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Vagina (Yoni) Massage & Clitoris Massage Therapy: Medically Approved Guide

The word 'massage' tends to have a sexual connotation. The words' vagina massage' even more so. However, a Yoni or Vagina massage is not sexual. Surprised? A vagina massage is a sensual massage whose objective is for women to explore and get in touch with their bodies.

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Vagina (Yoni) Massage & Clitoris Massage Therapy: Medically Approved Guide

What Is Vagina Massage (Yoni Massage)?

The word 'massage' tends to have a sexual connotation. The words' vagina massage' even more so. However, a Yoni or Vagina massage is not sexual. Surprised? A vagina massage is a sensual massage whose objective is for women to explore and get in touch with their bodies. A Yoni massage is performed with or without a partner reflecting which sensations you like around your genital areas.

What Is The Purpose Of Vaginal Massage?

A vaginal massage typically targets the area in and around your vagina. The word Yoni means 'womb' in the Sanskrit language. A Yoni massage symbolises the celebration of the vagina as an energetic, life-giving force rather than an object of sexual desire.

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The following are purposes of a vaginal massage:

  • A massage is known to increase blood flow and circulation to the area on which it is performed. The same principle applies to a vaginal massage. It eases the tension in the vaginal region and reduces pain and soreness caused by sex.
  • A vagina massage provides relief from the pain associated with childbirth.
  • Women who have undergone sexual trauma or harassment in the past use a Yoni massage to reclaim their bodies and ease the stress from the area.
  • A vaginal massage can branch out into a pelvic floor massage, reducing urinary incontinence among women and serving as a treatment for conditions like vulvodynia.
  • A vagina massage contributes to enhanced sexual and overall well being, improving your sex life.

Should You Get A Vagina Massage?

Yes. Vagina massage is ancient massage therapy. It is known to help one feel more comfortable with one's body. The massage focuses on exploration to give an in-depth understanding of their sensual needs without an aim to reach orgasm. If you wish to be one with your innate self and release unprocessed emotional baggage, the Yoni massage therapy is a great way.

Who Should Perform A Vaginal Massage?

The Yoni massage, also known as clitoris massage, could be performed by yourself, a partner, or you may hire a professional vaginal massage practitioner.

How To Massage Vagina & Benefits?

To get started with vagina massage, first of all, prepare your mind. Practising breathing exercises could help. You can set up a space where you are comfortable and get acquainted with it. Add cushions and soft mattresses to the area that will help to make it cosy.

The steps to massage the vagina include:

  1. After you are in a comfortable position with an exposed vagina, insert a slightly curved finger inside the vagina.
  2. On the front wall behind the clitoris, feel for a soft spongy section.
  3. When you feel it, start applying different amounts of pressure with your fingertips.
  4. Vary the strokes at random intervals and feel for the pressure which stimulates the most.
  5. When you feel edging towards the climax, withdraw the pressure.


  • Increases vaginal sensitivity and releases stress.
  • Helps to relieve tensions due to daily lifestyles, getting more aware of your body, mind, and sexuality.
  • Yoni massage is also helpful in conditions of painful sex and menstrual cycles.
  • Promotes healing, increases self-confidence about the body, and helps improve climaxes.

Techniques To Try When Giving A Yoni Massage

The techniques below are good ways to learn self yoni massage.

Circling method

  • Begin by circling your fingertips around the clitoris in a clockwise and anti-clockwise manner.
  • Applying slight pressure, vary your circle range from large ones to small and tight circles.
  • Vary the pressures as you feel tension relieving from the body.

Cupping method

  • Enclose your hand in a cup-like shape over the vagina and start moving it in a circular motion.
  • After a few minutes, flatten your hand on the vaginal opening.
  • Begin massaging the whole area slowly, varying pace and pressure.

Clitoris Massage

The clitoris has thousands of nerve endings, making it a spot that is extremely sensitive to stimulation. Moreover, more that 72% of women orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone! Massaging the clitoris has numerous benefits if performed correctly.

What Is a clitoris massage?

Clitoris massage is the technique to increase the stimulation of genitals to achieve more pleasure during yoni massage therapy. It helps to improve the sensitivity of the vagina and enhances orgasms.

How does a clitoris massage work?

The ultimate goal of clitoris massage is to reconnect yourself with sensual needs and develop a positive outlook towards the same. It stimulates your pleasure areas and regulates the blood flow. This amplifies the sensitivity in the labia, thereby improving the climax points.

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Clitoris massage benefits

The clitoris massage benefits are listed below.

Improves mental health

Clitoris massage helps to relieve tensions and aids mental health well-being. It helps delve deeper and connect to your inner self, exploring the various sets of unprocessed emotions.

Improves sex life

When you explore your clitoris through self yoni massage, it gives clarity to your sensual needs. You can explain to your partner what works for you. This could be a significant turning point to spice up your sexual intimacy and build up your sex drive.

Helps to ease painful periods

The major benefit of clitoris massage is the pain reduction due to menstruation. Massaging and stimulating with oil for yoni massage improves the blood flow in the genitals, promotingbetter cycle and pain reduction.

How to massage your clitoris?

  • Start by gently pushing in your clitoris and keep massaging with your fingertips.
  • Now keeping the pressure intact on the clitoris, pull a finger down one of the clitoral shafts.
  • Repeat the same procedure on another side of the clitoral hood, down to the other shaft.
  • The continual pulsating massage and finger down the shaft will help ease all the body's tension.

Benefits Of Vagina Massage

We have already seen what yoni massage is and how to give yourself a yoni massage. Now, let us see the benefits of vagina massage.

Promotes intense climaxes

Vagina massage is known to improve the orgasm magnitude by stimulating the genitals. It enhances the sensitivity of the Yoni and boosts the sexual confidence required for intense orgasms.

What Science Tells You About Vagina and Clitoris Massages?

As per science, there is minimal evidence to suggest the benefits are effective. However, the stimulation of genitals is known to relieve tension from vaginal walls. Further, exploring one's needs during the massage could help to explore the body's sensual needs. So, science may not extensively conclude its benefits, yet it is up to the individual to go for it.

Summing Up Vagina Massage & Clitoris Massage For You

A vagina and clitoris massage is an excellent way to explore and get in touch with your body. Moreover, it has multiple health benefits such as easing menstrual pain, enhancing overall sexual well being, promoting intense climaxes or orgasms, and elevates your mental health and mood. Do give it a try!


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