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Coffee - The Pros & Cons

Understand coffee's advantages and disadvantages for the best health benefits fo coffee.

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Coffee - The Pros & Cons

Whether it is hot or either cold, with milk or black, with sugar or without sugar, brewed or an espresso; whichever way it is consumed, millions of people in the world start the day with drinking a cup of coffee. Coffee is not only a beverage. There are other uses of coffee. Coffee is used in many beauty products for its aroma and antioxidants. Most of the parents think there are disadvantages of drinking coffee and kids should not drink coffee. Coffee has been consumed since ancient times, still, there is a question “Is coffee good for health?”

There are some advantages and disadvantages of coffee

Advantages of drinking coffee

1. Coffee increases energy levels

Adenosine is responsible for making us feel tired. It attaches with the receptors in the brain and gives the feeling of tiredness. Coffee contains caffeine that inhibits the adenosine neurotransmitter due to this we feel high energy. So grab a cup of coffee and get the advantage of coffee.

2. Coffee burns fat

Caffeine has shown to help in fat burning. In some studies its shown that caffeine increases fat burning metabolism 10% in obese and 29% in lean person. To get the health benefits of coffee it's better to have it as black coffee. Here are black coffee's benefits for weight loss.

3. Coffee prevents Alzheimer’s and dementia

One of the coffee health benefits is that it lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s. Recent studies have shown that coffee lowers the levels of beta amyloids which are known as destructive proteins found in the brains of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.

4. Coffee fights depression

Coffee increases the level of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is known to reduce stress and make you feel happy. It can lower depression by 50%.

5. Coffee before your workout

Caffeine benefits the body by increasing the adrenaline levels in your blood. Adrenaline breaks down the stored fat and is released into the blood which the body uses as fuel for intense physical workout.

Disadvantages of coffee

1. Coffee makes it difficult to get enough sleep

One of the disadvantages of drinking coffee before bed is that you may be awake till late at night. Coffee contains caffeine which  disrupts your circadian rhythm. This makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

2. Coffee can cause constipation

The disadvantage of black coffee is that it may cause constipation in some people if consumed in large quantities. Coffee is especially a disadvantage if you are dehydrated and disrupts your digestive system.

3.Coffee makes kids wet their bed

Coffee side effects also include bedwetting by kids up to 7 years. Coffee is diuretic hence its better to avoid drinking coffee at this age.

4. Side effects of coffee

You can even see the side effects of black coffee if consumed in large quantities. One may get addicted to the caffeine in the coffee and show some withdrawal symptoms like headache, anxiety.

Like most of the drinks pros and cons of coffee are there but to get benefits of coffee it's better to be consumed without sugar or cream. For black coffee benefits its better to consume in limited quantity i.e. 2 cups.

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