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Viparita Karani Mudra Benefits for Women

Viparita Karani refers to carrying out inverted Yoga postures. It is a Sanskrit word in which Vaparita means reversed or inverted, and Karani means “carrying out” or performing. Viparita Karani is a slightly simplified version of Sarvangasana.

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Viparita Karani Mudra Benefits for Women

What is Viparita Karani mudra?

Viparita Karani refers to carrying out inverted Yoga postures. It is a Sanskrit word in which Vaparita means reversed or inverted, and Karani means “carrying out” or performing.

Viparita Karani is a slightly simplified version of Sarvangasana that works as a calming yogic pose. It is also known as the legs up the wall pose.

How to do Viparita Karani Mudra?

  • Lie down on your back comfortably. Get as close as you can to the wall in a manner that when you bend your knees, you can easily rest them on the wall.
  • Take your time and relax. Do not hurry. Stay calm, and as you inhale, bend your knees and slowly bring your legs straight up at a 90-degree angle from the surface with the support of the wall. This asana has an L-shaped form.
  • Hold this position for 20 mins and take deep breaths.
  • Try to climb up the wall with the help of your heels and get back down.
  • You can also do mild leg movements by sliding them against the wall in turns.
  • Keep your hands at rest by the sides of your body.  

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Variations of the legs up the wall pose

There are many variations of Viparita Karani that you can perform as per the intensity you can bear. Here are some of the variations for you to try:

  1. You can comfortably stay in the legs up the wall position with your heels moving sideways to build some momentum. This variation helps you to relieve stress and increase blood circulation.
  2. You can bring your legs down to the butterfly pose, keeping them against the wall. You can hold it for 5-7 minutes as per your comfort level. This variation helps your lower back to relax.
  3. The third variation is the continuation of the second one, in which you bring your legs close and let both your knees touch with every inhalation, and then go back to butterfly pose while exhaling. This pose stretches your thighs and helps with ovarian disorders. You can perform this variation for 5-7 minutes.
  4. In the fourth variation, you stretch your legs apart from each other against the wall. You will feel a stretch in your inner thighs. This is the most straightforward variation. You can do it for 5-7 minutes. This increases your blood flow and stimulates your digestive response.

As the blood rushes to the head while performing this yoga exercise, slowly come to a baby pose or balasana to end this exercise. Stay in that position for 20 seconds and come to Sukhasana. Studies suggest that you perform Viparita Karani asana and its variations on an empty stomach to avoid feeling dizzy.

Legs up the wall pose benefits

This pose has the power to help you with most problems. Here are some of the Viparita Karani benefits:    

  1. It helps with mild depression, anxiety, and migraine by helping you deal with stress.
  2. It gently stretches the front torso, back muscles of leg, backbone, and neck to relieve mild pain and research says it also increases blood circulation
  3. It helps manage respiratory ailments
  4. Helps with urinary disorders
  5. It helps to relieve menstrual pain from the legs, feet, and pelvic muscles
  6. It is effective for polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD)
  7. It treats problems with your digestive systems and improves your immune system
  8. It is effective for patients suffering from arthritis
  9. It is beneficial for insomnia and boosts your energy levels the following day
  10. It is a beneficial mudra for high blood pressure as it helps to maintain the balance of the body
  11. It also helps to reduce fat around the waist.

Limitations of Viparita Karani

Avoid doing this inverted asana - Viparita Karani Mudra during the situations mentioned below:

  1. Avoid it during menstruation
  2. Avoid it during pregnancy
  3. If you have severe eye defects like glaucoma
  4. Avoid it during high blood pressure and dizziness
  5. Avoid Viparita Karani, if you have serious neck or back problems
  6. Patients with heart problems or organ inflammation like spleen or liver should avoid performing this asana

One can perform Viparita Karani to manage various ailments. However, if you face any trouble while performing it, please consult a doctor and be cautious.

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