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5 Best Ayurvedic Hair Oils For Thick and Long Hair

Looking to enhance the health of you hair? Or fight hair loss? Here are some powerful Ayurvedic oils that can help you naturally combat hair loss and increase hair thickness.

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5 Best Ayurvedic Hair Oils For Thick and Long Hair

Ayurvedic hair oils have to be your go-to for hair growth and hair thickness. These ayurvedic oils are the best and easiest solution for healthy hair.

Oiling your hair to achieve stronger and thicker hair growth is super easy. All you have to do is read this article, choose one night every week when you’ll be staying in - so that you can oil your hair and sleep in.

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Wash your hair the next morning and voila, you’ll see the difference in texture for sure. Diligently do this for at least a month, and I’m sure you will see visible results!!

Are Ayurvedic oils good for the hair?

Since ancient times, Ayurveda has provided lasting solutions to all our hair woes. Be it premature balding or thinning of hair, ayurvedic herbs like Brahmi, Bhringaraj, Amla, Jojoba are among the most reliable remedies.

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Each of these natural herbs is replete with vital vitamins like vitamins A, E and D

which are crucial for strengthening the hair follicles.

The best part about ayurvedic oils is that they are entirely naturally processed without any adulteration or chemicals. As a result, the chances of any harmful side effects to the hair get completely eliminated. Ayurvedic hair oils are also endowed with additional benefits like easing out fizz and mitigating itchy scalp.

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Ayurvedic hair oils also work wonders as a stress buster. A soothing head massage with either a Brahmi, Bhringraj or Amla based ayurvedic oil can go a long way in relieving headaches, stress and also inducing a good night’s sleep.

Benefits of Oiling Hair

The use of ayurvedic hair oil for growth aids in rejuvenating hair follicles. It also promotes hair strength. Some of the benefits of oiling hair are listed below.

1. Provides Shiny Hair

Due to dust and pollution of the atmosphere, the hair scalp is under a constant deficit of natural oil. Due to this, your hair turns rough and loses its lustre. Applying the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth hair and scalp nourishes the hair with the necessary nutrients. It also promotes hair strength.

2. Promotes Hair Growth

Oiling hair regularly promotes better hair length and improves hair growth by increasing the flow of blood to the hair tips. It also adds lustre and smoothens the hair.

3. Helps Treat Hair Fall Condition

Applying the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth regularly promotes hair growth by nourishing the hair roots with the necessary nutrients. As a result, it reduces hair fall. Natural oils also help to treat dry hair. These ayurvedic hair oils for hair growth at home provide the necessary hydration that prevents hair strands from breaking down.

4. Prevents Dandruff and Premature Hair Greying

Pollution and stress are the two main damaging factors to hair and scalp strength, resulting in hair fall and dandruff. By oiling hair regularly, the natural oils encourage hair nourishment by supplying the necessary nutrients. Also, the nutrients help regain the natural shine of hair and prevent premature hair greying.

5. Helps Relieve Stress

The present lifestyle often brings along several stresses. Natural oils have characteristic properties to relax the hair scalp by improving blood circulation. Also, several natural oils have inherent cooling properties. They help relax the head, mind, and body and hence relieve stressful thoughts.

  • Ayurveda is a science that uses natural ingredients obtained from plants, such as roots, leaves, flowers, stems, etc., for medicinal purposes.
  • According to the ancient Indian system, Ayurveda is a holistic approach to improving and maintaining health.
  • Ayurveda believes that hair, like nails and teeth, is a part of the bone tissue. Hence, these tissues are closely interconnected. Also, any deficiency in the stomach or nervous system negatively impacts the health of hair since these are directly linked.
  • Ayurveda uses herbs for managing hair as they have many nutritional properties. Herbs help in growing thick hair, reduce thinning and shedding, moisturise hair, and prevent dandruff. Thus, ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth is very effective in promoting healthy hair.
  • Ayurvedic ingredients like herbs, flowers, and leaves not just help maintain the health of the hair but also improve scalp health by purifying, cleansing, and nourishing the scalp.

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

The natural goodness of ayurvedic oils is spread across a wide array of herbs ranging from jojoba, shikakai, bahera and even aloe vera and henna. Each is a rich source of nutrients and helps in boosting hair growth and health. However, if we are to cull out the most effective ayurvedic oils which portray prompt and prolonged results, our choices would be bhringaraj, Brahmi and amla.

