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20 Best Foods to Increase Your Breast Size Naturally

There is no need to feel insecure about your breast size! You can go on a breast growth diet to increase the size of your breasts naturally.

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20 Best Foods to Increase Your Breast Size Naturally

The best way to increase the size of your breasts is by gaining weight. Unfortunately, spot reduction or gain is not possible. However, a breast growth diet could help increase the size of your breasts naturally. Beyond these foods that help increase breast size, you can also try other methods to help your breasts appear larger. We will outline them in this article.

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What Determines Breast Size?

The biggest influence on the size of your breasts is genetics. Breast size often implies breast volume or fullness. However, other factors influence the size of your breasts, such as the chest circumference. Bone structure and breast volume are genetic, physical characteristics that you can inherit from your family.

The following factors determine your breast size:

1. Weight and Age

Beyond your genes, your breast size is influenced by your age and weight. The way your breasts appear as a teenager will be much different from how they appear later in life. For some people, it will increase in size. And for some, it will decrease. However, as you grow older, they are more likely to sag. Weight gain or loss can heavily influence cup size and torso circumference. Hence, your bra size will go up or down accordingly if you gain or lose weight.

2. Hormones and Reproductive cycle

Our bodies are different, and our hormones and the reproductive cycle can play a role in our breast size. During puberty, our ovaries start producing oestrogen. This leads to an increase in fat in your breasts, making them bigger.

Sometimes breasts may become bigger before menstruation starts. This is because oestrogen and progesterone work together to enlarge the breast ducts and milk glands. If you are pregnant, you will first notice your breasts getting bigger. This is because oestrogen, progesterone, and prolactin are working to stimulate breast enlargement and milk production. Your breasts will continue to increase in size as they prepare for lactation during pregnancy. However, when you are experiencing menopause, you will notice that the reduction in estrogen leads to the loss of elasticity in your breasts, making them shrink.

How Does Oestrogen Help Breast Growth?

The best you can do is eat estrogen rich foods for breast growth. This is probably the easiest way to increase your breast size naturally.

Oestrogen is a female hormone responsible for making women’s bodies rounder and breasts bigger. This hormone plays a huge role in transforming a young girl’s body into that of an adolescent and triggers the menstrual cycle. Consequently, changing your body shape and increasing your breast size.

Between the ages of 12 to 16, the high levels of oestrogen in a woman's body make the body undergo various changes. After puberty ends, the oestrogen levels reduce, leaving your breast size as is. Hence, to make your breast size grow, you either need to gain weight or eat estrogen rich foods for breast growth.

Breast Enlargement Foods

It may seem too good to be true. But yes, there are foods that increase breast size. So, if you don’t want to go under the knife, you can try breast enlargement foods. Let us tell you the best food for breast growth:

1. Soy Products

Soy milk happens to be an excellent source of isoflavones that imitates oestrogen. Hence, it can help to increase the growth of breast tissue. Soybeans can also help increase breast size. Soy products are beneficial as they help reduce the risk of breast cancer. You can drink a serving of soy milk every morning and add soy products to your other meals.

2. Tofu

Tofu is a by-product of soy and has a high number of isoflavones as well. You can add tofu to your weekly diet plan. However, do not eat soy products in excess as you need to maintain a good oestrogen level.

3. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are rich in phytoestrogens which are vital to breast augmentation. They also contain natural plant hormones, flavonoids, and aromatic molecules such as estragole, anethole, and fenchone, which develop breast tissues and increase milk secretion. Historically, herbalists have used fennel seeds to treat breast health in lactating mothers.

4. Milk

All dairy products contain reproductive hormones similar to the ones in our bodies. Cow milk contains oestrogen, prolactin, and progesterone hormones to aid milk production. Since milk contains oestrogen, it helps to increase the size of breasts. You can drink a glass of milk every morning and night.

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5. Beetroots and Beet Greens

Beetroots and beet greens both have high levels of oestrogen. Moreover, they contain boron which aids the synthesis of oestrogen in the body. Hence, beetroots and beet greens can naturally supplement oestrogen in your body and promote breast growth.

