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Female Condoms 101: How to Use, Effectiveness, Advantages, Price, More

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Female Condoms 101: How to Use, Effectiveness, Advantages, Price, More

What is a Female Condom?

A female condom (also known as femidom) is a barrier method to reduce the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) and pregnancy. It is made of thin latex or similar material. The femidom has to be worn inside the vagina or anus before the respective kind of penetrative sex.

Female Condom Effectiveness

When used correctly, female condoms help avoid pregnancy and are an excellent way to prevent STIs. The chances of pregnancy and STIs are reduced up to 95% by the use of female condoms.

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How to Use a Female Condom?

Wondering how to use girls' condoms? The methodology of using a female is quite simple. First of all, tear the packet very carefully using a scissor. Make sure you do not rub any sharp object such as fingernails to the condom within.

  • After carefully opening, carefully squeeze the sides of the condom at the thick inner ring end of the condom. This thicker side should go inside the vagina.
  • It is similar to inserting a tampon. Squeeze the ring on the thick end to place it inside the vaginal opening
  • Now place your finger on the outer end, push the ring end placed inside the vagina till it touches the cervix. The thick inner ring end of the condom within will expand naturally inside without much movement.
  • Remember, the thin outer ring end of the condom stays outside the vagina. Do not reverse this.
  • Guide your partner’s penis inside the opening of the femidom.
  • After use, remove the condom by gently twisting the outer thin ring end and pulling it out gently.

Advantages of Female Condoms

  • Apart from being an excellent birth control alternative, it is simple to use, safe, and convenient. It also prevents the chances of STIs.
  • It could be inserted up to 8 hours before the expected time of sexual intercourse.
  • It has no side effects on female hormones, unlike pills, and could be used with several water-based lubricants.
  • It expands and stays in its place on its own. Does not require an erect penis to keep it in place.
  • The activity of inserting the femidom in your vagina by your partner could stimulate and enhance your sexual experience.

How Female Condoms Work

Female condoms prevent pregnancy and STIs by using a barrier methodology. The condom prevents the sperm from meeting the egg, thereby preventing chances of pregnancy. Further, they also lessen the chances of STIs with an effectiveness of 95% if used properly. The female internal condom should never be used simultaneously with the male external condom. The resultant friction could cause wear and tear of the condoms.

Types of Female Condoms

There are mainly two registered types of female condoms, FC1 and FC2. The FC1 condom is now no longer produced. It was made up of plastic material, polyurethane. The more common type, FC2 condom, is made of synthetic latex or nitrile that is pre-lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant. They are also available in non-latex variants marketed recently.

Female Condom Vs. Male Condom

The Female condom, FC2, is made up of synthetic latex or nitrile, while the men’s condom is available in a range of materials. This makes them vulnerable to the external factors of humidity, temperature, etc. the FC2 material has a good resistance against temperature and humidity.

The male condoms are around 98% effective, whereas the female condoms are 95% effective theoretically. Actual numbers are around 85 % for male variants and 75% for female variants.

Female Condoms Price

The female condoms are available in various types with a price range of around 100 to 300 INR. They are a bit more costly than their male counterparts.


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