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Yoga for Heart: 15 Yoga Poses You Should Try for a Healthy Heart

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Yoga for Heart: 15 Yoga Poses You Should Try for a Healthy Heart

The heart is an organ that works continuously. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most essential organs in the body; without the heart, life cannot go on. Hence, it is crucial to prioritise heart health.

Living a sedentary lifestyle, having too much stress, eating unhealthy food can deteriorate the heart’s functioning ability and can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, there is a solution!

Yoga can help overcome most of these heart problems and improve your physical and mental well being. According to the British Heart Foundation, yoga can cure heart diseases, reduce stress and anxiety, etc. Moreover, yoga also lowers the chances of having depression in the longer run.

Benefits Of Yoga For The Heart

Heart diseases can happen to anyone at any given point in time. There is no age barrier when it comes to heart diseases. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that involves a set of postures or asanas targeted towards specific body areas. Yoga also helps maintain a healthy mental state. Yoga may sometimes include meditation and breathing exercises. The asanas and yoga stretches can reduce chronic pain, and these weight-bearing postures strengthen muscles and bones. Yoga for cardiovascular health consists of a set of poses and stretches.

Furthermore, yoga increases blood circulation and blood flow. Additionally, practising yoga can help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels. Moreover, yoga can regulate the heart rate, adding up to a lower risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart disease.

Start with simple exercises first and then build up with more stamina consuming exercises. Take it slow and relax! The following exercises may or may not be performed in a sequence.

So, Here are  15 Yoga Poses You Should Try for a Healthy Heart:

1) Utthita Trikonasana (Extended triangle pose):-

This pose is excellent for expanding the heart and allowing it to open up. Trikonasana is a standing yoga posture that is especially beneficial for the heart and for cardiovascular diseases. During this posture, the chest cavity opens up. As a result, breathing becomes more rhythmic and deeper. Moreover, it also increases stamina.

2) Tadasana (Mountain pose):-

Performing tadasana helps strengthen the heart and the vertebral column. It also opens up the lungs as it involves deep breathing.

3) Utthita Hastapadasana (Extended hands and feet pose):-

Utthita Hastapadasana needs to be practised to get it right; hence, it requires focus! Not only that, you will have to learn to balance your body to hold this posture. This pose helps in weight control; therefore, it helps maintain a healthy heart.

4) Vrikshasana (Tree pose):-    

Vrikshasna improves your posture. In this process, your body posture becomes upright and more balanced. It broadens the shoulder and dilates the heart. It also helps improve your mood more cheerful, makes you more confident and improves your posture!

5) Veerbhadrasana (Warrior pose):-

Veerbhadrasana boosts stamina and enhances balance. Additionally, it improves blood circulation and reduces stress levels. It also regulates the heart rate.

6) Utkatasana (Chair pose):-

It increases the heart rate and respiration rate. It keeps your heart pumping at a faster rate, thus, stimulating the heart. It also expands the chest.

7) Marjariasana (Cat pose):-

The chair pose usually follows this pose. It controls the heart rate and normalises it in a more systematic breathing pattern. It also helps with blood circulation.

8) Adho Mukho Svanasana (Downward facing dog pose):-

Adho Mukho Svanasana stretches the lungs and strengthens/build up the chest muscles, which increases lung capacity.

9) Bhujangasana (Cobra pose):-

This pose stimulates the heart and expands the chest region.

10) Dhanurasana (Bow pose):-

Similar to the cobra pose, the bow pose expands and strengthens the chest region and the heart. It invigorates the whole body and improves flexibility.

11) Setu Bandhasana (Bridge pose):-

It eases the process of deep breathing. The Setu Bandhasana (Bridge pose) works on the chest and spine region. Furthermore, it improves blood flow to the chest.

12) Salamba Sarvangasana (Half shoulder stand pose):-

This pose stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. Its primary function is to relax the body. It expands the chest and can be very refreshing.

13) Ardha Matsyendrasana (Sitting half spinal twist pose):-

This pose targets the spine and creates space on the sides of the chest when performed on alternate sides( left and right). It also vitalises and energises the heart.

14) Paschimottanasana (Two-legged forwards bend pose):-

This pose brings the head lower than the heart, which helps in lowering the heart rate and respiration. While performing this posture, the body rejuvenates and relaxes.

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15) Dandasna (Stick pose):-

Dandasana promotes good body posture and improves the back. Lastly, it expands the chest region and shoulders.

In Conclusion

By consistently practising yoga, one can become more flexible, increase stamina, get fitter, and live an improved and healthier lifestyle. One can achieve a lot if they commit to a healthier lifestyle!

So, yoga for healthy heart asanas are precautions with absolutely no side effects. In turn, they give you more peace of mind and good health; that’s all for today folks, see you in the next one!


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