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Is Onion Oil Good for Hair? - Bodywise

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Is Onion Oil Good for Hair? - Bodywise

Hair fall is a prominent issue amongst most women and men; it is incredibly frustrating to see a bunch of hair falling out every day! Hair fall can also lead to further hair complications such as dandruff, greying, etc. Heat and pollution are mainly responsible for hair problems as well as polluted water. All these combined make hair brittle, more prone to damage, make them look lifeless and dry.

This is where onion oil comes into the picture! Onion oil has ayurvedically proven to restore your hair, improve the quality of hair, generate shine, and overall nourish your hair. So, is onion oil good for hair? lets find out!

Is It Safe To Use Onion Oil On Hair?

YES, onion oil can be a great way to amp up your hair at the suitable PH! The bioactive components help strengthen your hair, add volume and give them a healthier look. Hence, if you haven't tried onion oil for your hair, it's time you discover its magical effects!

Benefits Of Using Onion Oil

Here are five advantages of using onion oil that will totally change your hair game!

1) Prevents breakage of hair:-

Onion oil contains a good amount of sulphur which helps reduce hair fall and split ends. Sulfur also maintains the PH of hair, thus, preventing greying.

2) Improves quality of hair follicles:-

Onion oil nourishes hair follicles which promotes hair growth. An element of onion oil is specifically responsible for increasing blood flow in the scalp. Therefore, healthy hair grows, and its length increases.

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3) Acts as a frizz control and prevents dryness:-

Onion oil can be used as an organic conditioner. It can be used before shampoo, after which it locks in the moisture, giving you frizz-free and smoother hair.

4) Combats lice infestation:-

The powerful pungent odour of red onion oil effectively prevents and treats lice infections and may get rid of them completely. By consistently applying onion oil, you can easily avoid acquiring lice infestations in the forthcoming times.

5) Treats baldness and dandruff:-

Lathering warm red onion oil and leaving it for a couple of minutes in specific receding hair areas on the scalp can get rid of baldness. Moreover, onion oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which help get rid of dandruff from the scalp and treat other infections.


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