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Is it Ok to Have Sex During Periods & 14 Other FAQs on Period Sex?

Menstruation is a normal monthly process in women of reproductive age. However, is it safe to have period sex? Click on to know the benefits, side effects & more

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Is it Ok to Have Sex During Periods & 14 Other FAQs on Period Sex?

Not sure if you can have sex in periods? Here we answer some burning questions about having intercourse during periods.

Is sex during menstruation good or bad?

Many women have this question about whether sex during periods is good or bad. The answer is, sex during menstruation is regular. Many renowned obstetricians and gynaecologists worldwide, such as Mary Jane Minkin, Professor at Yale Medical School, and Lauren Streicher, Professor of Northwestern University, have accepted this truth. Menstruation sex has certain benefits as well, such as:

  • Orgasms help in relieving menstrual cramps.
  • Can reduce the length of the periods.
  • Increased sexual desire.
  • The blood acts as a natural lubricant.

However, potential risks of blood-borne diseases, such as STDs, HIV, and hepatitis, are high; hence, you should always use a condom while having period sex.

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Is sex safe during periods?

Sex during periods is as safe as any other day. However, there is still the risk of getting pregnant or infected by sexually transmitted diseases. The possibility of yeast infection is also slightly higher during periods because of the hormonal changes in a woman's body. It might lead to inflammation of the penis head, also known as Balanitis. One highly recommends the use of condoms.

Can a man get an infection from period blood?

Many people are under the misconception that menstrual blood is impure and can infect a man's penis. There is no scientific study or proof to support this claim. Period blood is a combination of the uterus' outer lining tissues that the body no longer requires and healthy blood. It doesn't have any pathogens that could infect a man's penis.

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What about intercourse after your period ends?

Menstruation is a 22 - 28 days cycle. Ovulation usually happens around the 10th to 14th day. This is when a woman is most fertile. If the ovary doesn't fuse with sperm around this time, hormonal changes incur to shed the uterus' lining, specially formed to support the zygote, also known as the endometrium. This leads to 4-6 days of periods. Thus, having sex right after periods ends won't likely result in pregnancy.

However, ovulation might also happen earlier. Also, sperm can fertilize the ovary anytime within three days of ejaculation. It is technically never safe to have sex without some form of protection, like a condom, contraceptive pills, etc., if you are looking to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Is it OK to have sex during periods?

It is perfectly OK to be having sex during periods. Apart from the mess that one could create because of the blood and a slightly high risk of few infections, intercourse during periods doesn't have any significant side effects. It won't affect your sexual experience or orgasms. Remember to use condoms for protection and towels to protect your bed sheets from becoming bloody.

Can I have intercourse before my period?

Yes, you can have intercourse right before periods. Chances of pregnancy are lowest around this time, so you can focus on pleasure alone.

Can a woman's period affect a man?

No, a woman's period cannot affect a man's or woman's sexual experience in any way.

The spiritual effect of having sex during menstruation

Some religions consider intercourse during periods as impure and a social taboo. Numerous studies analyzing the Christian or Biblical approach have regarded it inadvisable for menstruating women to indulge in sexual intercourse with men. If at all such a practice was to occur, it was considered unclean, profane, and dirty by the Christian faith.

However, such beliefs have long been rubbished. Moreover, numerous claims have emerged, stating that various Hindu sects may have encouraged sexual intercourse during menstruation. In fact, in many Hindu cultures, menstrual blood was considered pure, sacred and of immense spiritual value. One also used it in Tantric rituals. During these times, one worships and prays to both the female form and the vagina. The famous goddess called Kamakhya is known as the menstruating goddess, and lakhs of pilgrims celebrate her menstrual cycle annually in Guwahati, India.

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What happens if we have sex during periods?

Sex during periods doesn't cause any health-related issues. It also won't impact your orgasms. The woman can still get pregnant if one does not use protection.

What are the best sex positions during periods?

Missionary, doggy style, spooning, and butterfly are some of the best sex positions you can try during periods. They are also helpful in relieving cramps.

What are the benefits of sex during periods?

Does sex affect periods? Sex affects periods by shortening the bleeding time and relieving cramps. It also reduces menstrual migraines.

Does an orgasm help period cramps?

The uterus contracts during periods and causes cramps. However, the muscles of the uterus contract and release during orgasm. This helps in relieving period cramps.

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Does having sex on your period make you bleed more?

Simultaneous uterus contraction and relaxation might lead to pushing out of uterine content faster. You may bleed more for a short duration, but it will ultimately reduce your entire period length.

Does sex reduce menstrual pain?

Yes. Sex releases endorphins. This chemical is responsible for making you feel good. Also, orgasms reduce period cramps, which is an additional benefit of intercourse during menstruation.

What different things can I do sexually while on my period?

Some tips that one can follow to enhance menstruation sex experiences are:

  • Use a menstrual cup after intercourse to reduce vaginal blood.
  • Put some towels on bed sheets or mattresses to avoid blood staining.
  • Try sexual positions that are more comfortable and less messy.
  • Try having sex in the shower to reduce the mess.

It is preferable to have sex on days when blood flow is light, e.g., having sex on the first day of the period is less messy than the third or fourth day. However, this theory also depends on unique flow patterns that play out differently for all women!


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