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How to Know if She Finished? Signs of Female Orgasm

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How to Know if She Finished? Signs of Female Orgasm

Ever wondered If your partner actually had an orgasm or she just faked it?

We all know that Men orgasm when they release semen, but what about their counterparts?

Women can experience different orgasms, including clitoral, cervical, G-spot, full-body, energetic, anal, nipple, mind, sensory, and heartbeat. Still, you might not be sure which one she had or even if she even had any because it varies in intensity. One day you might hear her noisy sounds when she orgasms, and next time you might not. What’s worse is, she could even fake one, and you may never know!

If you ever had this doubt in mind, look no further; we have got your back. So let’s get straight to the point!

How to Know if She Finished - Signs of Female Orgasm

1) Look out for the Subtle Signs -

There are a few biological signs to check if she has orgasmed.

  • Her skin becomes flushed and reddened due to the rush of blood coursing through her body.
  • Her pupils will dilate slightly when she’s having an orgasm
  • Her vagina becomes more lubricated: somewhat more after the orgasm
  • She will become much calm and relaxed after a noisy scream

2) She Cuddles After You Both Have Finished

When she orgasms, her body releases oxytocin, also known as the "cuddle hormone." This hormone helps boost bonding, affection, and even protectiveness, resulting in a cuddle session after she has climaxed.

3) Just Ask Her If She Has Finished

Not all women show the common signs of orgasms, and even when they do, they may not be noticeable. It would then be just better to ask her about it. Ask her if she has orgasmed and let her know it’s as important as you climaxing. Remember, communication is the key! It will only help in exploring various other ways if she can’t reach the climax.

4) Look Out For Physical Reactions.

Starting with the most obvious one, you could see her visible tremors and body contractions. While reaching an orgasm, they tend to contract their body as if they want to push something out. These physical reactions are much harder to fake.

5) You Feel Her Walls Contract When She Orgasms

When she is about to climax, her vaginal wall will contract, making her push down. If you have your penis or finger(s) inserted, you will be able to feel those contractions. The walls will crave in. This is a clear indication that she had an orgasm.

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6) Notice Her Eyes As She Climaxes

Well, the good old missionary position will help you notice this. Her pupils will dilate and start rolling over, as she orgasms and finishes off. Moreover, she would be unfocused on you until it’s done.

7) Heartbeat And Breathing Will Intensify

This is one of the most evident signs of orgasm for women. Women tend to breathe more deeply and quickly when they are closer to orgasm. During her orgasm, her heart rate goes into overdrive. It keeps increasing during the orgasm and becomes normal after the climax. She will become breathless right after, but eventually will feel serene.


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