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Sperm & Pregnancy- When Can You Get Pregnant

Can you get pregnant if the guy ejaculates outside? Is this a worry for you? Read to know how sperm enters into the female body and what causes pregnancy.

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Sperm & Pregnancy- When Can You Get Pregnant

Vaginal sex, that is, when a penis enters the vagina, is the most common method of conception. If you wish to pregnant, here are the top 15 Indian foods to avoid during pregnancy. But sperm on the vagina can also cause pregnancy if the semen is fresh. As per studies, vaginal mucus around the vagina helps sperm swim into the vagina and reach an egg. This is why many women who want to have safe sex without getting pregnant try wiping the semen off with a wet cloth.

How Much Ml of Sperm Is Needed to Get Pregnant?

In 1 ml of male sperm, a normal sperm count ranges from 15 million to 200 million, depending on the person. It all depends on the individual’s age, fitness, diet, and other factors. If you ask how much sperm is needed to get a woman pregnant, as per studies, the odds of pregnancy are low if sperm counts are fewer than 15 million per millilitre.

The amount of ejaculation in healthy sperm varies from 1.5ml to 7.6ml. Several factors determine conception, and the amount of sperm in the semen is only one of them.

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Can One Drop of Sperm Cause Pregnancy?

Yes, one drop of sperm can cause pregnancy even if  the chances are low. In essence, all it takes is a single sperm to conceive. One can find more than a million sperm cells in a single drop of healthy semen. The odds of conception are low if a single drop of sperm is placed in the vaginal canal. The odds of pregnancy rise exponentially if the drop is near the Fallopian tube or the egg cell. Apart from sperm count or quantity, the health of the sperm also determines how easily sperm enters the egg.

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Can a Little Bit of Sperm Cause Pregnancy?

Yes, even a "little bit" sperm can get you pregnant even because only 1 sperm is required to fertilize and impregnate you. However, the chances of pregnancy from less sperm are relatively much lower. This is because the fewer the sperm, the lesser the possibility of it reaching and fertilizing your egg. It's like when less sperm count makes pregnancy difficult but still very possible.

But note that for you to conceive, the best chances are when the semen discharged contains 15 million sperm per millilitre. This is because the more the sperm, the more the number of candidates available for fertilizing your egg.

Can You Get Pregnant if You Wipe Sperm Inside You?

Yes, pregnancy could be possible even if you wipe the sperm inside you if the semen is very fresh. This is because semen can survive inside the reproductive tract for several days because of the suitable pH and the warm environment. This can also happen if a relatively larger amount of semen goes inside you. Even though it takes only one sperm to impregnate you, but lesser the semen lower the chances of pregnancy. Lastly, if the sperm went inside you on or right before ovulation, there could be a possibility of pregnancy.

But do note that the odds of pregnancy from just brief contact with your partner's semen are relatively much lower. So, even though you can get pregnant if you wipe the sperm inside you, the chances are definitely lower.

Why Does Sperm Leak After Intercourse?

Sperm leakage may be beneficial since it indicates that there is ample ejaculation. During sex, sperm is deposited in the vagina, which is usually close to the cervix. The remainder of the sperm and other liquids in the semen exit through the vaginal opening, while some of the sperm begin ‘swimming’ to the egg right away. The sperm may even come out the next day. You may even get pregnant if you wash out the sperm from your vagina. Moreover, sperm leakage may also happen if the condom comes off or breaks during intercourse.

Can You still get pregnant if the sperm comes out?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if the sperms come outside. This is because semen discharged during one single ejaculation can contain as high as 15 million sperm per millilitre. And only one sperm is required to fertilize the egg. So, even if the sperm comes outside, it's highly likely there will be a bulk of candidates already swimming in to fertilize your egg which will definitely cause pregnancy.

How to Know Whether Sperm Went Inside

There are some signs where a woman can confirm if sperm went inside her. Look out for these few days after having sex. These signs will clarify your concern regarding sperm going inside or how sperm enters into the female body.

Can You Get Pregnant if the Guy Ejaculates Outside?