1. Bhringraj Ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth

Bhringraj oil is derived from the Bhringraj herb which hails from the sunflower family. Successive tests have proven that Bhringaraj is a rich source of vitamin E as well as other vital body nutrients like calcium, magnesium and iron. These stimulate rapid growth of hair and its antimicrobial and antifungal properties help in keeping the greying of hair at bay. Bhringraj oil is easily available in the markets and use at regular intervals is sure to yield positive results.

2. Amla Oil - the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth, thickness & early gray hair

Amla Oil is made out of the extract of the Indian Gooseberry tree and typically mixed with one or the other carrier oils like coconut or olive oils. As a potent source of Vitamin C, Amla oils are extremely helpful in stimulating hair growth and thickness. Amla also is a great antioxidant and is known to induce other health benefits like regulating blood flow and detoxing the digestive system.

3. Brahmi Oil: The best Ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth

Brahmi Oil comprises extracts from the Bacopa Monnieri or Gotu Kola plant. It is one of the most beneficial herbs in Ayurveda for stimulating hair growth and thickness. It not only strengthens hair roots but also helps in reducing gastrointestinal disorders and blood pressure. Over and above the beneficial effects on hair growth, Brahmi oil is believed to enhance memory and is often used in treating Alzheimer’s.

Ayurveda is indeed a rich repository of natural remedies for human ailments.

So to keep alopecia at bay and stimulate the health of your hair, look beyond the chemical products and grab one of the ayurvedic hair oils.

4. Jonk Oil for hair growth

Jonk Oil (Leech Oil) is oil extracted from Leeches and has been used for centuries for hair regrowth solutions. Naturally obtained jonk oil or the leech oil has the same medicinal properties as that of the saliva of the leech.

Benefits of Using Jonk Oil (Leech Oil) for hair

Jonk Oil and Hirudin: Hirudin is a significant component of leech saliva that is known to significantly improve blood circulation when applied to the head. This enhanced blood circulation further aids and promotes hair growth.

Jonk oil is rich in nitric oxide: Science says nitric compounds and related compounds of nitric oxide are necessary for the health of hair follicles. Nitric oxide helps relax and nourish the hair follicles, promotes blood circulation, and releases the growth hormone that is responsible for the growth of the new hair strand.

Loaded with antibacterial and antifungal properties: The antibacterial property of the jonk oil or the leech oil helps keep a check on the bacterial growth that often results in flaking of the scalp. This flaking of the scalp over time leads to a decrease in the overall health of the hair and the hair follicles eventually paving way to hair loss. Using Jonk oil regularly is sure to keep all microbial growth under check thus promoting hair growth.

5. Kumkumadi Oil - Best Ayurvedic oil for your hair

Kumkumadi tailam or Kumkumadi oil is an amazing ayurvedic concoction of herbs that acts as a magical remedy for enhancing hair health.  ‘Kumkumadi oil’ which literally translates into ‘saffron oil’ in English is known for its luminescent properties. This oil is renowned for its use in rejuvenating and renewing the hair follicles, the scalp skin.

This oil has a combination of herbs such as Gokshura, Yashtimadhu, Gambhari, and a plethora of other herbs in combination.

To reap the benefits of Kumkumadi Thailam it is best advised to apply it warm on the hair or mixed into a hair pack.

How to Make Ayurvedic Oil for Hair in Home

It is possible to make ayurvedic hair oil for growth at home by mixing the right ingredients in coconut oil. Applying this oil to your hair promotes hair strength and adds shine to the hair.

To know how to make ayurvedic oil for hair in home, note the following ingredients that are required:

  • Hibiscus flowers - 20 nos
  • Neem leaves - 30 nos
  • Curry leaves -  - 30 nos
  • Onions (small)  - 5 nos
  • Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp
  • Aloe vera leaf - 1 no
  • Jasmine flowers - 15 nos
  • Coconut oil - 1 litre


To prepare the hair oil, follow these directions:

  • Cut the aloe vera leaf into small pieces.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water for half an hour.
  • Now, collect these in a jar and grind them thoroughly.
  • Then, add this ground powder to 1 litre of coconut oil.
  • Take this over a low heat flame. Heat until the mixture turns greenish.
  • Allow it to cool down.
  • Strain this mixture into a bottle and store it for use.

Steps to Oil Hair for Hair Growth

Applying oil to hair is a simple process. However, these steps must be followed to ensure the oil reaches the hair roots in the right manner and amount.

