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Discover Procapil Benefits For Hair Health

Good thing Procapil is clinically proven. It is known to reduce DHT effects on hair follicles. How does it achieve this? By increasing a healthy flow of blood to the scalp so that your follicles receive adequate oxygen and nutrients to arrest hair loss.

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Discover Procapil Benefits For Hair Health

What is Procapil?

Want to know about a groundbreaking formula that enhances hair growth naturally, strengthens follicles and eradicates hair loss? The Procapil forumla for women is here to throw your worries out the window!

But where is Procapil found?

  • Procapil enriched minoxidil
  • In a hair serum containing Procapil
  • Procapil shampoo
  • Procapil hair growth tonic

Be Bodywise is an Indian women's health and wellness brand with 3% Procapil, 3% Redensyl, and 2% Baicapil in its Hair Grwoth Concentrate. Suitable for weak, thin, and brittle hair, this concentrate not only assists hair growth but also reduces bald patches, ensuring healthy hair growth.

Free Doctor Consultation
Are you worried about hair loss? Book an appointment and consult with our experienced hair specialist online. Ask about your hair thinning, hair loss, baldness problem and get treated!

Is Procapil safe?

Of course! You know why? It is made from natural ingredients. Don't be overwhlemed by their hard-to-pronounce names. They come directly from the lap of nature and are safe to use even for women with hypersensitive skin.

  1. Oleanolic acid- a chemical compound derived from olive trees.
  2. Apigenin - a flavonoid found in citrus plants.
  3. Biotinyl-GHK — a form of hair vitamin biotin.

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Hair Growth Serum
Made with plant-derived ingredients such as Redensyl, Procapil, Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek & etc. Our Hair Growth Serum can reduce hair fall and boosts hair growth.

Procapil benefits

Procapil serves as a DHT blocker

It is important to note that DHT is derived from testosterone. Many women are unaware that women possess this hormone too. Some of the most common causes of high testosterone levels among women are Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and adrenal hyperplasia. What is the latter? You can Google it but you don't have to worry as AH cases are fewer than 1 million per year in India. Even though you can perform yoga for PCOS, it is extremely common. Excess testosterone means more DHT- the hormone responsible for hair loss among females. More DHT means brittle hair strnads, inadequate nourishment of hair follicles, leading to a dormant hair follicle structure.

Good thing Procapil is clinically proven. It is known to reduce DHT effects on hair follicles. How does it achieve this? By increasing a healthy flow of blood to the scalp so that your follicles receive adequate oxygen and nutrients to arrest hair loss.

Many a time, the harmfull chemicals in your harsh shampoo can trigger hair loss. This is why women are better off trusting a mild shampoo.

Procapil prevents hair thinning

The thinning of your hai could be an early sign of female pattern baldness. It almost always goes unnoticed but we urge you not to ignore early indiators that crop up. Cases of female pattern baldness can be attributed to genetics and family history.

Sources conclude that the Biotinyl-GHK content of Procapil activates your hair follicles. Its use over time, supports new hair growth and enhacing hair volume. To speed up your hair growth process, you can also try 10 Ayurvedic herbs for hair growth.

Minoxidil Topical Solution
Looking for an effective way to prevent hair loss? Use our Minoxidil Topical Solution that stimulates inactive hair follicles, strengthens hair & prevent hair loss.

Procapil reduces hair loss

It is no secret that undernourished hair causes it to shrink and fall. But studies have proven that Procapil has the ability to fight hair loss and slow down the process of follicle aging. It effectively does away with brittle hair, prevents abnormal hair loss and makes hair roots stronger by increasing cell metabolism.

Take some time out for yourself in the day, and do a hair spa at home with this power ingredient.

Procapil strengthens hair

.Apigenin, Procapil’s ingredient, is a vasodilator and it enhances hair growth.

Procapil makes sure your hair is healthy from its root, all the way to the tip. Even Procapil shampoos are easily available in the market. Procapil serum can also be applied onto hair strands to protect them.

Procapil helps you regrow hair

Minoxidil & Procapil are vasodilators. What does this mean? That there increase blood flow to your scalp and activate dormant follicles. The correct use of Procapil can result in new hair growth.

Procapil Results

Depending upon the product you use and the amount of Procapil in it, hair health results naturally vary. However, visible results take about 3-4 months to show.

Procapil side effects

Procapil, when applied on hair, has no side effects as it is a natural ingredient. However, if you feel any sudden changes in your hair health, please consult a doctor immediately.

An oral consumption of Procapil can result in nausea, rashes or an itching feeling.

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