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9 Different Shapes & Types of Vagina ~ Get to Know Yours | Bodywise

Worried about the shape or colour of your vagina? Learn about nine different types of vaginas!

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9 Different Shapes & Types of Vagina ~ Get to Know Yours | Bodywise

A lot of people are worried about whether or not they have a normal vagina. However, all vaginas have different shapes and sizes. As long as you don't experience discomfort or irritation, there is nothing worrisome about your vagina shape and colour.

People often use the terms vagina and vulva interchangeably. However, these are two different parts. The outer pubic region that comprises labia minora and majora, clitoris, and the vaginal opening is called the vulva. Whereas, the vagina is an internal reproductive organ that connects the vulva to the uterus.

The vulvas, or what we generally understand as vaginas, are of various different shapes and sizes. A study conducted on 244 women showed that the average length of labia minora is 15 mm, and some women may have labia minora of more than 26.5 mm. Moreover, it is common to have visible labia minora and majora. Also, the size or shape of labia minora is not directly related to age or weight. However, many women with a visible labia minora consider their vulva to be abnormal. This blog helps you understand the different types of vaginas and their colours.

Types & Shapes of Vagina

Women have vaginas of different shapes and sizes. Here are the nine most common types of vaginas.

1. Lopsided Vagina

Both the outer lips of the labia majora don't need to have the same shape. Sometimes, one lip of the labia majora can be longer than the other lip. This is called the asymmetrical vagina or the lopsided vagina. It is also commonly termed labial hypertrophy.

Some women may also have asymmetrical labia minora. It means that the lips of the labia minora differ in shape, size or thickness. Asymmetrical labia minora is usually visible when the inner lips are more prominent than the outer lips.

2. Dangling Outer Lips

It is also completely normal to have bigger or long outer lips. The inner lips are usually not visible, and the labia majora may extend beyond underwear. The outer lips have loose or saggy skin, making the labia majora droop slightly.

3. Visible Inner Lips

Tulip vagina is another common type of vagina. In this type, the inner lips are very small and are slightly visible between the labia majora that are curved or pulled outward.

4. Curved Outer Lips

Another shape of vagina is one in which the outer lips are curved and appear to be closed. This is usually seen in babies or girls before puberty.

5. Dangling Inner Lips

Many women also have a bigger labia minora than the labia majora. The outer lips are curved on the side, and the inner lips protrude from between them. Women with dangling inner lips might experience frequent irritation, dryness or infections. Dangling inner lips are about an inch long and appear as extra folds on the skin.

6. Open Lips

Another common vagina type is one in which the outer lips are wide apart or open, and the labia minora is clearly visible. People also call it a horseshoe vagina as the vaginal opening looks wider at the top and the inner lips are visible between the labia majora. In this type of vagina, the outer lips and inner lips appear to be as one.

7. Closed Lips

Many women also have closed Lips on their vagina. It is commonly called a Barbie vagina. Both the labia minora and majora blend together. In this type of vagina, the inner lips are perfectly hidden by thin labia majora. This vagina is usually designed in barbies, hence the name. However, women rarely have a barbie vagina. It is mostly possible to get this type of vagina after labiaplasty.

8. Prominent Inner Lips

A lot of women also have prominent inner lips. It means that the inner lips are slightly larger than the labia majora. The inner lips peek out from in between the outer lips of the vagina. This type of vagina is casually called the curtain vagina because the labia minora are also slightly visible along with labia majora.

Some women with prominent inner lips may find it difficult to insert a tampon or feel extra friction in their pubic region. However, this doesn't necessarily happen in all cases. A lot of women with the curtain type of vagina might not experience discomfort at all. In the curtain vagina, the inner lips are more visible than in the tulip vagina.

9. Prominent Outer Lips

This is another most common type of vagina. In this type, the outer lips or the labia majora are thick and more prominent than the inner lips. The outer lips are usually puffy and completely cover the inner lips. You cannot see the labia minora. The outer lips can be both puffy or thin and might be prominently visible even when wearing underwear. Women with prominent outer lips of the vagina usually wear loose bottom wear.