  • Hair can get frizzy and tangled. To apply oil uniformly, brush your hair with a soft-bristled brush. It will untangle any knots.
  • Divide the hair into several parts and apply oil uniformly to all the sections. Ensure that the oil reaches all the parts of the hair.
  • Heat the oil until lukewarm and apply it to your hair, massaging with both hands and running them through the scalp.
  • Apply the oil throughout the hair length. You may use a comb to spread the oil to all areas.
  • Wrap a towel if needed and leave the oil applied to the scalp. Allow it to get absorbed for 30 minutes.
  • Wash the hair with a proper hair cleanser.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil For Hair Growth

Here are a few factors that you should consider while buying an ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth:

1. Ingredients

Ayurvedic hair oils are made of different types of herbal and natural ingredients. Each of these ingredients has a unique effect on a person's hair. Therefore, before purchasing an ayurvedic oil, you should research what ingredients are used to make it and what particular result it gives. For example, hibiscus reduces breakage, restores elasticity, and promotes hair growth. Similarly, marshmallow roots provide moisture to the scalp, condition hair, and give them a lustrous look. Camphor and Brahmi help provide nourishment to the scalp, balance oil, increase blood circulation, and treat an itchy scalp.

2. Hair Type

Not all hair is the same, and hence the care they need is also different. Every person has different concern areas depending upon the type of hair they have. So you should choose an ayurvedic hair oil based on your hair type and what kind of nourishment they need. For example, people with frizzy hair should buy hair oil that prevents dryness, people with thin hair should buy hair oil that promotes growth and volume, and so on.

3. Cost

Since the best ayurvedic oils for hair growth are made from natural ingredients with no chemicals or added preservatives, their cost is usually on the higher side. So you should invest in a good quality product. Avoid purchasing cheap copies that may not be beneficial for your hair and may even cause side effects. These cheap copies may result in greasy and sticky hair, which may damage the health of your scalp. Good quality hair oil may be a little costly, but the benefits they provide are worth the money.

4. Shelf Life

Ayurvedic hair oils have a comparatively shorter shelf life than other chemical-based cosmetic hair oils. This is because they have no added preservatives to increase their usability. You should be extra careful while purchasing an ayurvedic hair oil and check the expiry date. Make sure to buy quantities large enough to serve the requirements of your hair without being wasted.

Summing Up on Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

The use of ayurvedic hair oil for growth for nourishing hair has been an age-old process. To obtain the best benefits of hair oil, it is important to know the right method to apply hair oil. Also, to prepare a herbal hair oil, adding ingredients in the specified amounts is necessary.

Oiling hair regularly helps promote smooth, silky and shiny hair, prevents hair fall and dandruff issues and also relieves stress. Using the proper hair oil would help strengthen your hair roots and nourish them the right way.


How do Ayurvedic Hair Oils boost hair growth?

Ayurvedic oils are endowed with nourishing properties that act as a natural conditioner. Oiling with ayurvedic hair oils comes with a plethora of benefits. First and foremost, ayurvedic oils consist of unprocessed natural herbs and essential nutrients. This enriches the health of our hair and improves the strength of hair roots. Ayurvedic oils are endowed with micronutrients and vitamins which help in revitalizing the hair tissue. As a result of which not only is hair fall reduced but also thicker and healthier hair starts growing within weeks of applying.

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Is Kottakkal Hair Oil Good?

Yes, the Kottakkal hair oil is good for hair growth and nourishment. It reduces hair fall drastically. Using this oil for two months will reduce hair fall almost completely.

Is Bhringraj Oil Good for Hair?

Yes, bhringraj oil has several benefits for hair growth. Regular application of bhringraj oil has shown positive results in preventing dandruff and hair loss. It also prevents premature greying of hair and aids in complete body and mind relaxation.

For those suffering from headaches, massaging the hair scalp with bhringraj oil may provide relief.

Can I Use Bhringraj Oil Daily?

Yes, you may use bhringraj oil daily. It promotes hair growth and nourishment and improves hair condition. Regular use of the oil will help mitigate and reduce the effects of dry hair.

Is Brahmi Good for Hair?

Yes, Brahmi hair oil is an excellent choice for multiple hair growth issues. Applying Brahmi helps in hair growth and nourishment and prevents hair from developing dandruff and dryness. It also helps treat scalp itchiness and increase hair thickness.

Which Oil Is Best for Fast Hair Growth?

Many natural hair oils such as coconut, almond, bhringraj, moringa, and japapatti are known to speed the hair growth process. The application of these oil extracts provides necessary nutrients to the hair roots and scalp.

Can Hair Oil Regrow Hair?

Although there is no scientifically backed clear evidence that hair oil can regrow the hair from scratch, they do promote hair growth. Regular use of these oils aid in replenishing the hair and improving its thickness.


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