6. Carrots

Carrots can help you grow the size of your breasts since they contain oestrogen precursors. They also possess unique indigestible fibres that remove excess oestrogen from the body. This is important as high oestrogen levels could cause swelling and tenderness in your breasts and maybe even fibrocystic lumps in the breasts. Apart from this, carrots are rich in beta-carotene, antioxidants, and other vital minerals and vitamins.

7. Chicken

Yes, chicken is beneficial to your reproductive functioning. Chicken possesses potent nutrients that can boost oestrogen levels in the body at a relatively higher rate. You can eat chicken a couple of times a week.

8. Nuts

Several nuts such as walnuts, cashews, peanuts, pecans, and pistachios are rich in oestrogen or phytoestrogen content. Pistachios have the most phytoestrogen content amongst the recommended nuts. However, almonds, cashews, and walnuts also have high levels of phytoestrogens. This supplementary dose of oestrogen will be beneficial for breast growth.

9. Papaya

Papaya is rich in oestrogen. One of the best ways to see the effects is to consume papaya with some milk. This is a popular home remedy for growing the size of the breasts. Do not drink excess milk as it may cause diarrhoea. Pregnant women should strictly avoid this. Those who suffer from lactose intolerance can eat papaya and skip the milk.

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10. Fenugreek Seeds

Since fenugreek seeds are rich in phytoestrogen, it helps to promote better mammary gland growth. These seeds are great for weight loss and improved hair growth. However, the phytoestrogens and diosgenin found in fenugreek seeds aid the hormone prolactin in breast growth. You can either add a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to your daily diet or use fenugreek oil to massage your breasts.

11. Seeds

Flaxseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds have high oestrogen content. They are ideal for the growth of your breasts. Flaxseeds are among the best natural breast enhancement foods that promote breast tissue growth. Other seeds such as sesame, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds can also boost oestrogen levels, encouraging breast growth.

12. Seafood

Seafood is not only good for your health, but it can also improve the size of your breasts. You can add seafood such as prawns, oysters, and shellfish to your diet. All of these have high levels of manganese that trigger sex hormones in the body. This contributes to an increase in the size of your breasts.

13. Fruits

Fruits are a great natural remedy for breast growth as they help boost oestrogen production in the body naturally. The best fruits for breast growth include cherries, bananas, pomegranates, apples, watermelon, etc. They also lower testosterone levels, giving you firmer and fuller-looking breasts. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that improve your overall health and should always be a part of your diet.

14. Olive Oil

Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E, olive oil can help protect the body from free radical damage. You can try massaging your breasts every day with olive oil. It will keep them moisturised and firm. It will help the appearance of your bust look better. Ensure you use high-quality olive oil. Apply a few drops on your breasts and massage the oil in a circular motion.

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15. Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts contain the phytoestrogen compound called isoflavone, which encourages the growth of breasts and breast milk. They also happen to be rich in vitamins and minerals that aid in treating kidney, bladder, and prostate conditions. You can easily add this to your diet by putting some into your salads or sandwiches.

16. Pueraria Mirifica

This herb is highly effective in breast enlargement. That is because this herb has a high level of phytoestrogen compared to other herbs. This is how it helps to stimulate breast growth. However, do not use this without a doctor’s recommendation as it may cause side effects such as nausea, headache, dizziness, etc.

17. Red Clover

The red clover plant has phytoestrogen content which helps in breast enlargement. Some of the red clover’s phytoestrogens have genistein that helps them bind to estradiol receptors responsible for breast growth. The plant extract has many uses, from breast massage to having it as a capsule or tea.

This plant is more often used as an alternative medicine for coughs, some cancers, and disorders of the lymphatic system. This blooming plant contains calcium, niacin, phosphorus, thiamine, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C, which aids healing.

18. Wild Yam

Wild yam is highly recommended for breast growth as it contains the phytoestrogen called diosgenin, which helps enlarge your breasts.

