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16 Amazing Guava Benefits for Skin - Bodywise

Looking for natural ways to treat skin problems? Then, you must know about guava's benefits for skin that will inspire you to use it daily in your skincare routine!

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16 Amazing Guava Benefits for Skin - Bodywise

Packed with myriad nutrients such as antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, lycopene and more, guava offers the following benefits for skin:-

1. Enhances Complexion

Guava can help enhance radiance and thereby improve complexion. To get these benefits out of guava, all you need to do is simply prepare a mask using mashed guava and egg yolk. The difference will be visible right after you rinse your face with water.

2. Exfoliates Skin

Due to a range of impurities, including dirt, pollution, and more, the skin begins to lose its natural sheen. Exfoliating your skin with guava seeds can help remove impurities and impart an even skin tone.

3. Protects Against Sun Damage

Guava is loaded with antioxidants, including a compound named lycopene. This facilitates it to protect skin against harmful UV damage caused by the sun and environmental pollution.

4. Slow Down Ageing

Enriching your diet with guava can go a long way in fighting the damage caused by free radicals in your skin as it is loaded with anti-ageing properties. Moreover, eating guava also helps tackle the concern of untimely wrinkles and premature lines besides enhancing the skin glow.

5. Detoxifies Skin

Enriched with vitamins A, C, and B and potassium, guava helps detoxify the skin.

6. Tones Skin

Skin toning is important to tighten the loose skin besides enhancing elasticity. Washing your face with unripe guava toner can leave your skin fresh, wrinkle-free and toned as it is loaded with minerals, vitamins and an array of other nutrients. It works as a natural skin toner.

7. Treats Hyperpigmentation

Antioxidants present in guava leaves work wonders in helping skin pores shrink. This, in turn, promotes glowing and clear skin with an even tone.

8. Treats Dark Spots

Guava leaves contain skin-lightening ingredients and thus help in lightening the dark spots on the face while clearing the blemishes and scars left behind on the skin.

9. Treats Acne

Guava benefits the skin with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. If you are struggling with acne, try guava leaves paste prepared and witness the skin transformation.

10. Hydrates Skin

One of the impressive guava benefits for skin is skin hydration, essential to maintain healthy skin. Eating guava releases water into the body slowly as this fruit contains 81% water, naturally moisturising skin cells.

11. Treats Blackheads

If you are struggling with notorious blackheads, use a DIY scrub prepared using guava leaves and water to get guava benefits for the skin. The difference will be visible in the form of reduced or no blackheads. Besides that, this simple yet effective paste also protects against skin allergies.

12. Treats Skin Ailments

Guava is enriched with vitamin C, and thereby it helps regenerate skin, promotes collagen production and treats a range of skin ailments. In addition, guava benefits for skin include getting rid of dead skin, oil accumulated in the pores of skin, whiteheads and dirt.

13. Removes Dark Circles

Besides eliminating common skin concerns like the dark circle, guava benefits for skin also include eliminating spider veins, splotches, rosacea, and more. In addition, guava also helps reduce scars as it is equipped with vitamin E, a powerful acne scar-reducing agent. When used in combination with other scar-reducing agents such as lemon juice and honey, it speeds up the process of reducing scars.

14. Reduces Skin Redness

Guava is one of the rare fruits that possess Vitamin K. This specific compound helps reduce skin irritation and redness but also facilitates blood coagulation.

15. Reduces Skin Itchiness

Itching is a common skin concern during the monsoon season. If you are struggling with skin inflammation or itching, apply a paste prepared using guava leaves. These contain allergy-blocking compounds that will instantly provide you relief from skin itchiness.

16. Prevents Skin Infections

Guava is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C that contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Thus it helps eliminate bad viruses and bacteria that are mainly responsible for reducing risk related to the range of skin infections and body infections.


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