What Should Be The Ideal Colour Of Vagina?

Just like size and shape, vaginas have different colours too. According to the National Health Service, UK, the colour of vaginas vary between light pink to brownish or reddish-pink. The colour of your vagina can change when there is an increased blood flow during arousal or sexual activity. According to a study, almost 82% of women's vulva is darker in the shade than the surrounding tissues.

While the colour of vaginas is usually pink, vulvas mostly have a dark brown shade. A lot of women are worried about the dark shade of their vaginas. However, it is normal to have a darker skin tone in your pubic region. It happens due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and friction in the private parts.

During puberty, hormonal changes result in the production of melanin in the nether region which makes the skin in private areas darker than the rest of the body. Also, wearing tight clothes and extra friction between thighs produces keratinocytes that increase melanin production. Consequently, darkening of the skin around the vulva.

Variation in Pubic Hair

Same as types of vagina, pubic hair growth, thickness and colour also vary in women. It majorly depends on your genes. Hair growth in the pubic region is usually different from hair growth in the rest of the body. Even if you do not have a thick growth on your body, you can have a lot of public hair or vice versa.

Usually, pubic hair grows on the lower abdomen and outer lips. However, it is also normal to have pubic growth on the bikini line, inner thighs, around your anus and lower belly.

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Why Do So Many People Want to Change Their Vaginas?

Here are some of the most common reasons why people want to change their vagina shapes.

1. Unrealistic Beauty Standards

According to research, women across the world are more inclined to get labiaplasty than ever. This is because of unrealistic beauty standards of how female genitalia should be, inducing women to think about changing the shape of their vaginas.

2. Functional Impairment

Apart from the aesthetic reason, women also want to change their vagina to physical conditions like pain or irritation or if the shape makes it discomforting for women to wear clothes. Excess tissue on the labia can cause rubbing or chafing, increasing irritation or dryness.

3. Discomfort During Sexual Intercourse

Another reason some women consider changing the shape of their vagina is discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse, commonly called as dyspareunia, in medical terms.

4. Urinary Tract Infections

According to research, hypertrophic labia minora or enlarged labia can interfere with sexual hygiene. It can also cause urinary tract infections. Another research suggests that the anatomy of the labia minora can impact the pH of the vagina. This increases the chances of infections.

How to Change Your Vaginal Shape- Can You?

As you have already read above, there is no perfect or ideal shape of a vagina. Each vagina is different. However, if you want to change the shape of your vagina, you must know that it is impossible to change it through natural means.

You have to undergo labiaplasty cosmetic surgery to change your vaginal shape. It is a female cosmetic genital surgery procedure. Labiaplasty is usually performed to remove extra tissue on the labia. You must seek expert medical opinions from multiple doctors before going for labiaplasty.

You will most likely receive counselling before your labiaplasty, and the doctors will also consider your reasons for the surgery. Before performing labiaplasty, they will go through your medical, sexual, psychological, and gynaecological history.

There are three popular labiaplasty techniques - edge resection, wedge resection, and central resection. Each labiaplasty technique has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. According to research, women who have undergone labiaplasty are usually satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. However, labiaplasty cannot improve psychological well-being or intimacy with partners. Therefore, you should choose your reasons carefully before you decide to go for labiaplasty.

According to a study by National Health Service, UK, pelvic floor exercises are beneficial to keep your vagina in shape. Therefore, if you are worried about your vagina shape, you can regularly try pelvic floor exercises.

Summing up on Shape & Type of Vagina

Women have different shapes and sizes of vaginas. A lot of women have an asymmetrical or lopsided vagina or a puffy labia majora. Many of them also have bigger labia minora than labia majora. It is also normal to have dangling outer or inner lips of the vagina. You should not feel conscious about the shape of your vagina unless you feel any discomfort. If you are experiencing pain or irritation during sexual intercourse or doing regular activities, you can consult your doctor for labiaplasty surgery.



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