it comes to replenishing the moisture loss, more than shampoo and conditioner is required. A hair spa treatment is a wonderful way to condition, nourish, and reverse hair damage triggered by hair styling tools, pollution, and hair colouring.

What is a Hair Spa?

A hair spa works to make your hair feel rejuvenated and softer by restoring moisture. The hair spa treatment includes oiling, massaging hair, steaming, application of a hair mask, shampooing, conditioning, and rinsing hair. The key products used in a hair spa are hair oil, hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, and serum.

Is Hair Spa Good for Hair?

A hair spa leaves your hair healthy, soft, and shiny. A hair spa treatment may help with everything from frizziness to dandruff removal. Hair spas are beneficial for every hair type and are highly recommended to hydrate and cleanse your hair every few weeks.

Types of Hair Spa

A hair spa is an excellent and effective way to maintain a good hair care routine. There exists an array of hair spas. Let's look at a few most popular types of hair spas.

1. Hair Spa for Hair Smoothening

Reckoned as the most popular hair spa, hair smoothening hair spa works wonders when it comes to treating dry and dull hair that requires a heavy dose of health and shine.

2. Hair Spa for Coloured Hair

With the benefits of hair colouring, there comes certain damage. This is where a hair spa infuses extra moisture to neutralise the damage done by chemicals and heat treatment.

3. Hair Spa for Oily Scalp

An oily scalp is not only responsible for dull hair but also leads to hair fall and dandruff. This is where the role of a hair spa for oily scalps comes into the picture. It restores the hair lustre, treats the root cause of damage, and rejuvenates the scalp as well.

4. Anti-Dandruff Hair Spa

Dandruff has become more common than ever due to increasing pollution. Anti-dandruff hair spa helps treat dandruff by infusing moisture into a dry scalp and ensuring oil balance.

5. Hair Spa for Itchy Scalp

Be it an itchy or irritated scalp due to dandruff or pollution, a hair spa for an itchy scalp is useful in not just treating it but also soothing the scalp by providing all the nourishment it requires.

Hair Spa Benefits

Hair spa benefits transcend beyond hair nourishment and lustrous shine. Here are a few key hair spa benefits:-

1. Deep Conditioning

Hair spa treatment involves conditioning that helps make hair follicles stronger by deeply nourishing the hair roots. It also ensures healthy hair growth. Deep conditioning not just hydrates your scalp but your hair shaft as well, thereby preventing dryness. It also helps remove dirt and build-up, making hair cleaner, smoother, and more lustrous.

2. Increases Hair Volume

Hair spa treatment helps revive your hair by reversing hair damage and enables optimal hair growth. The result is thick, voluminous, and healthy hair.

3. Eliminates Dandruff

Using natural ingredients like lemon and henna in your hair spa treatment helps eliminate dandruff. They help unclog pores while nourishing the scalp and hair.

4. Prevents Scalp Ageing

With age comes scalp ageing, greying hair, and hair loss. Pollution and stress in our daily lives further speed up the process of premature scalp ageing. Hair spa provides your hair with the nutrition they need besides improving blood circulation in the scalp area, thereby preventing scalp ageing.

5. Balances Oil Secretion

The use of hair products can disturb the oil balance of the scalp. Hair spa helps soothe the sebaceous glands and prevent scalp dryness, which, in turn, balances oil production, keeping hair protected and nourished.

6. Removes Impurities

Impurities in the form of dirt and pollution settle on the scalp surface and hair follicles. Hair spas thus help remove contaminants, making hair more receptive to nutritive treatments.

How to Do a Hair Spa at Home?

A hair spa treatment is beneficial for all types of hair. It is highly recommended to cleanse and hydrate your hair every few weeks. From dandruff removal and preventing frizziness to restoring damaged hair and enhancing blood flow, it imparts the required nourishment to the hair. Here are some hair spa steps for doing hair spa at home:-

1. Massage Scalp and Hair with Oil

Start your hair spa with an oil massage as it nourishes your hair and stimulates blood flow in the scalp. You can also heat the oil slightly and massage it from root to tip. Cold-pressed oil is generally recommended for hair spas as it contains vital antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

2. Steaming

In this step, steam is focused on the hair to help the pores of the scalp expand to enable oil penetration. This step ensures the absorption of oil in the scalp.

