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Top 7 Disadvantages of Having Sex Everyday ~ According to Sexologist

The constant pressure to have more sex is everywhere. Should you, nevertheless, have sex every day? Read about the disadvantages of having sex every day here.

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Top 7 Disadvantages of Having Sex Everyday ~ According to Sexologist

Is Having Sex Every Day Bad for You?

No, having sex every day is not bad for you. There is no scientific evidence that there are disadvantages of having sex every day, and it can impact your physical or mental wellbeing. The good news is that as long as you and your partner are happy, comfortable there is no such thing as too much sex.

There's no limit to how much anyone can have, having said that having sex frequently, many times, might lead to bodily problems.

Disadvantages of having Sex Every Day

There's no limit to how much anyone can have, having said that having sex frequently, many times, might lead to bodily problems. So, here are some disadvantages that one may face from having sex every day.

1. Bruises Or Rug Burns

Vaginal dryness is one of the disadvantages of having sex every day. Daily sex can cause vaginal tears, especially if there are any underlying disorders such as vaginal dryness (caused by low-dose birth control tablets). The more sex you have in a short period, the less natural moisture your body can create.

2. Risk of UTI

An increase in the likelihood of bladder and vaginal infections is another unpleasant disadvantage of having sex every day. Bodily fluids may alter the natural pH levels of your vagina, making you more susceptible to infection.

3. Losing interest in the middle of an act

Though sex makes you energetic, having too much of it might cause you to lose interest in the middle of the act, especially if you have sex daily. This occurs because your body is exhausted from everyday sexual activity and needs relaxation.

4. Exhaustion

Studies show that the body releases norepinephrine, adrenaline, and cortisol into circulation when you have too much sex with your partner, which causes an increase in heart rate, glucose metabolism, and blood pressure. Having sex daily becomes a form of body exercise that makes you exhausted. If you have too much sex, your exhaustion may last all day.

5. Scraping of the Vulva Skin

Vaginal excoriation (scraping of the vulva skin) during penetration can occur in women who have had too much sex. This condition develops when there is too much contact during intercourse, causing damage to the vaginal walls, which leads to burning while peeing or difficulties walking due to an inflamed, swollen vagina.

6. Back Pain in the Lower Back

Lower backache is another sign that you're having too much sex, thus adding to the list of disadvantages of having sex every day. When there are rapid movements that place too much stress on the lower back, it's natural to experience lower back pain. However, if these abrupt movements become excessive over time, they may result in chronic lower back pain.

7. Addiction

Another disadvantage of having sex every day is getting addicted to it. Because you become preoccupied with sex or have an abnormally powerful sex drive, a person with a sexual addiction might destroy their connection with their spouse.

Tips for Having Sex Every Day

Sexual activity is beneficial to your physical health, emotional health, and connection with your spouse.

Following are some suggestions for making regular sex easier, healthier, and more enjoyable:

1. Use Protection

It's critical to safeguard oneself, especially if you have intercourse with multiple people. The Ultra-Thin Condoms are meant to protect both you and your lover without compromising sensitivity.

2. Make Use of Lubricant

When there's a lot of friction in sex, it's not pleasurable. Consider using lubricants if your partner is prone to dryness or if you're starting to chafe.

3. Avoid Over-exertion

Sex is a low-intensity workout. As a result, whether you're feeling under the weather, recovering from an injury, or have recently undergone surgery, it's advisable to take it easy.

Use our Intimate Powder which has sweat absorbing properties it helps prevent rashes by soaking up the sweat and leaves your intimate area feeling fresh.

4. Use Bathroom After Sex

To keep your vagina healthy, use the bathroom before and after sex. However, too much intercourse can still cause an infection, which you may overlook for days.

5. Communicate

The most crucial aspect of a healthy sex life is communication, so make sure you check in with your partner and yourself to make sure you're on the same page and enjoying the amount of sexual activity you're comfortable with.



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