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Fennel seeds for weight loss

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Fennel seeds for weight loss

Wanting to shed those extra pounds doesn’t always mean that you are a crazy, weight conscious individual. Wanting to lose weight can be an informed health choice. Excess weight on the body could lead to obesity, cause heart conditions or just keep you listless and fatigued throughout the day.

Moreover, it isn’t as hard as people make it sound. Of course, you need dedication and will to achieve your weight goals, but you also need a little help. Let fennel seeds, a naturally consumed herb be your partner in this endeavour.

What are Fennel Seeds?

You may popularly recognize fennel seeds as Saunf. These are the dried seeds of the Fennel herb. Fennel herb has an aromatic sweet fragrance and is found across the world. Fresh Fennel herbs, which are Green in color, can be consumed raw or dried and further used as an ingredient for cooking.

Fennel Seeds - Nutritional Content

In terms of nutrition, Fennel seeds or Saunf is highly rich in Fiber. A tablespoon of Fennel seeds has only 20 calories consisting of 1% carb, 2% Protein, and 9% Fiber. Consuming Saunf daily can improve nutrient absorption in the body, thereby increasing metabolism and aiding weight loss.

Fennel Seeds for Weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, people have different strategies for getting their desired results. A common factor in most strategies involves adding a particular ingredient or avoiding it completely from your daily meal plan.

Especially women, try to mix and match many ingredients to get that one recipe that can help tone their body and lose all that extra weight. However, weight loss need not be a complex formula.

Being consistent in our efforts and following simple things can take us a long way. We need to ensure that we do not get confused between including an ingredient in our diet for weight loss and over-consuming it. The same is the case with Fennel seeds. Using it can be beneficial only if done in the right way without overindulging in the same.

Consuming Fennel seeds regularly can be great for weight loss due to its properties if taken in the right portion as it helps our body with the required detox. Among the many ways we use it, it is easy to use it as a spice in curries and salads or have it as a mouth fresher post-meal to aid digestion.

Fennel seeds or Saunf will keep you energetic and active all day, thus helping you lose that stubborn fat over time.  

Fennel seeds consumption for Weight loss

While we understand the varied benefits that fennel offers, we often get confused about the different ways to use it, especially for weight loss. Below are some more ways to include it in your meal, focusing on weight loss, which will help flush out the toxins from your body and keep you hydrated all day.

Fennel Tea

You can begin your day well with a cup of hot Fennel tea. You can either use Fennel seeds or use fresh Fennel herbs. Consuming Fennel Tea daily upon waking up is safe for your health and will help you with weight loss.

How to make fennel tea with seeds and herbs

Making Fennel tea is a 5-minute chore. Below is the quick recipe for the same:

Ingredients: Water- 2 cups, Fennel seeds- 1/2 tsp

Method: Heat the water. Once it turns hot, add Fennel Seeds or herbs. Boil it for about 5 to 7 minutes. Once the water becomes half the quantity, turn off the stove and pour it into a glass. If you like the taste of fennel seeds, then do not strain it and consume it as is.

Note: If you do not like this tea’s taste, you can add a few lemon drops to it. Do ensure to have it warm and not the room temperature.

If you do not have time to make it in the morning, you can make it a night prior and store it in a closed container. Upon waking up, feel free to heat it and have it first thing in the morning.

Fennel tea keeps your intestines healthy, thereby helping you with digestion and regularising your bowel movement.

Fennel Water

Besides helping you with weight loss, fennel water is highly nutritious and can be consumed all day long.

How to drink Fennel or Saunf water for weight loss

You can keep sipping Fennel or Saunf water the entire day as it also offers a lot of benefits. The properties of Fennel water help you get rid of an unwanted appetite by saving you from an unwanted hunger at the wrong hours.

Ingredients: Water- 1 liter, Fennel seeds- 2 tbsp

Method: Pour water into a jar and soak fennel seeds in it overnight. You can then start consuming this water the next day and consume it by 5 pm. Along with this, do ensure that you have another 2 liters of plain water all through the day.

Note: If you do not like Funnel water’s taste, you can add a few lemon drops to it.

Whichever way you choose to take your dose of fennel seeds, make sure that you are consistent and patient with it. While you look at it from a weight-loss perspective, do not miss out on the long-term benefits it offers.


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