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Yoni Mudra Benefits For Women

It is a beneficial and recommended yoga for the uterus and improves fertility. Practising this mudra is considered an excellent exercise for women. It regulates hormonal imbalances and results in the optimal functioning of a woman's reproductive system.

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Yoni Mudra Benefits For Women

Yoni mudra is a representation of a female reproductive organ or a womb. In Hinduism, the Yoni mudra is dedicated to Shakti, the feminine deity. Yoni mudra evokes the womb's 'female creative power' of childbirth. Hence, the Yoni mudra, like the goddess Shakti, gives strength and power.

How To Perform Yoni Mudra

Here are the steps:

Starting Position

  • Sit on a flat surface. If it is not possible to sit on a floor, sit on a firm chair.
  • Take a meditative posture, such as padmasana, vajrasana, or sukhasana.
  • Straighten your spine by raising your shoulders or by sitting up straight against a wall.

Hand Sequencing

  • Join your thumbs and index fingers at the tips to make a triangle over your womb area, with the fingertips facing downwards. It will take on a downward-facing Namaste form.
  • Bend your hand in such a way that it creates a womb-like form.
  • To construct a downward 'A' form or a womb opening, join the tips of your index fingers and both thumbs. The other three fingers will clearly show through the opening.

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  • Now, close your eyes. Feel free to incorporate pranayama.
  • Passively observe your breath. Breathe fully into your abdomen, rib cage, and chest. Practise this by holding these hand and body postures for a brief while.
  • The mind may wander to other thoughts but gently bring it back to focus and pay attention to your breath.


  • To come out of this pose, extend your bent fingers and straighten them.
  • Join all the fingertips gently, and ease yourself into the Namaste mudra by bringing your hands close to the chest.
  • End this posture by chanting Om.
  • Release your joined hands and relax.

Practice Recommendation: Practice the pose in the morning or the daytime for effective results. Maintain the mind's focus to be inside the body for as long as you can.

Variation of Yoni Mudra

The base pose remains the same, and there are some variations to aid varying abilities. Mudra variations help practitioners in growing and building confidence. The variants of the posture also include variations in the level of difficulty of the practice. There are 50+ variations of the Yoni mudra. Some of the most effective and widespread variations of the Yoni mudra are mentioned below:

Shanmukhi Mudra

In Shanmukhi mudra, the six sense organs, i.e., ears, eyes, nose, and mouth, are closed using the five fingers. This mudra is also used in Bhramari pranayama.

Kidney Mudra

The basic pose is similar to the Yoni mudra. The hand mudra changes. Tips of the little and ring finger are placed at the base of the thumb. The thumb is resting on top of the two fingers. This mudra cures kidney disorders.

Jnana Mudra

Jnana mudra is commonly found in almost all types of yoga sequences. Put your palms on your knees with your thumbs and index fingers touching each other.

Benefits of Yoni Mudra for Women

There are many Yoni mudra benefits. Given below are some of the primary benefits of practising the mudra.

Yoni Mudra regulates uterus functioning

It is a beneficial and recommended yoga for the uterus and improves fertility. Practising this mudra is considered an excellent exercise for women. It regulates hormonal imbalances and results in the optimal functioning of a woman's reproductive system.

Yoni Mudra increases feminine energy

Yoni mudra pose helps a woman to connect with her inner feminine energy. Therefore, it is a recommended yoga mudra for dizziness. The harmonisation and balance between body and prana help women in stimulating and rejuvenating themselves.

Yoni Mudra connect you to the Earth

Yoni mudra is spiritually enriching. It symbolises the origin and nourishment of living beings. The calm and peace of mind generated using these postures free the spirit and build confidence. It creates awareness of the body's elements within the mind.

Yoni Mudra for high blood pressure

Many variants of the Yoni mudra are developed by combining the five earth elements present in fingers. The hand variations used in the yoga mudra are used to calm the mind and body. It helps release stress and reduces instability; it is also a beneficial mudra for high bp.

Yoni Mudra for menstrual cycle

The Yoni mudra is associated with the womb and menstrual cycles and root chakra. It helps to strengthen the prana in the womb and has been used to align the menstrual cycle with the new moon in the old times.

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Yoni Mudra Limitations

  • People facing mental health malfunctions should avoid practising this. It is advised to practise the posture with the proper guidance of an expert yoga practitioner.
  • It is advised to practise Yoni mudra and its variants during the morning. One should not practice these yoga postures at any time of their convenience.

Perform the posture in a calm and peaceful environment to get better self-reflection. It is the most recommended posture for some much-needed self-love!

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