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Normal Discharge Time Of An Indian Woman

What is the normal discharge time of a woman in India? How long does a woman want sex to last? What is her average sex time or normal sex duration? Read on to discover the answer to these questions!

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Normal Discharge Time Of An Indian Woman

Sexually speaking, men need a while to relax once they have ejaculated. The medical term for this is Refractory period. This duration denotes the time after a male orgasm during which the penis is unresponsive, recovering before it is ready for a second stimulus.

When it comes to women, however, they can enjoy multiple climaxes. So why is it that the orgasm gap still exists? Research suggests that about 18.4% of women believed vaginal stimulation alone was enough to achieve orgasm. Whereas, 36.6% reported that clitoral stimulation was necessary for orgasm during intercourse.

There is no doubt that the female orgasm is complicated. The reasons for why women are so often disappointed in their sexual lives could be due to a number of reasons. The lack of sex education, the misinformation their partners have about their body, unrealistic expectations from porn and so much more.

But what is the normal discharge time of a woman in India? How long does a woman want sex to last? What is her average sex time or normal sex duration? Read on to discover the answer to these questions!

What is The Normal Discharge Time of an Indian Woman?

It may take a perfectly healthy woman quite some time to climax. An Indian study by Psychology Today revealed about 20 minutes as the time.

But truthfully, there is no correct answer to this question. Women have extremely varied tastes, preferences and even vaginas for that matter. Studies have also suggested that mental factors like attachment and affection play crucial roles in a female orgasm.

Women may also get anxious if they are taking long to climax, worried that their partner may lose interest or be fatigued.

How Much Discharge is Considered Normal?

Any amount ranging from 2ml to 5ml per 24 hours is considered normal. It is around one to two tablespoons.

When It’s Abnormal?

If a woman experiences more than 4ml of discharge, it might be a cause of concern. It can be inflammatory vaginitis, bacterial imbalance, or infection.

How Long Does a Female Orgasm Last?

Research suggests that a 3- 15 second orgasm was considered the most frequently occuring orgasm time for women. However, as more about this question was investigated, more diverse responses were seen. 20 seconds to 2 minute orgasms were also recorded. These numbers keep changing as new academic work surfaces.

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How Long do Women Want Sex to Last?

Some women answered this question by saying anywhere between 7- 13 minutes. Some women said around 25 minutes would be the ideal sex time. Some said anywhere between 2-3 minutes to an hour. Again, different women prefer different sex timings and we cannot stress this enough.

If your partner climaxes earlier than you desired, make sure you communicate about the same. Clitoral stimulation and extended foreplay can help concentrate on women more as they naturally take more time to climax than their male counterparts.

How Much Time Needed to Satisfy a Woman?

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to sexual intercourse. While some individuals get satisfied in less time, others want the activity to last longer.

However, there is a certain average when it comes to the time needed to satisfy your partner. As per research, satisfactory sexual intercourse for couples lasts from four to 13 minutes.

The time period between three to seven minutes is considered adequate, while the one between seven to 13 is desirable.

How Long Does an Indian Man Last in Bed?

How long a man lasts in bed is calculated through the average ejaculation to time. This average is different in different regions. When it comes to an Indian man, the average ejaculation time is less than seven minutes. That is, on average, Indian men last seven minutes in bed.

How Many Rounds of Sex is Normal?

If women wish to have sex with a man, men can climax anywhere between 1-5 times a day. Even more, even less. How many rounds of sex you should have with your partner should be decided entirely by you both through communication and conversation.

Self sex or masturbation is also a form of sex you can indulge in, to know your body better. Women prefer to masturbate in different ways and a varied number of times. Each experience is valid. However, please note that masturbation can be addictive. If it is hampering your day-to-day social relationships and disrupting work life, you must learn to control it.

Use our Intimate Powder which has sweat absorbing properties it helps prevent rashes by soaking up the sweat and leaves your intimate area feeling fresh.

How Much Time a Woman Take to Discharge During Sex?

Sexual intercourse isn’t just about penetration. Foreplay is a vital part of it. Most women like their partners to invest in foreplay. It boosts their level of orgasm. As per a 2020 study, an average woman takes 13.41 minutes to reach orgasm during sex with a man.

However, unlike men, there is no average time a woman lasts in bed. While individuals with penises usually have only orgasm per sexual session, people with vulvas have a much shorter refractory period.

It means that they can have multiple orgasms in a single session. In most cases, women can last as long as their partner wants to continue having sexual intercourse.

Is There an Indian Herbal Medicine to Last Long in India?

Ayurveda- an ancient Indian discipline is endowed with sex medicines. Herbs like Shatavari and Safed Musli are not capable of helping women last longer in bed, but definitely enhance libido, sexual desire and willingness. Libido loss and a general disinterest in sex with age is a common problem among women. These herbs can help with that, minus any harmful side effects.

What are The Medicines to Have Sex for a Long Time Without Side Effects in India?


Addyi is a medicine treating minimal sexual desire among women who are premenopausal. Women are meant to consume this drug daily, even if they are not indulging in sexual intercourse. It may take up to 8 weeks to see the results.


This medicine increases sexual desire among premenopausal women. Women must inject this drug into their stomach or thigh, 45 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Its effects can last anytime upto 24 hours. However, make sure to not exceed usage of about 8 times a month.

The FDA has approved the above mentioned drugs.

How to Prevent Vaginal Infections?

There are a few precautions you can take in order to prevent vaginal infections. Read on to know.

1. No Cleaning With Anti-bacterial Soap

The reason you shouldn’t use anti-bacterial soap is that they tend to kill the healthy bacteria in the vagina. It can allow unhealthy bacterial intruders to make their way.

2. Maintain Personal Hygiene

Another excellent way to prevent vaginal infections is by maintaining personal hygiene. It includes taking a shower after a gym class and peeing after sex.

3. Maintain a Well-balanced Diet

A simple yet effective technique to prevent vaginal infections is maintaining a well-balanced diet. Each meal of yours should include a good amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

When to Visit a Doctor

You must get yourself immediately examined if any amount of discharge comes out with a strong odour, itching, and pain. Moreover, if the release is any colour other than milky white, it’s time to visit a doctor.

The Bottom Line

There is a gap in research regarding female sexual pleasure and orgasm. Hence, it is important to discuss your likes and dislikes with your partner to make sure your sexual experience is enhanced and the orgasm gap is met! No one can put a number on the normal discharge time of a woman in India, or any other region place on the globe. Even though organs such as the G-spot and clitoris are the same, the orgasm time for each woman is different and unique!

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