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Water Masturbation 101: Tips on the Best Bathroom Masturbation Techniques

Water masturbation is using techniques to stimulate yourself sexually, using water. This could include a shower, running water, or jet spray.

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Water Masturbation 101: Tips on the Best Bathroom Masturbation Techniques

What Is Water Masturbation?

As most of you are aware- masturbation is the act of sexually stimulating oneself. So what is water masturbation? Naturally, it is using techniques to stimulate yourself sexually using water. This could include a shower, running water, or jet spray.

Is Bathroom Masturbation The Same as Water Masturbation?

These are not the same. Water masturbation is when a woman specifically uses water for sexual arousal. However, bathroom masturbation is masturbating in the bathroom using different methods like a vibrator, clitoral stimulation, or fingering yourself. If you do not know how to use a vibrator, now's the time to learn!

Is Shower Masturbation The Same?

Yes- Shower masturbation is most definitely a type of water masturbation.

A good shower session can de-stress your body after a tiring day. Women often overlook this, but the shower is the best place for sensual experiences. Let's have a look at some of the best masturbation techniques to make your day.

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Why Water Masturbation Is One of the Best Masturbation Techniques for Women

  • It increases blood circulation in the body and releases endorphins (feel-good hormones).
  • It gives you a chance to discover the pleasure points of your body.
  • It helps ease postmenopausal sexual problems such as the narrowing of vaginal walls.
  • Masturbation relieves stress and boosts up your mood.

If your old masturbation techniques have become monotonous for you, water masturbation can break that monotony. It's a great way to provide your body with the needed dose of dopamine (a feel-good hormone). In this technique, your clitoris responds to the water stimulations and gets aroused. This unique form of masturbation even allows you to experiment. You can modify water temperatures and pressures to see what works best for you.

Best Water Masturbation Techniques

If you are confused about "how to masturbate in the shower," then water masturbation is a great way to start. A shower place is a private and calming place to discover the pleasure points of your body. Before getting started, make sure that the bathtub, faucet, and shower head are squeaky clean. This is to avoid infection.

Tip: Avoid using any chemicals like any bleach for cleaning before hopping in. Simply using soap and water would work fine.

Play with Your Showerhead

Shower head masturbation can be an exhilarating experience. Use your detachable shower head to stimulate your clitoris. You can prop your legs up and utilize your hands for external stimulation. If you want the water to hit your clitoris strongly, then you can put the shower head at a certain distance from your vagina. The shower head method will amplify the general masturbating experience and give you an intense orgasm. It's one of the best masturbation techniques in the bathroom.

Use the Bathtub Technique

If you want to use a bathtub faucet for pleasure, you can start adjusting the water levels. Set the water temperature and flow according to your preference. You can lean on your back, sit up straight or do whatever works for you. This can give you the perfect water pressure to your vulva for intense clitoris stimulation. You can also combine this with pleasuring your G spot!

Set Yourself in the Right Position

Water masturbation works best if done in the correct position. Practice different positions and figure out what's the most comfortable for you. Everybody is different and has varied pleasure points. Many women find standing positions playful, but you can also sit on the side of the tub.

Set the Right Water Temperature

If you are wondering "how to pleasure myself with water," try this technique. A warm splash of water over the clitoris can step up the orgasm game. Let your clitoris respond to the hot water. These temperature sensations over your clitoris would accelerate and intensify the orgasm.

Precaution: You should not use a shower head or faucet for penetrative masturbation as it can cause injuries. Also, always check the water temperature on your hands before splashing it on your vagina. This would ensure that your vagina doesn't get burned if the temperature is too high.

What About Risks?

Before indulging in shower masturbation, make sure you follow all the safety measures. Although, there is no such risk involved in shower masturbation other than slipping or falling. You can find something to hold on to if you feel unsteady. This would avoid the risk of slipping and getting injured. Remove all soap surfs before standing or walking to prevent slippery floor crashes.

Enhancing Your Masturbation Experience

  • Plug into your favorite music to get that empowering sensual feeling.
  • Light a scented candle. This would set the right mood for you.
  • Massaging your body with essential oils like lavender can enhance the experience.
  • Use sex toys like a vibrator if you don't wish to put in the effort.
  • Using lubricants can help you achieve an orgasm while masturbating.

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Water masturbation is pleasurable and sexually stimulating. Overall, a great experience and route to get in touch with your body if performed correctly. Make sure you don't masturbate excessively or in an incorrect manner. This could lead to various infections, cause vaginal itch and even damage your vagina. Please visit a sexologist near you if you are facing discomfort post masturbation.


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