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Benefits Of Black Coffee For Weight Loss

Black coffee benefits weight management all thanks to its low-calorie content. 2 calories is all it is. As a health drink, it keeps you full so that you do not overeat!

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Benefits Of Black Coffee For Weight Loss

I am sure the majority of you reading this article have been drinking black coffee to stay active during exams, submissions, or when working late nights. Coffee is the most opted beverage when it comes to helping one stay active and avoid the feeling of drowsiness. What is black coffee? Black coffee is a basic coffee brewed without adding milk, milk powder, or cream. Some people prefer to have it even without the addition of sugar. This is also a widely consumed beverage around the world.

Talking about black coffee benefits, other than helping you feel awake and active drinking black coffee also has other health effects. You can lose weight with Black coffee. But how many calories does it contain? You will be surprised. According to the USDA or The United States Department of Agriculture, a freshly brewed cup of black coffee calories with ground beans amounts to just 2 calories!

When to drink black coffee? Just like there’s a right time for everything, the best time to drink black coffee is in the morning. If consumed in the morning, its appetite curbing properties can make sure your cravings are reduced, and overeating is prevented.

You may ask- “Is black coffee good for health?” To answer this question, let us include health benefits of Black coffee that will help you in the long run:

1.       Improves metabolism considerably and hence, black coffee for weight loss is a highly recommended solution.

2.       An improvement in energy levels is just one of the beneficial effects of black coffee.

3.       Improves the exercise performance

4.       Protects from the development of neurodegenerative disease.

5.       One of the advantages of drinking black coffee is that it reduces depression.

Black Coffee for Weight Loss

When consumed without any sugar added, it is a zero-calorie beverage. Hence does not add any calories and helps in calorie management. Also coffee contains Chlorogenic acid which helps to speed up the weight loss process by reducing glucose absorption. Also, caffeine helps in increasing the metabolism which further helps in weight loss. Black coffee is diuretic in nature, because of this it reduces the accumulation of water hence reducing the water retention which further helps in reducing the water weight. It also helps to improve exercise performance which is the major reason why people tend to drink a cup of black coffee before workouts.

What needs to be taken care of when consuming black coffee for weight loss is we take care of the quantity consumed. It is recommended to drink 2 cups of Black coffee in a day. The effect of Black coffee on weight loss is seen when consumed plain without adding any milk, cream, sugar, honey, flavored syrups, etc. If you are someone who does not like the bitter taste of coffee, you can add natural sugar replacer like stevia. You can also try to add unsweetened cocoa powder or flax seeds powder to your coffee. If consumed correctly, there are a wide array of benefits of drinking black coffee.

It is very well known that everything comes with a limitation. Black coffee benefits and side effects are two sides of the same coin. When consumed in excess, there are some side effects of black coffee or black coffee disadvantages on the body.

1.       It could lead to stress and anxiety through the release of stress hormones.

2.       It could affect the sleep cycle and might delay the sleep. Coffee should be avoided a few hours before sleeping.

3.       Excessive consumption might lead to acidity and indigestion.

4.       It hampers the absorption of certain nutrients when consumed in excess.

If on any medication, care should be taken that you do not drink coffee with the medicines as the tannins in coffee might reduce the effect of some medicines.

So if you are on a weight loss journey and looking out to include something that will help you accelerate weight loss, do add the advantages of black coffee to your diet. I come across some cases when people ask me if only drinking coffee might help them to lose weight. The answer is No, it is not just a coffee or any individual food that will help to lose weight it is the holistic approach towards health that is important. Black coffee can be used only to supplement weight loss, not as the only way to lose weight. Is black coffee good? I think you know the answer by now.

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