1% Retinol, 3% Niacinamide, 1% Almond Oil Cream

1% Liposomal Retinol Night Cream

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Hypoallergenic | Non Comedogenic

Retinol Cream for Pigmentation & Wrinkles: A Night Cream with Niacinamide

Treats Hyperpigmentation: This Retinol Cream contains 1% Liposomal Retinol & 3% Niacinamide which are clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation, scars, and dark spots. This pigmentation cream evens out skin tone while enhancing skin radiance.

Reduces Wrinkles: Retinol is known to produce collagen, a building block of skin. Collagen in our night cream promotes new skin cell production, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This Retinol Cream also shrinks pores to reduce blackhead & whitehead production.

Locks in Moisture: Niacinamide in this night cream hydrates the skin, and almond oil locks in moisture, leaving the skin firm and radiant-looking. This retinol and niacinamide cream also for women increases skin cell production, thereby allowing the skin tone to even out.

For best results, use Bodywise Retinol Night Cream for 2 months.
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