100% Vegan Hair Vitamins for Women

Biotin Hair Gummies (30)

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100% Veg | Sugar Free | Gelatin Free
Multivitamin Hair Gummies for Hair Growth with Biotin

Strengthens & Thickens Hair: 5000 mcg Biotin promotes strengthening of hair. Biotin Gummies provide adequate hair vitamins and are one of the best supplements for hair growth and thickness.

Repairs Hair Tissue: Zinc plays a vital role in hair tissue growth and repair. Such hair multivitamins ensure the proper functioning of the oil glands around hair follicles. A zinc deficiency can lead to hair fall.

Nourishes Hair: These hair gummies contain hair multivitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin E that protect your hair from free-radical damage. Multivitamin gummies ensure the removal of hair growth blockage and the supply of essential hair vitamins for women.

Make your meals enjoyable with multivitamin hair growth supplements.

Suitable For: Hair fall, Post-partum (post-pregnancy) hair loss, and hair growth. These hair gummies replenish the postpartum hair loss vitamins and help in hair strengthening.

These biotin and multivitamin gummies are the best thing you could do to your hair and come with no added sugar!

This pack is for 30 days. For best results, have Biotin gummies for 3 months
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Biotin Hair Gummies (60)
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