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Everything About Pomelo Fruit

One pomelo fruit has vitamin C content equal to the intake of several days. Understand how its nutritional content can benefit you.

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Everything About Pomelo Fruit

Pomelo is a native south-east Asian fruit and is commonly consumed in countries like India, China, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is rich in fibre, protein, and carbs. Adding pomelo to your diet chart can help you boost your nutrition and offer multiple health benefits.

In this piece, we will explore various health care benefits and discover attractive pomelo fruit uses. To begin with, let us first understand what pomelo fruit is?

What is pomelo?

Pomelo is a teardrop-shaped yellow-ish or pale green fruit with a pink, white, or a red-ish inside which is juicy to eat. Pomelo belongs to the Rutaceae or citrus family and is scientifically called Citrus grandis or maxima.

The fruit tastes much similar to a grapefruit but is slightly sweeter. It is also the largest fruit amongst all others in the citrus variety -- and can get as large as a cantaloupe or sometimes much bigger than that.

In India, the fruit goes by various vernacular names such as -- Chakotra in Hindi, “Batabi Lebu” in Bengali, and devanahalli pomelo in Karnataka. In some regions, it is also known as babloos fruit.

How nutritious is a pomelo fruit?

According to dieticians, a single pomelo fruit consists of several days’ worth of Vitamin C’s recommended intake. It is an immunity booster and a powerful antioxidant full of several other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

In India, the pomelo fruit's uses and benefits date back to the ayurvedic times.. The solely edible part -- the fruit -- is being eaten in nearly every corner of the country for ages.

The pomelo plants are prominent green in colour and have wing-like leaves. Although various pomelo fruit uses, due to its distinct pleasant fragrance, pomelo flowers are intensively used for making perfumes and have appealing bright white petals.

Pomelo vs grapefruit

Much of the time, people are confused if pomelo and grapefruit are the same fruits. Although they are from the same family and have nearly the same appearance, they aren’t the same fruit.

Pomelo is a naturally grown non-hybrid fruit, whereas grapefruit is a hybrid fruit. Hybrid fruit is the result of a crossover between two citrus fruits to form a new fruit.

The key benefits of pomelo fruit

The benefits of pomelo fruit for skin

Pomelo is naturally rich in Flavonoid, carotenoid antioxidants, which exert anti-ageing effects. Loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C, pomelo fruit helps in preventing skin damages caused by harmful free radicals and enables you to maintain a glowing appearance.

The amino acid present in pomelo helps to build healthy skin cells. It also suppresses any redness that is usually caused by harsh environmental problems.

Hair growth benefits of pomelo fruit

There are various vitamin c benefits for hair. Not only for the skin, but pomelo is also known to thicken and better hair growth due to its rich vitamin c. The vitamin-rich fruit ensures healthy hair growth and strengthens the roots of the hair.

Even using the left out pomelo’s peel  or applying the juice extract on your scalp will help reduce dandruff.

Pomelo, a remedy for gum damage

Pomelo fruit's uses extend to oral hygiene. And, a pomelo a day keeps dental problems at bay. Bleeding of gums and loose tissue problems are usually caused by the lack of proper nutrition and deficiency in Vitamin C. And, as a benefit of citrus fruit, it ensures you get sufficient Vitamin C-- enough for an woman’s daily requirement.

Regulates blood cholesterol levels

The pomelo juice’s abundant pectin (fiber present in fruits and vegetables) content has a high value of clearing unwanted deposits in the arteries. It also ensures and monitors bad LDL and good HDL cholesterol levels. The juice also helps hypertension patients to keep the heart-healthy.

Weight loss

The fruit is full of natural fibres and it takes a while to digest, keeping you fuller for long, regulating appetite and preventing overeating.

Helps to combat cancer

The fruit is full of nutrients, and antioxidants like bioflavonoids help cut down the symptoms of intestinal or pancreatic cancers. It also can pump out excess estrogen, which is usually involved in breast cancer cases.

Pomelo has various health benefits other than these too. The fruit is a treasure trove for a healthy life. To read more such stories related to natural remedies and female health, keep reading Be Bodywise.


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