As per studies, any fluid which comes out of the penis before ejaculation can have sperm- these sperm cells can be regarded as potentially fertile enough to cause pregnancy. It is proven that a significant proportion of men leak motile sperm in their pre-ejaculatory fluid. Hence, it increases the chances of pregnancy even if a man ejaculates outside the vagina.

Can Sperm Go Through Clothes and Get a Woman Pregnant?

No. When sperm cells are exposed to air, they lose their capacity to float and survive for a few hours. Wearing or touching clothes containing dried sperm cannot result in pregnancy.

Can You Get Pregnant With Clothes On

NO, it is not possible to get pregnant with clothes on if the penis or the sperm didn't go inside your vagina. It is impossible for the sperm from ejaculation to get through layers of clothing and go inside. Furthermore, sperm can live only up to 15-20 minutes outside the body, that too in the right conditions. Sperm die quickly when the semen is exposed to air; it needs warmth and moisture to survive.

Can You Get Pregnant From Rubbing With Clothes On?

No, you cannot get pregnant from rubbing with clothes on, even if your partner ejaculates from rubbing.  This is because it's impossible for sperm to travel through layers of clothing. They die very quickly outside the body, and it's not possible for them to reach and fertilizing the egg.

How Long Does Sperm Live Outside The Body on Clothes?

Sperm can live outside the body on clothes for not more than 15 to 20 minutes, or even less. As a matter of fact, they will die as soon as they dry out. Sperm requires warmth and moisture of inside the body to survive.

Can Sperm Travel Through Underwear and Cause Pregnancy?

Yes, sperm may travel through underwear and cause pregnancy as it's not always the effective barrier; only latex is. The flimsy material of the undies makes it easier for the semen/ fluid to seep through and inside the vagina, which definitely can increase the possibility of fertilization and hence pregnancy. Even though the chances of this is relatively lower.

What Happens if Sperm Touches the Skin?

The sperm may migrate to the vagina if ejaculation occurs near the vaginal surface. If the partner’s finger gathers up semen or pre-cum and then touches the vaginal skin, this would be conceivable. If the woman is ovulating, this sperm may get fertilized.

Can You Get Pregnant if Only the Tip Goes in?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if the tip goes in. Even if the chances are relatively lower, there definitely is a possibility. This is because the question isn't whether or not the tip went into the vagina but rather if any semen went inside. So, yes, if there was semen or precum on the tip of the penis, you could definitely get pregnant.

In a 2016 study, nearly 17 per cent of the male participants had mobile sperm in their pre-cum. And, if you are having unprotected sex and in the absence of birth control, the chances of getting pregnant are more likely.

How to Eject Sperm to Get Pregnant?

When a partner ejaculates inside the vagina, this is the most likely way to become pregnant. Even if the penis does not ejaculate inside the vagina, other forms of intercourse, such as withdrawal or pull-out, can result in pregnancy, though these are less likely. Many women believe that breast kissing may cause pregnancy as well, but this is not true.

I'm Trying to Get Pregnant but the Sperm Comes Out

According to research, there is a sex toy that allows you to get pregnant- Semenette. It is an ejaculating sex toy attached to a pump. This pump fills the Sementte with fluid (women wishing to conceive can fill it with semen). This is helpful for couples who have trouble conceiving using typical methods.

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Can Sperm Live in Water?

As per studies, sperm can survive for a long time in distilled or tap water. Sperm can last for minutes in plain warm water. Then, it would have to enter the vagina quickly after crossing that water. To initiate conception, it must then travel across the cervix and into the uterus.

Can You Get Pregnant if Sperm Touches the Lips?

Yes, you can get pregnant if the sperm touches the vaginal lips. This is because the sperm cells can swim into the vagina and fertilize the egg which will cause pregnancy.

How Long Does Sperm Live on Hands After Washed?

Sperm can die within a few seconds to a minute on hands after washed. If not washed, they usually can survive on the skin for not more than 15 to 30 minutes. And on materials such as clothes, napkins, table cloths, they die as soon as they dry up.


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