19. Dong Quai Root

The Dong Quai root has historically been used as a treatment option for women’s menstrual and menopausal health. As it is rich in isoflavone, it helps to make your breasts bigger. This is because the body breaks down isoflavone into oestrogen in the body. It is this hormone that promotes breast growth. Moreover, this root can help to soothe and ease your breast tissues.

20. Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are vital to our overall health. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that improve your overall health. You can add vegetables like cabbage and broccoli to your diet for this effect. Green leafy vegetables should be a part of your diet, no matter the issue.

Can Supplements Increase Breast Size?

Some breast enlargements supplements appear to be fruitful. Moreover, these supplements are safe to consume as they are made of natural ingredients. They will not have any side effects on you. The only possibility of a bodily reaction is an allergy to a particular cream, gel, capsule, or lotion. Before you start consuming any supplements, ensure that you consult a doctor for medical advice.

Another recommendation is to use essential oils such as tea tree, olive oil, or lavender oil to massage your breasts daily. These oils have their own health benefits and can protect you from cancer and other allergies.

Other Techniques To Increase Breast Size

Besides breast enlargement foods, you can employ other techniques to increase the size of your breasts or enhance their appearance. They are as follows:

1. Chest Development Exercises

Exercise can help make your breasts appear fuller. It won’t increase the size of your breasts; however, the right exercises will help you develop the pectoral muscles underneath your breasts, back and shoulders. This will help make your breasts look higher, firmer, and larger. You can try the following exercises:

  • Wall presses
  • Push-ups
  • Plank
  • Chest presses

2. Posture

There is nothing to lose from having good posture. It might not physically make your breasts look bigger, but it will help make your breasts look perkier. Good posture will also help you gain better balance, flexibility, and strength. Moreover, it strengthens your back and abdominal muscles. You can do the following exercises to improve your posture:

  • Cat and cow pose
  • Downward dog
  • Child’s pose
  • Mobility exercises for the shoulders and back

3. Yoga

Yoga has been lauded as one of the best natural healing practises for centuries. Yoga is a mind-body practise that helps your body counter diseases from within. And yes, this ancient art can also help your breasts look bigger. You can do the following exercises to make your breasts look bigger:

4. Massage Oil For Big Breasts

Massages are great for the body. It has tons of health benefits. In fact, you can even use massage as a technique to grow your breast size. All you need are some natural or essential oils. You can use the following oils or lotions for breast massage:

  • Flaxseed oil
  • Breast enlargement creams
  • Fennel oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Olive oil

Once you have bought these oils, you can start giving yourself a breast massage every day. This is the best way to massage your breasts to stimulate growth:

  • Apply a few drops of oil to your breasts. Do not put too much oil as anything in excess is bad for you.
  • Using your hands, massage the oil into both breasts in a circulator way.
  • Bring both breasts together.
  • Repeat this several times a day using the abovementioned oils.

Ensure you do not do this for prolonged periods as it may cause swelling and sensitivity.

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5. Consider a New Bra

Many women end up buying and using the wrong bra. You should know the right size and type of bra for yourself. Studies show that 70% of women end up wearing bras that are ill-fitted and too small for their breasts. 10 % of women buy bras that are a size too large.

A too-tight bra may flatten your breasts, making them look smaller. Also, it leads to unattractive spillage over the cups and the back of the bra. A larger bra will not support the breasts and make them seem saggy. It is important to regularly buy new bras. An old bra may be comfortable, but it won’t do you any favours. This is because, after many washes, bras end up stretching out. They will no longer be the same size and shape that you initially bought them in.

Your favourite bra will eventually need to be replaced by a properly fitted one. A well-fitting bra will support your breasts and accentuate their shape, making them look flattering, regardless of size. You should consider getting yourself professionally fitted when you go bra shopping.

Summing Up on Breast Enlargement Foods

There is no clinical evidence that you can naturally increase the size of your breasts without gaining weight. Many people choose to get implants. However, if that is not an option for you, you can try easy natural remedies.

You can eat breast enlargement foods by prepping your kitchen in advance. Besides foods that increase breast size, you can even try different types of physical activities such as chest development exercises, yoga, and improving your posture. These are all great natural methods of enhancing the look of your breasts.



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