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Does Mango Increase Weight? Here Is What A Nutritionist Has To Say!

Summer has arrived, so have the mangoes. Mangoes are one of the best things about summer, and we can't have summer without them. But we all have undoubtedly questioned, does mango increase weight? Read on to find out!

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Does Mango Increase Weight? Here Is What A Nutritionist Has To Say!

Summer is here, so are the mangoes. No one really enjoys summers unless we talk about the delicious juicy mangoes. But we all have undoubtedly questioned, does mango increase weight?

Well, it is not something you need to worry about anymore because having mangoes the right way will help you maintain your weight goals and enjoy the seasonal fruit packed with immune-boosting nutrients. It is important to know how much of it is healthy because overeating mangoes is not healthy as it increases calorie intake.

We all are often found looking for how many calories are in a mango? But the mangoes account for many more benefits other than just the calories.

Does Mango Increase Weight?

So to answer your question, does it really increase weight? NO mangoes do not increase weight. However, anything in excess does lead to weight gain. Weight gain depends entirely on the calorie intake in a day and not just that one mango you had in a day. In fact, adding mangoes to the diet in the right way can actually help to lose weight.

An average medium-sized mango weighs around 150 g and has around 90 calories which can be consumed as a meal or even as a replacement for unhealthy snacks; such lifestyle modifications, in the long run, do promote weight loss—having a mango before a workout session keeps you energetic throughout and as it is high in carbohydrates, vitamin C, and vitamin B6.

But having a mango along with your lunch will only lead to consuming more calories which are not healthy and will only satisfy your sweet tooth. Adding mangoes as a breakfast or a snack is a very healthy option as it is filled with fibres and makes you feel full for a longer time.

Does Mango Shake Increase Weight?

What is better than sweet cold ripe mangoes in summer, blending the same sweet cold ripe mango and adding milk and sweetener? But is that healthy to drink? Mango shake with a sweetener increases calorie intake and leads to weight gain and is an unhealthy option if you want to lose weight or maintain a diet. But mango shake without any sweetener can be consumed guilt-free as it does not have excess calories and does not increase weight and is a healthier option than artificially sweetened mango drinks or carbonated drinks.

How Many Calories In One Mango

If you are keeping your weight in check while enjoying your seasonal summer fruit, it is important to know how many calories you are consuming while you have the delicious mango. Mangoes are considered low-calorie fruits which are highly nutritious, salt-free, cholesterol-free and fat-free.

Medium-sized mango approximately weighs around 150 gms which would be around 90 calories filled with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fibres, and will maintain your satiety for longer. This is not the same about mango drinks or mango recipes and products which have been processed and modified with sweeteners and preservatives.

Benefits Of Eating Mango

It is always advised to have seasonal fruits and vegetables for better health. The summer season is famous for the ripe, juicy mangoes. The mangoes are said to have many different useful properties, for which it is advised to add mangoes into a daily diet during the summers.

1. Packed With Nutrients

Mangoes are packed with all the healthy nutrients to support your body’s immune system and are rich in fibre, leaving you feeling full for a longer time.

2. Suggestive Of Prevention Of Diabetes

Mango has natural sugars, which are good for health, but it has no evidence that this is unhealthy for diabetic patients; in fact, studies suggest consuming natural fruits decreases the chances of diabetes.

3. Contains High Healthy Plant Compounds

The mangoes contain plant compounds called polyphenols which act as antioxidants to protect the cells from free radicals which cause ageing. Some are mangiferin, gallic acid, rhamnetin, benzoic acid.

4. Contains Immune-Boosting Nutrients

Mangoes are packed with healthy nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, folate, copper etc.

5. Improves Heart Health Improves Digestive Health

The magnesium and potassium help maintain blood flow and relax the vessels, reducing blood pressure and increasing heart health.

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Summing Up On Does Mango Increase Weight

Enjoy your seasonal fruit without guilt, but in moderation. The ripe, juicy mangoes, which are easily available during the summers, should be enjoyed as they are a package of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, sugar, vitamins.

A medium-sized mango weighs approximately 150 g, equal to around 90 calories, so replacing a mango for a meal or an unhealthy snack is a good option for losing weight. But consuming processed or sweetened mango drinks or mango snacks are unhealthy for losing weight, leading to higher calorie intake.


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