3. Shampooing Hair

Wash hair with a sulphate-free shampoo and rinse it thoroughly. A mild shampoo may not produce much foam, but it deeply cleanses and moisturises your hair.

4. Deep Condition using Hair Spa Mask

A hair mask is applied after shampoo as it acts as an intense conditioner that moisturises the hair. For maximum results, it is recommended to leave the mask for 20-30 minutes before rinsing with either cold or lukewarm water. Deep conditioning provides extra nourishment to the hair besides making the hair texture smooth.

5. Final Rinse

Finally, wash the hair mask by gently rinsing the hair with warm water. Then, apply conditioner and again rinse it off as it will rehydrate and strengthen hair by locking the moisture in the hair shafts.

Home Remedies for Hair Spa

Home remedies for hair spas can be made easily using a few everyday items from your pantry. If you are not fond of buying hair products available in the market, you can make the best use of these ingredients to do a hair spa at home with natural ingredients:

1. Avocado & Honey

Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids, avocado is effective when it comes to softening damaged and frizzy hair. As far as honey is concerned, it is reckoned as a natural hair conditioner that helps rejuvenate damaged hair. When blended as a hair mask, avocado and honey help nourish and moisturise brittle hair.

2. Coconut Cream

Coconut cream is loaded with vitamins like C, E, B6, and B1 and numerous minerals, including iron, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It infuses life in hair that has become dull and damaged due to heating tools and UV rays. The coconut oil in a coconut cream mask helps reverse hair damage by deep conditioning the scalp and hair strands.

3. Cucumber

The resourcefulness of cucumber cannot be underestimated when it comes to hair spa home remedies. A hair mask prepared using cucumber is suitable for all hair types as it is a soothing and refreshing hair spa component. Cucumber also contains silicon and sulphur, which relieve irritated and scratchy scalps. Cucumbers also help prevent hair loss as well as promote new growth. Cucumber can be your best bet for doing a hair spa at home for smoothened hair.

4. Beer

Beer has chemicals that help in mattifying and toning a greasy scalp, thereby enlivening lifeless hair. Especially the yeast component of beer helps smooth dull and rough hair and regain its lost shine.

Summing Up on Hair Spa at Home

A hair spa is an important part of a hair care routine. It effectively maintains healthy, shiny hair without burning a hole in your pocket. A hair spa is indeed a "hair birth therapy" as your hair is deeply cleaned to remove any pollutants and moisturised and nourished with a conditioning mask, which helps reverse hair damage and boost hair health.


Does Hair Spa Damage Hair?

No, hair spa does not damage hair. It rather strengthens the hair. However, a balanced diet and a proper lifestyle are also vital for healthy hair as they ensure it receives maximum nutrition.

Can I Apply Oil After a Hair Spa?

Applying hair oil after a hair spa is neither required nor will it make hair extra soft as your hair has already been subjected to deep conditioning through creams and moisturising masks. Oil application after a hair spa will result in making hair more sticky.

Does the Spa Stop Hair Fall?

Yes, a hair spa helps stop hair fall by improving blood circulation, thereby delivering oxygen to the dull and lifeless scalp and hair. Not only that, but it also does remove impurities on the scalp and unclogs pores. A hair spa also provides nourishment to the hair follicles and strengthens them.

How Long Will a Hair Spa Last?

Usually, a hair spa's result lasts 15-30 days. Though, it may differ for each person based on the quality of their hair and also the quality of products and hair concerns.

Which is Better, Keratin or Hair Spa?

A hair spa treatment includes massage, steam, hair wash, and deep conditioning and is required to be done regularly. The impact of a hair spa lasts about 4-8 washes. In contrast, hair keratin treatment lasts longer as it chemically replenishes the lost keratin in your hair and reduces dryness while making hair manageable and frizz-free. A hair keratin treatment is suitable if your hair needs repair, and a hair spa is ideally a hair care regimen. However, consulting a hair expert to ensure choosing the right option is recommended.





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