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Haritaki Benefits

Haritaki is a herb used since the ayurvedic times. With numerous health benefits, like haritaki for diabetes, stress, hair and skin. Read on to know more.

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Haritaki Benefits

Haritaki herb has a long history of use in Ayurveda; the herb has been used for its numerous benefits such as anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing qualities, and many more. This article provides an insight into the beneficial characteristics, and side effects of haritaki, please read on to know more.

What is the Haritaki Herb

Haritaki, identified by the local names of Harad in Hindi, Kadukkai, and Karakkaya; it is known as Indian Hog Plum. Haritaki herb is among the three restorative herbs of the powerful Triphala composition.

Appropriated as the "king of herbs" by many herbal healers, this kadukkai powder benefits in the naturopathic remedies of Ayurveda, Haritaki capsules are commonly used for the treatment of various diseases owing to its laxative, pungent, purgative, anti-bilious, and antioxidant existence.

Health Benefits of Haritaki:

1) Haritaki Diabetes

Also known as kaddukai, taking haritaki powder benefits diabetes patients considerably.  The Haritaki fruit helps in the secretion of insulin from its pancreatic β-cells, making it active when kadukkai powder is ingested. It also helps reduce the degradation of fructose into glucose; this helps control insulin release that results in low blood sugar levels.

2) Haritaki for Hair

There are numerous benefits of Haritaki (kadukkai) podi for the hair as well. Applying crushed haritaki leaf is helpful in the treatment of scalp conditions such as dandruff, inflammation, and hair loss.

Applying haritaki paste to an infected area on your scalp will speed up its healing process of reducing sebum production, cleaning up the scalp and clogged pores; this helps to promote hair growth. Through the regular application of kadukkai podi hair packs, you will notice a reduction in hair fall, breakage, dandruff.

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3) Haritaki for Skin

Also known as Terminalia chebula,  the outstanding antibacterial and antioxidant quality of Haritaki leads to flawless skin. The herb is highly prescribed for multiple skin infections such as acne, zits, rashes and outbreaks. Haritaki’s skin benefits make it an increasingly popular ingredient for several skincare home remedies.

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4) Haritaki Benefits Against Stress- Adaptogen

Also known as hirda and himej, haritaki consumption substantially reduces stress. Kadukkai powder health benefits are an age-old secret in the land of Tamil Nadu where it is a known aphrodisiac.

It helps alleviate mental tension and anxiety, increasing the development of libido hormones. It boosts female fertility, treats a variety of fertility disorders, and raises potency and endurance among women.

5) Haritaki Benefits for Eyes

Also known as inknut, the powder form of haritaki is highly beneficial for the eyes. Inknut benefits for eyes include treating the following conditions-

  • Dry eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Inflamed eyes
  • Conjunctivitis.

Create a solution of haritaki by boiling dry haritaki fruit in a liquid and then cool and use it as an antiseptic eye wash; this is said to help manage numerous eye diseases and vision problems.

6) Spiritual Benefits of Haritaki

Haritaki’s spiritual benefits help the Vata Dosha, and its fruit is among the triple dried fruits that comprise the Ayurvedic Triphala mixture.

Haritaki is used to facilitate recovery from a range of illnesses, spanning from throat infections and asthma to acid reflux and gastritis. In Buddhism, Buddha's medication is a significant determinant of healing and spiritual development. Buddha is seen in depictions holding Haritaki in each of his hands.

Haritaki Side Effects

As known in Tamil, kadukkai podi health benefits are innumerable, the efficacy of long-term usage of haritaki is not yet established. Haritaki may also have adverse consequences; the consumption without consultation can result in suppressing blood glucose levels, diarrhoea, acute fever, dehydration and other pitta disorders.

Haritaki should not be consumed by pregnant women, new mothers, infants or people with medical problems, without prior consultation with your physician.

Haritaki Forms Available

Haritaki is available in the market in many forms, following a small list comprising of the types in which the herb is obtainable:

  • Powder/ Churna
  • Leaf extract
  • Chyawanprash


Can we take Haritaki Daily?

Ans. Yes. It is advised that haritaki be taken between meals on an empty stomach for optimum absorption. Usually, the prescribed dosage varies between 500 mg to 1 gram a day. Consult your physician to know the quality that is suitable for you.

Is Kadukkai Good for Diabetes?

Ans. Scientific reports firmly support the use of haritaki to regulate diabetes and maintain blood sugar levels.  The secretion of insulin from pancreatic β-cells becomes active when haritaki powder is ingested.

Is Haritaki Beneficial for the Liver?

Ans.  Yes,  the haritaki plant helps treat jaundice, hepatitis, and a fatty liver. However,  it should be consumed under the supervision of an Ayurvedic practitioner. It also helps to control metabolism and digestive functions.

When and How Should One Consume Haritaki?

Ans. Throughout spring and even in early summers, drink it with honey. It can be used along with palm sugar as well.  Make sure to drink haritaki with sea salt in the monsoon season.

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