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Is Discharge Before Period Normal? Top Things to Know!

Is white discharge normal before period? Click here to know everything about the reasons for discharge before periods.

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Is Discharge Before Period Normal? Top Things to Know!

What is the White Discharge before Periods?

The white discharge before period date is known as leukorrhea. It is an odourless, white sticky discharge before a dusky white or slightly yellow period. When this discharge occurs, the hormone progesterone is at its peak and causes mucus discharge. It can also occur due to the hormone estrogen, but it will be clear and watery.

Is White Discharge Normal Before Period?

Most women witness white discharge just before period. It is normal unless accompanied by lumps, clots, or a strong odour. Most women witness varied discharges before their periods. Here is a brief look at it:


Ovulation is when our mature eggs, surrounded by some cells, ruptures the follicles to become fertilized if sperm is available. Here the discharge is clear, stretchy, and water-like. Why? Thin consistency will help the sperm travel towards the egg and get fertilized.

Before the ovulatory period, the discharge is 30 times more than usual. On the contrary, after ovulation, the secretion is thick and sticky due to an increase in progesterone. It is normal for this discharge to last up to 14 days. Thus, it is the white discharge week before period.

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Did you know that your period blood contains your unfertilized ovum? Periods or menses are that point in your menstrual cycle where the unfertilized egg expels from the body. It is perfectly normal to experience creamy white discharge before period, milky white discharge before period, or white sticky discharge before period.

However, there is no brown white discharge before periods. Brown-white discharge usually occurs after periods. It is perfectly normal, as this is the old blood saying goodbye to your vagina. It is also natural to have no white discharge before the period.

Menstruation indications like lower back pain and white discharge before period begin 3-4 days before periods in some women.

In cases like a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or STI, the discharge might be almost white. Still, it will be accompanied by itching, burning sensations, and a yellowish-greenish tinge of colour. If you have rashes, swelling, or a foul smell around the genitals, it might be a sign of infection.

These symptoms are a cause for concern. It is time you should see your doctor.

Why Do I Have Egg White Discharge Before Period?

There can be some reasons for white discharge before period like:

Your reproductive system is functioning appropriately.

If you are wondering that “before my period I have white discharge,” it indicates that you have regular menstrual cycles. The vaginal discharge keeps the vagina in a healthy shape and well lubricated. It is also known as “egg-white mucus”, because of thin white discharge before period. It is usually odourless.

Were you on birth control?

Yes, your vagina might show heavy white discharge before periods if you are on birth control pills. The OCPs contain reproductive hormones (estrogen and progesterone) that hinder the body’s natural production; hence, they prevent conception. The good news is that it is entirely safe to experience discharge during this time.

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STD might lead to discharge too.

Sexually transmitted diseases/infections like gonorrhea or chlamydia can cause yellow pus-like discharge. On the other hand, Trichomonas can cause greenish or yellowish discharge that emits a foul odour.

Yeast Infection - Itchy, burning, and mucus discharging vagina

Yeast infection, or candidiasis, can occur due to increased antibiotic usage. Infection is most likely to occur just before your periods as a thick and white-looking discharge.

Imbalance of good bacteria - Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis can cause greyish-white discharge before period that smells like a fish. It primarily occurs due to multiple sexual partners, smoking, and douching. It causes natural vaginal bacteria to lose balance and create an unnatural environment.

White Discharge V/S Pregnancy

It is difficult to differentiate between a regular white discharge before period and discharge before pregnancy. So, is white discharge before period sign of pregnancy? Yes, in some cases, women experience heavy discharge before their periods and are usually the first sign of pregnancy. White discharge before missed period is one sign.

There are not many differences, but in pregnancy, the white discharge tends to be much thicker and creamier than a standard white vaginal discharge before period.

In A Nutshell!

A thick white discharge before periods is entirely normal unless blood clots or a foul smell accompanies it. Women tend to experience bacterial or yeast infections at some point or the other near their periods. Make a note of that discharge, and take necessary precautions to stay alert and safe. They are entirely manageable and curable with systematic medical care.





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