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Sabja Seeds for Weight Loss

Sabja seeds have numerous health benefits for weight loss. Read on to know how and why you should take sabja seeds for weight loss.

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Sabja Seeds for Weight Loss

Is your weighing scale showing no change  despite trying varied tips and tricks for weight loss? Tried many diets and couldn't keep up with them? Well don't fret, all you need is some motivation and our article on the benefits of sabja seeds to reach your desired weight goal.

What are Sabja Seeds?

Sabja seeds, also known as basil (and tukmaria) seeds, are magic seeds for a healthy body; they are low in calories and easy to find. Sabja seeds are full of fibre, consuming them helps keep you full for a longer time.

Sabja seeds work on controlling the appetite, thereby reducing extra calorie intake. Thus, it will prevent overeating. Sabja seeds are low in carbs (5 gms), and high in protein (11 gms) with 2gms of fibre. It is considered a rare combination in a vegetarian diet, and is known as a superfood.

Sabja seed is a good source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which also contains various oil components. These magic seeds are rich in antioxidants and have been proved to possess immunity-boosting properties.

Did you know- Sabja seeds secrete essential oils (as we mentioned above). These oils consist of more than almost two hundred therapeutic compounds which contribute to the medicinal properties of these magic seeds.

How do Sabja Seeds help in Weight Loss?

According to a study, sabja seeds help in reducing energy intake, and increase the basal metabolic rate. It inhibits the development of fat cells by suppressing fat production and stimulates the division of fats. Also, it has a negligible amount of calorie and keeps you full for a longer time when consumed before meals.

Fatty Acids in Sabja Seeds

Sabja seeds’ health benefits are acknowledged in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Sabja seeds help in slowing down the activity of the digestive system because of its high fibre content. As already mentioned, these seeds have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, making them a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

It's this acid which helps in stimulating the fat-burning activity (metabolism) in the human body. According to a recent study, consuming linolenic acid daily results in fat loss.

Dietary Fibre Content

The fibre content in sabja seeds will keep you full for longer, help in avoiding unwanted binging, and make sure that you do not end up overeating.

Vitamin A, vitamin B-complex and vitamin E & K are some vital vitamins present in sabja seeds. Other than that, sabja seeds are also an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

A combination of these nutrients is considered essential and perfect for weight management. Sabja seeds are recognised better than any weight loss supplements, which includes fat burners. These seeds provide a natural way to lose weight without causing any side-effects to health.

Control Appetite

This property of sabja seeds will help you consume low-calorie food, and make you lose weight. By summing up the points, sabja seeds are best low-calorie food options, and also high in nutrients. Sabja seeds also have a cooling effect on our body when consumed.

Sabja seeds slow down the activity of digestive enzymes thus, controlling the appetite. It also regulates gut hormones to send satiety signals to the nervous system.

Normalises Blood Sugar

Sabja seeds, when taken regularly before meals, prevents the spike in blood sugar levels, since it releases the glucose slowly into the bloodstream.

It also helps in the slow down the conversion rate of carbohydrate into glucose. Hence, it is proved to be beneficial for people suffering from type-2-diabetes.

How to Consume Sabja for Weight Loss

Consumption of raw sabja seeds is not encouraged, since it's hard. The best way to consume sabja seeds is by soaking (two-three teaspoons) them in a glass of water for a few minutes which makes them gelatinous . The water makes the seeds translucent and digestible. Then, drink this glass of water before your meal. The swelled up sabja seeds (now with high fibre) releases digestive enzymes by suppressing the appetite.  

You can also add sabja seeds to your favourite juice, falooda, smoothies, salads, soups, or mix them with green tea and make them a bit healthier. Due to its cooling property, sabja seeds soothe the digestion process and give you relief from any stomach issue like constipation.

Few other benefits of sabja seeds are -

  • Sabja seeds help in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.
  • Provides a good pack of wholesome dietary fibres.
  • Good for skin and hair, adds a glow and shine to them.
  • It also helps to cure a cold and cough.
  • Treats acidity and heartburns.
  • The pectin in sabja seeds helps in controlling cholesterol levels.

How Will you get the Goodness of Sabja Seeds by Consuming Them in the Ways Explained?

Sabja seeds are known as the powerhouse of minerals which will keep your appetite in control. By consuming the sabja seeds daily, there will be a reduction in calorie intake. The magic seeds (sabja) also help to promote gut health and cleanses the body from toxins.

We curated many points on sabja seeds for your reference, and to help you in your weight loss journey. In case of an allergic reaction, please consult your doctor before resuming the consumption of sabja seeds. We also recommend you to make a bit changes in your diet by including healthy food options. Additionally, include some physical activity  at least for twenty minutes per day.

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