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5 Amazing Head Massage Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind!

Head massages always feel fabulous so click here to find out all the head massage benefits

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5 Amazing Head Massage Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind!

Head massages always feel fabulous. In addition to all the sensory pleasures they offer, head massages effectively ease symptoms of headaches, reduce stress, and boost hair growth.

Head Massage Benefits

Many of us consider getting a head massage regularly. A head massage can help lower stress and help you relax. It can even boost blood circulation to your scalp and strengthen your hair. A head massage can be very beneficial for your health.

And the best part? You can learn how to do one at home. Or you can visit a massage therapist if you want an expert head massage.

To know why you should consider getting a head massage regularly, here are a few head massage benefits:

1. It Helps Relieve Headaches

Head massages can provide relief from severe migraine or other kinds of headaches. Whenever stress or tension builds up in our necks, heads, or upper back, it often results in a shooting pain around the head.

Headache is a highly prevalent ailment that almost everyone faces. However, by applying the proper pressure to specific pain points, a good head massage is beneficial in soothing the symptoms of stress-induced headaches and migraines. A head massage helps improve blood flow to the brain as well.

2. Helps in Boosting Memory

A good head massage helps improve our concentration levels to a great extent. A head massage benefits us by improving memory and overall brain function by increasing blood flow to our nervous system and spine.

3. Helps in Lowering Blood Pressure

Conditions like hypertension or high blood pressure can lead to severe health threats. However, regular massages are a great way to calm hypertension and feel rejuvenated. Research shows that a traditional head massage can effectively lower stress hormones like cortisol and even regulate our blood pressure levels to normal. This reduces the chances of strokes and heart attacks.

4. Calms and Uplifts Mood, Reduces stress

We all are aware that massages are deeply connected to the idea of relaxing ourselves. Whether one is getting a deep tissue massage or even a simple shoulder rub, the external stimulus through a head massage benefits our general health and well-being, including heightened feelings of emotional relaxation and wellness.

Studies prove that regular massages specifically target our scalp and head and help enhance our mental health and overall well-being. Receiving a head massage from someone else helps us feel relaxed and reduces stress.

5. Promotes Hair Growth

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence on how head massages promote hair growth. Many people claim that regular oil massages on their heads have led to visible improvements in their hair health, length, and luster. This happens because a scalp massage increases blood flow (that carries vital nutrients of hair growth to the hair roots), distributes natural hair oils across hair strands, and removes many impediments on the scalp, leading to naturally bouncy and healthy hair growth.

How to Do a Head Massage?

The best part of head massages is that we can do it ourselves. All we need is our fingertips. A good massage oil is like a cherry on the cake.

One can also use a scalp massaging apparatus instead of our fingertips for increased effect if available. These tools are available as silicon or wooden massagers, hand-held brushes, and rubber massagers. They can be used on the scalp using movements similar to the fingertips to relax.

For a good session of head massage, follow these steps:

  • First, make yourself comfortable in a sitting position, preferably on a comfortable chair or stool.
  • If you’re using hair oil, ensure that you have a towel around the neck and on the chair so there's no mess in case of spillage.
  • Start by applying slightly medium pressure on the head using the fingertips or a massager. If you’re using hair oils, warm it a bit, dip your fingertips or a cotton ball in the oil, and spread it on the head before proceeding with massaging.
  • Move your fingertips or massager around the scalp in slightly small circular movements.
  • Massage for around five or more minutes, ensuring you cover the entire head.
  • Later, you can also wash off the oil with a cleanser or shampoo.

Best Oils to Use for a Head Massage

You can use any of these oils to see enhanced head massage benefits:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most commonly used hair oils in India. It is an oil sold and marketed by various manufacturers. This oil is especially preferred for head massage due to its nutty, sweet, and robust fragrance. Additionally, it is beneficial for hair health too.

It repairs damaged or colour-treated hair very efficiently. Coconut oil provides good moisture to the hair strands and improves the luster. It is also instrumental in treating psoriasis. If you heat coconut oil, add a little castor oil, amalaki, or bhringraj extracts; it can provide wondrous results for muscle relaxation and hair health.

2. Almond Oil

Almond oil is the second most preferred oil after coconut oil for head massage. Almond oil is likewise beneficial for dry hair. It is a bit more sticky than coconut oil and is an excellent hair moisturizer. Additionally, it is also helpful to relieve muscle soreness and aches.  It treats dull, damaged, and curly hair.

3. Mustard Oil

How can oil with pungent properties soothe when used in head massage? Though mustard oil is not the most pleasant when it comes to head massages, it is beneficial primarily due to its strong smell.

Mustard oil is mainly used in the eastern parts of India for cooking and hair massage. Mustard oil induces heat and stimulates relaxation by soothing the muscle tissues and scalp.

4.Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is a scalp nourisher and reduces tightness and stiffness within the scalp. It is used as a popular massage oil in India. Sesame oil helps restore damaged hair, heal split ends and add volume. Sesame oil has moisturizing effects on the hair and helps soothe scalp irritation and pains. When mixed with brahmi or hibiscus extracts, it provides additional advantages.

5.Olive Oil

Traditionally, olive oil has its roots in the Mediterranean or the middle eastern region. But with time, olive oil has witnessed a smooth integration into the Indian lifestyle. Currently, it is one of the most popular oils used for head massage.

Olive oil has essential nutrients that aid hair growth. It naturally softens hair and relaxes the head, neck, and shoulders muscles. Moreover, olive oil has several purifying properties that heal the hair pores when combined with hair cleaners.

6. Jasmine Oil

The primary oil for reducing strain or anxiety is jasmine oil, which is also a natural antiseptic and an antidepressant. This oil helps make the hair healthier and thicker as well. However, if used in its concentrated form, jasmine oil can prove to be slightly harmful.

Hence, one should always dilute jasmine oil and blend it with argan oil, almond oil, or amla oil for the best results.

Summing Up on Head Massage Benefits

A head massage offers a host of advantages, whether you do it with your fingertips, an appliance, or you get one from an expert. A soothing massage on the head may also help relieve pressure and decrease anxiety. It may also ease migraine or headaches, lower blood pressure, improve blood flow in your head and neck, and promote hair growth.

Before using vital oils, ensure that they’re diluted and do a patch test first on a small skin area. If you’re pregnant or nursing, make sure to check the types of oils that you should avoid for head massages.



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